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Does mitochondria provide this game with what it needs or does it shrivel up under the microscope?

  • Mar 15, 2011

Parasite Eve was a great game for it's time. It was one of those games you just had to play to understand why it was so good. With its many weapons, abilities and a great story, it's no wonder so many people like this great gem. Now without further ado I give you, a Parasite Eve review.

The story of P.E is where this game really shined for me. Its suspenseful, action-packed and dark/mysterious vibe kept my interest the whole way through. You play Aya Brea; The beautiful yet deadly rookie cop. While on a date at the opera everyone in the crowd begins to spontaneously combust, except Aya and a woman (Melissa) on the stage. Melissa runs off and Aya chases after her. After Aya catches up with Melissa, she tells Aya that her Mitochondria hasn't developed fully yet. With those last words Melissa transforms into a grotesque monster and proclaims her name is now "Eve" and flees to the sewer system. You give chase once again. After cornering Eve she explains more about what happened while also bringing up even more questions you want answered. Eve escapes (again!) but not without leaving you a little present. This is your first boss (not your first enemy however). Which brings us into our next section.

The story is the best part of this game. It's rare when I find a story that hooks me from the very beginning. The story took me about 20+ hours to beat.

battles are not random encounters in P.E. They are put at points on the map. Once you reach this certain point your thrust into a battle. The battles are turn-based but in a very strange way. Attacking is based on a globe that surrounds you. You can increase the size of the globe with different guns or by just upgrading ones you already own. If an enemy is within his globe when you attack you will have a higher chance of hitting it. if they are out of range then you have a much lower chance of hitting them (if you do hit the enemy, you don't do as much damage). You also have an arsenal of powers at your disposal after you unlock them of course). Your powers take up a bar called the Parasite Energy Bar. With each ability you use, your bar goes down by a certain amount. The P.E bar regenerates little by little during the course of battle.
A battle plays out with you moving around the field and waiting for your turn to come up. The enemies move around as well and if they touch you, you'll take damage just as if they had attacked you. Once its your turn, you can choose to attack the enemy with your weapon or use one of your abilities. Rinse and repeat until the enemy or you is dead. After the battle you get Experience which levels you up. After battles you can get Bonus points which you can use to increase the speed of your Active Time Bar or your P.E Bar. 
with the many different types of gun you can be a power attacker, long range gunner/P.E user or a up close and personal fighter. Each style has its pros and cons though. it's up to the players to decide how they want to battle.

The battle system is extremely fun and with a dash of difficulty, it made it perfect.

The controls on P.E were kinda clunky too me. I would press left to go left and Aya would move at such an unbearable speed I couldn't stand it. Aya moved liked a ton of bricks. When she walked anywhere, she moved as fast as a snail, even if she was running I still found it pretty slow. Luckily in a battle she would be on auto run (granted it doesn't help much). Other than movement issues and other controls (calling a menu, selecting an item, etc) it responded pretty well. In the middle of battle if I had to call up my menu to adjust anything, it appeared relatively fast and wasn't a hassle to deal with.

The slow walking speed really just slowed down getting from place to place for me.

Parasite Eve had a pretty decent soundtrack. The soundtrack was developed by Yoko Shimomura, who also composed for Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Mana, Heroes of Mana and Luminous Arc 2 just to name a few. The tone of the tracks fit fairly well with the location or story event. The battle theme was pretty good. As was the Boss theme. Some of the songs were relatively short and since they looped, it became a pain to hear after a while. While some songs didn't really catch my attention, some just snatched it and yelled "Listen to me!". A couple of songs had an opera-ish feel to hem and those stood out to me the most. They were done very well and actually had me wanting me to hear them some more. I'm not even a opera fan, but the voices were enticing. The sound effects were very good as well. with each fire of the gun it sounded pretty good for its time. Each subtype of gun had its own sound and not some generic bang sound.

With a fairly decent soundtrack and SFX that kept me amused for awhile, it wasn't great but not horrible.

Parasite Eve triumphed over many great PlayStation games to be recognized. Til this day I still love this game. With its upcoming release on the PlayStation network, many more people will get the chance to give this great game a shot and maybe they can come to love this game as much as me. 

Thanks for reading my review of parasite Eve for the PlayStation.

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March 21, 2011
The battle system looks interesting, but the controls sound like a bit of a pain. Might check this one out anyway. Nice review!
March 21, 2011
Thank you! The battle system is great, it adds a nice tactics feel too it (in my opinion anyways). The first and second P.E games are great. I can't wait for the third one.
March 21, 2011
Yeah, it sounded like it added a nice tactic feel. When is the third one coming out?
March 21, 2011
The third one comes out for the PSP on the 29th of this month.
March 22, 2011
Nice! I wish I owned a PSP. Never got around to getting one, and now I just play the DS.
March 22, 2011
They are pretty cheap now. If you got it in your budget, I recommend you get one. My DS is collecting dust...
March 22, 2011
Not anytime soon, unfortunately. Dealing with some expensive medical bills, and I'm starting school again this winter. So, budgeting is a major deal in the household right now. Maybe for Christmas if I'm really lucky. ;) Of course, Sony might be developing a new handheld device soon. I haven't been keeping track of what's coming up for E3.

Never got into the DS, huh?
March 22, 2011
I understand the money situation. I can't go to school this term because a lack of money. Yea the new Next Generation Portable (NGP for short).
I was a late bloomer when it came to getting a DS. That and the games never really caught my attention and I slowly lost interest in it. Now I'm just going to sell it to a friend now.
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Parasite Evetells the story of Aya Brea of the NYPD on a case involving mass spontaneous human combustion, mutating animals, and the mitochondria revolution. Sound fun? Confusing?Parasite Eveis both.

It begins when Aya is attending an opera at Carnegie Hall. The soloist bursts into song and the audience bursts into flames. Somehow, Aya is the only attendee who isn't affected. Not surprisingly, she wants to know what's going on. This curiosity, coupled with her duties as a police officer, grows into a full-scale investigation.

Parasite Eve's mechanics are simple, yet elegant. From combat to level advancement, the game runs easily and smoothly, making it ideal for someone new to role-playing games (RPGs). Experienced RPGers should still enjoy it for its brilliant storyline.

Technically speaking, the game's graphics and sound are good, but not spectacular. The full-motion cutscenes are superbly done. Parasite Eve is a good game--there's just not enough of it. While it doesn't feel crammed together, the story seems to resolve quickly. Brilliant while it lasted, Parasite Eve left me wanting more. --John Cocking


  • Mutating dogs
  • Involving storyline
  • Elegant game mechanics
  • Too short, and it's confusing
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