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Keep your gun loaded and your donuts fresh

  • Oct 12, 2010

It's a dystopic future.  The world is dusty and dry.  Pieces of a strange technology litter the landscape and criminals, human, mutant or cyborg wander the landscape.  Some people try and farm, some are bounty hunters or cops and many are poor.  In spite of all of this is the rumor of a man so terrifying he has a tremendous bounty on his head who is travelling from town to town.  What kind of a danger does he pose to those around him?.......Not much.  He's such a knucklehead half the time it's not even funny.

A friend of mine who is into anime showed it to me.  He had an early DVD with it's first 4 episodes.  I watched it and thought it was obnoxious, but then days later wanted to see it again....and I kinda liked it.  I eventually saw the whole thing.  A western show with sci fi, monsters, robots, religous themes, honor and humor.  It's a packed show.

Vash the Stampede is the Humanoid Typhoon with a 60 BILLION dollar bounty on his head.  The reports of his crimes have reached the insurance company, Bernardalei and two insurance agents are sent to find Vash and keep an eye on him.  Meryl Strife is the hot headed and in charge diminutive leader and Ditzy Milly Thompson is a large friendly woman who naivety overshadows her genuine understanding of things.  Vash moves from place to place with the "insurance girls" in tow as they watch the chaos come to Vash.  It quickly comes apparent that Vash is a victim and he's definetly got a story to tell about where he's been and how long he's been around these parts.

There are many key scenes.  The first episode with it's mistaken identity and Meryl and Milly trying to place who is who.  Episode 5 where Vash turns serious when things get tough and may actually use violence as an answer.  Episode 12 that really gets the main plot in gear.  The Fifth Moon incident followed by a flashback episode that tells us what is FINALLY going on, Episode 24 is particularily jarring with a very heartbreaking moment which involves the death of a VILLAIN and of course the finale that could have been better but is appropriate.  There are some crap filler episodes early on and a clip show followed by a pretty lame episode but even in THAT episode there is some character growth.

The voice acting is good, especially for an early dub of an anime series since this was a very early release in the US in the late ninties.  I've heard some of the sub version and it is good but I'm not gonna lie to you, I only listen to a sub when I've seen the show a lot and I didn't see all of Trigun subbed.

Trigun made me laugh, and it made me sad, with it's mixed tone from episode to episode and a earlier reliance on humor in early episodes and more emphasis on action and drama later on.  When you get into episode 15, you wonder how such a loose and fun show took such a turn.  Many people hate the show for taking so long to get going, since as I said you gotta get to episode 12 to get the main story going.  Before that it's all building characters, establishing who, what and where we are and the show can STILL remains stingy on that end.  It doesn't show you ANYTHING till it has to and sometimes not at all.

It's really hard to gauge Trigun and who will like it.  On the surface, it's a western but you quickly see it's sci fi elements.  Some episodes are played for laughs, others mainly for drama and some are a little disturbing.

What could be seen as unfortunate is that this show has gone the Cowboy Bebop route and made a movie that takes place during the course of the shows run.  Trailers featuring characters that leave during the run of the show and having a plot that could just be an extended episode of the show.  It's hard to gauge by an untranslated trailer but information I've found online shows that it looks like just another episode of the show only on the big screen.  No resolutions after the show, or building on the characters-only fanboy action.  I haven't seen the movie, or the Cowboy Bebop one either but there are people that treat the Bebop movie as the second coming of Christ when most viewers will say "it's okay" and nothing special.  I'm afraid thats what this movie will be.  Trigun: Badlands Rumble came out in Japan in 2010 and hasn't made it stateside that I know of.  Since thats talking about the movie and not the show, I'll leave it alone now and finish.

This show gets a +5.  Theres a lot to it, a lot going on and it's just long enough to make it great for watching over the weekend.  There are interesting characters and designs, the philosophy doesn't get annoying and it keeps you watching.  It's been released on DVD a few times over the years and it's popularity is maintained due a complete series re-release planned later this month through Funimation on 10/26/2010.  Sounds good.  In the meantime, I'll be seeing you Under the Sky so Blue with a box of donuts, fresh ones not day olds.

Keep your gun loaded and your donuts fresh Keep your gun loaded and your donuts fresh

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October 18, 2010
Trigun remains a top 5 favorite anime of all time for me! Reading your review makes me want to re-watch it!
October 18, 2010
Well, it gets re-released next week so that would be the time to do it.
October 12, 2010
YES I love this show, one of my all time favorites. A friend of mine also got me into this one, EXCELLENT review.
October 12, 2010
With the previews they have on Youtube, the original openings will be restored too, hopefully. The original openings are the same except that they left in on all episodes the footage from Episode 1 and it was supposed to be different every time for the episode.
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Debuting over Japanese television under the title Toraigan in 1998, the half-hour animé series Trigun was, like so many others in the sci-fi genre, essentially an outer-space Western. The hero of the piece was, technically speaking, the villain: Vash the Stampede, the most notorious outlaw on the planet Gunsmoke. With a reward of 60 billion dollars on his head, the blond, blue-eyed Vash would have been well-advised to keep himself scarce, but he insisted upon poking about and trying to rescue the weak and helpless from worse outlaws than himself. And besides, despite his gunslinging prowess, Vash never killed anybody (a rarity in a Western, to say nothing of an animé series). In America, Trigun premiered March 31, 2003, on cable's Cartoon Network. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide
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