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My First Six Months on Facebook

  • Feb 9, 2011
  • by
It seemed inevitable that a person who had made more friends online than off over the past 20 years would find her way to Facebook, but the question is--what took her so damned long? Well, I had heard all the bad things about FB (the hacking, privacy invasion, etc.) and none of the good things. I'd been receiving those "Hey why don't you join Facebook?" emails for a year or two and kept ignoring them.

Finally, in July 2010, I drove back to Alexandria, Virginia, my old stomping grounds of almost 40 years before my retirement, to attend the retirement party of a former colleague. The room was PACKED with former colleagues--those still working at the same agency I retired from, those who had moved on to other jobs, those who, like me, had retired--and I kept hearing this one word all night: Facebook.

My interest piqued, I joined Facebook very late the next night, after returning to my retirement home in Delaware. Over a period of those first days, weeks and months, I discovered that I knew SCORES of people on Facebook. Online friends from 20 years ago and from other websites I still frequent today. Family members. High School friends and teachers. People I now work with in volunteering. Neighbors. And yes, countless work colleagues. Over 100 of these people are now my Facebook friends. What a rich and wonderful six months it has been!

If I could go back in time two years and send myself one of those "Hey, why don't you join Facebook?" emails, I would explain how powerful Facebook can be in renewing old friendships, enriching new friendships and getting to see a side of people you don't often get to see unless you are close friends and in constant contact. How, as silly as it seems, even the mundane details of peoples' lives can be joyous because they give you new insight into the person sharing them.

Seeing Isabel post that she spent Saturday morning at "The Weave" makes me smile, because I know how special that time with her friends at the Weaver Market is to her. Seeing my niece Amber posting silly notes to or about her boyfriend Matt fills me with wonder--because I still see her as this little wildchild of 4 years old. Seeing Janie posting about her sleep study helped me realize I have been procrastinating too long about having one of my own.

I notice that a lot of people don't post much. I think it is because many people are afraid they don't have anything substantial to say. Or they're afraid that posting mundane details of their lives would be boring. And sure, there's such a thing as TOO mundane or oversharing, I suppose, but I guess it's the amateur psychologist in me that finds what everyone says to be pretty interesting in SOME way. Revealing in SOME way a side of them I have never seen or even just helping me feel closer to someone who lives a hundred or several hundred miles away.

Two weeks ago, Janie, a former colleague of many years passed away suddenly. We hadn't been close friends at work before each of us retired. We were just people who worked together now and then and (I hope) respected one another. But in those first 6 months on Facebook, I got a chance to know her and communicated with her regularly online. She asked me one day "Why aren't we better friends?" and we joked about taking a road trip this spring.

I won't ever get to take that road trip with her now, but my sadness at her passing is lessened by the fact that I had an opportunity to get to know her better through Facebook. Given time, I think we could have become really good friends.

Sure, Facebook may have its evils; for me, so far, they have been far outweighed by the positives. I have closer relationships with a number of people because of it, and I hope that it has allowed the many former work colleagues who are my Facebook friends to see that who I was at work is not at all the whole of who I am. It's easy to forget that sometimes. :)

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December 16, 2011
Just read this review again. It's really heartfelt and meaningful. This review will make people think twice about not using Facebook. :) Great job, Sheri!
December 17, 2011
Thank you, Adrianna.
August 23, 2011
Great review.
August 23, 2011
Thanks, JS.
February 21, 2011
As a postscript to the above, I found my best friend from the 70s on FB this week. Throughout my life, I have had many great friends, but she was the only real "best girlfriend" I've ever had. She got married, we had a falling out, and hadn't spoke in 30 years until this week. Pretty cool.
February 11, 2011
Yeah, I'm one of those people who don't post that often on Facebook, and I got something out of your review :)
February 11, 2011
Thanks, Will! That is a great comment. :)
February 11, 2011
Great review of Facebook, Sheri! You explained it perfectly. It even allowed me to have a great back and forth with my favorite artist that probably never would have otherwise happened. I, too, find it fascinating what people will share online. It's nice to get all the good news in one place, it's also good to get the bad, so that you know how to react next time you talk to them and offer your help or condolences. Thanks for sharing your experience :)
February 11, 2011
I have had similar experiences on Facebook but also on Flickr and Twitter. On Twitter and FB, I got to communicate with authors of books I was reading at the time and tell them personally how much I loved their book--that was awesome! On Flickr, I communicate with a local celebrity--professional photographer whose work is published in our newspaper regularly and seen on a local TV station. I actually continue to interact with one author on FB who friended me after I posted a very positive review of her book.
February 11, 2011
Isn't that just the greatest? It's so nice when you're recognized for your reviews but, also it's a lot of fun chatting with people you'd never have the chance to- it just brings everyone a little closer.
February 10, 2011
Precisely the reasons why Facebook is a success for so many people. In any case, it is simply a tool and how one uses it or how a group of people uses it depends on that person & group of persons. For me though, I tend to keep in touch with many of the people I know. Perhaps one day I'll return to Facebook when I've more time to interact. For now though, it's truly great that you're finding good use of it!
February 10, 2011
Powerful review, Sheri. I'm really sorry that Janie passed away, but I am so happy you two connected on Facebook. That's wonderful. *hugs*
February 09, 2011
Thanks for your positive feedback, guys!
February 09, 2011
sweet write up, Sheri. I haven't joined Facebook yet up to this day. You make a great convincing article as to how the positives outweigh the negatives...we shall see. ;)
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