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Metal Gear Online [PS3]

The 2008 PS3 Modern Action Adventure video game

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Why I Still Like Metal Gear Online 2+ Years Later | MGO Review Rewind

  • Feb 17, 2011
  • by
Review to massive to post it all here. Check it out here - http://www.ps3blog.net/?p=24020

I've played a lot of shooters over the years and MGO has the most unique and fun game types to date in my opinion. Most shooters just have the basic game types you have seen over and over. But MGO is different, some examples:

My all time favorite is Sneaking Mission. It's basically a team deathmatch and Snake is trying to snag dog tags while it's going on. If there are at least 12 players somebody can play as the Metal Gear Mk II which is a blast! You are cloaked and you can roll around shocking people which knocks them out. Then you can get their dog tags out so snake can pick them up faster. Playing as Snake or the Mk II is random.

The goal as snake is to collect 3 dog tags from enemies on either side before you are killed yourself. If you are you have to start over. To get a dog tag you must KO a enemy and then collect their dog tag. This can be very difficult when 2 teams are going at it and keeping an eye out for you at all times. It gets very tense when you have 1 life left, have 2 dog tags and are going for you last dog tag.

In the game type called Stealth Deathmatch everyone has stealth camo. Now you can pick a spot in the shadows and wait for others to walk by, but the game area begins to constrict as time goes on. If you go outside that area you quickly loose life. So if your lucky, you can stay in one spot and wait for them to come to you. But if you guess wrong you have to move and risk being seen by others. It's a very tense game when the game area gets smaller and smaller.

Another favorite is Team Sneaking. One team is equipped with stealth camo and their goal is to bring the KEROTAN or GA-KO to their goal area. The other team is just trying to stop that from happening or kill everyone on the other team. The team with stealth camo can also win by knocking out or killing the other team. When a soldier from on the side with the stealth camo is discovered, everyone on the time is visible for a short time.

The skills in MGO are very unique as well. You have some of the basics seen in other games like increased proficiency using your weapons. But some that you don't see in other games are:

CQC (Close Quarter Combat) – you can do the following:

Grab enemy throw to the ground
Choke out enemy (standing or ground)
As you grab your enemy you can steal items from them.
After you grab someone you can use them as a shield a fire with your hand gun.
Scan them which reveals all the enemy positions to you and your team if everyone is linked.
You can slit their throat with a knife.
More info on how to master CQC in MGO here.
TRICKSTER – Skill wielding traps. Enables you to set up traps more quickly.
BLADES+ – Skill wielding knives.
MONOMANIA – Displays enemies you've attacked. Can share data through SOP.
SIXTH SENSE – Displays nearby traps. Can share data through SOP.
NARC – Displays attacking enemy when locked-on and damage is taken. Can share data through SOP.
SCANNER – Inject Scanning Plug S into a captured enemy and display link info. Can share data through SOP.
SOP STEALTH – Nullifies the SOP scanning capabilities of enemy weapons, blocks skills, and protects your SOP information.
TOUGHNESS – Extremely tough body and will power prevents knockback and
knock down. Withstand any impact strong enough to blow someone away.
QUICK RECOVERY – Team support skill. Wake up unconscious teammates faster.
Some other fun skills:

Box Move – Just allows you to run faster with a box on. BUT at level 3 you can press X and you will charge into people knocking everyone down in your path. You yell out as you charge as well. Very funny!
Charm – You have to get caught by girly magazine a lot to earn this skill. To use it you just stay still and press triangle and you will do a charming pose and all within a few feet are struck by your charm and are unable to use. Haven't found a real use for this in battle just yet. But it's fun to use from time to time.
Smoke grenades actually force them to cough unlike most other games where it's just a smoke screen only. The leveling system is very different from other shooters too. With other games where you can eventually reach level 55 (or whatever the highest is) if you play enough. The levels in MGO you have to really earn and if you have several bad rounds in a row you can be demoted a level as well. The really expert players in MGO are level 14+, highest I've seen is 17 once. But usually 15 and 16 are the top guys you'll see in battle. I hover from 11 and 12 myself. So I'm good but not great.

You also earn points which can be used to buy clothing, hats, accessories, face paint, costumes, etc. My latest purchase was a crocodile head. Not very stealthy, but funny. You get 50 point daily for logging in, oddly enough you get 100 points for logging in on a Wednesday. Here is the online reward point trade shop. Just log in and you can purchase items.

They have deals for items all the time too, weekly it seems.. or a least some kind of update weekly. Some items can only be won in tournaments. I have a very cool cardboard box hat which I got by pre-ordering the scene expansion for MGO.

There are also Survivals and Tournaments. I'll get into Survival matches first. On set days and times each week you can enter the survival lobby and participate. You enter with a team of 6 players and battle other teams to get reward points. For each win in a row you get more points. Maximum win streak is 5 wins in a row which lands you 1500 rewards points. I really wish survival had some kind of auto-matching so lower ranked teams aren't going against level 14-16 guys. But it's still fun, people really come together and work as a team in this mode.

With tournaments it's pretty much what you'd think a tournament to be. You can even register a team in advance, just hope they all come back on they day of the tournament. If you manage to win the whole tournament you can win gear that is not available in the MGO Reward Shop. I have never lasted to long in tournaments.

Lot of music in Metal Gear Online. Ranges from the music on the original metal gear on NES threw MGS4, some Zone of Enders music, plus some others. I couldn't find a full list. You can take in game photos in MGO just like in MGS4. Just select the camera and click away. You can even take action shots.

I still remember a awesome MGO moment I had saving a comrade from a CQC attack. I was inside a hanger with my sniper rifle at the ready. I see the enemy starting to choke out my team mate. I zoom in .. take steady aim .. and POW, head shot. Took him out and saved him from getting knocked out. He then saluted me and carried on.

You have unique characters from the Metal Gear Universe and they are fun too. You have Johnny (Akiba), Meryl, Mei Ling, Liquid Ocelot, Raiden & Vamp. All have their own unique skills too. On some levels you have access to the man catapult, lol. It quickly shoots you to another area in the map. But make sure nobody is around or your a sitting duck.

In MGO, the SOP system allows you to see where all your teammates are. It will notify you if they fell into a trip, got killed/KOed or need backup. Just make your linked up with your team after you die. Just press triangle to link to the SOP system. There are skills where you can use the SOP against the other team. Using the scanning plug on a opposing team member and it will reveal the whole teams position for a while. You can use the SOP STEALTH skill to not leak your SOP info too.

On a base mission you can buy a SOP Destabilizer. Place this on the enemy base and it will disable all soliders on the opposing team for 30 seconds. Love pulling that off Tip: Don't kill them, just knock them out so you can capture the bases quicker.

Back on the PS2 with Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence you could play Metal Gear Online, so technically this is MGO 2 (I don't count the PSP versions). I had a lot of fun with that. I was very sad when the servers went down. There is actually a movement to bring this back. Here is a trailer for "MGO1″.

In closing MGO has 24 weapons / 11 support items, 15 maps, 14 game types some unique to this game, 25 different skills to unlock. A active community with set times each week for survival games and tournaments. The game came out June 12, 2008 and it's still going strong and they still support it.

They have come out with 3 expansions and several patches, most recently with the 1.36 update. When new games come out it draws my attention away from MGO for a while. But I always came back to it eventually. It's such a unique gameplay experience that no other game offers. I will never stop playing Metal Gear Online.

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