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A service that pays owners for their used cell phones to be reused or recycled.

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FlipSwap: Recycle Your Phone - Refill Your Pocket

  • Nov 19, 2009
  • by
Get your Motivation here...

What will motivate you?  Stay tuned and I'll introduce you to the four R's of the Eco ethos.


Ladies and gentleman, feast your eyes on my cell phone museum.

JD's Cell Phone Museum

Look at that pile of potential toxic waste that I kept on a shelf for all these years?  I stored them not because I'm a pack-rat, but rather because I realize that "Hey, we only have one Earth" and I'm not throwing them away until they give me a special colored garbage can, authorized for cell phones.  Not buying it?  I wouldn't have either until FlipSwap came along and taught me the 4th R of the environmental movement.  Let's go through them all.

Reduce...what goes into landfills. 

When you trade your phone in through FlipSwap, you make sure that you phone doesn't end up in landfill

It's easy to.  You just go to the website (www.flipswap.com) and enter the model of your phone.  They will give you an estimated value and place the item into your checkout cart.

cuz pre-owned phones are cool

The phones that you trade in that still have market value will be sold as previously owned phones.  What does that mean?  That means good people can get good phone for decent prices and no contracts.  (Heck, maybe they'll sign up with a company like www.mysimplemobile.com and save even more money)

You're not just helping with ecological issue, but you're addressing economic ones too.   Who knew you were capable of so much good?

Recycle...cuz your phone don't go into ANY of your various garbage cans

I'm gonna say this in the nicest way that I know how.  OK?  "Some of your older phones aren't worth a nickle".  There, I said it.  Will FlipSwap leave you hanging because you got worthless gadget-trash sitting around?  No, they will not. 

Now don't get crazy...you're not getting any money, but FlipSwap will take your phone and recycle it to be used in other products.  BONUS: Instead of digging to make room in a landfill for your old phone, they'll dig a hole and plant a tree in your honor.  I don't think they'll name it after you or send you a Polaroid, but I trust that it'll happen.

(here it comes...JD's FOURTH R)

Refill...cuz it ain't fun rollin on empty

Now, your good, working phones with market value, will score you some good 'ole fashioned cash to fill your recession-emptied pockets.  Oh sure, they also let you choose to donate to charity but if you're like me, the biggest charity is that bare fridge in the kitchen, just beggin to cool something.

The other cool part is that they have partners that utilize their service.  You can go through Best-Buy or Amazon.com or LetsTalk (shameless link to my review here) where I bought my Tilt 2 (really, JD, another shameless link?).


So what will your motivation be?  Will it be one of the standard 3 R's or the new amazing 4th R of environmental "change".  

Either way, check out www.flipswap.com and empty out your cell phone museum without  littering up the local landfill. 


...feel free to read further for TMI about my phone museum picture.  Seriously, it's boring...go on with your life.  OK, you were warned.

OK, so having that many phones is embarrassing enough, right?  Can you believe that I had the boxes and original books and everything for ALL of them? 

The front two are my tree-planter, worthless phones.  I remember the Nextel so well with it's Push To Talk goodness that no one uses anymore.  On the left is the classic Tilt that I just retired.  Next to Tilty is the HTC 8125 which was a couple of models before the Tilt...I'm old school and loyal like that.  3 x HTC Windows Mobile phones with AT&T as my carrier in a row.

The four white phones that are identical are Motorola phones that the ex and I got as a part of a product beta test with Motorola.  They were testing a now abandoned service called iRadio and they sent us out a pair of phones to begin with and then later in the testing they made some adjustments and sent us new phones.  These phones were interesting in that they were one of the 1st touchscreen phones and they played music...YEARS before the iPhone. 

That's enough for now.  I hope you enjoyed your stay.  Do come back.
FlipSwap: Recycle Your Phone - Refill Your Pocket

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September 02, 2011
Sounds like a great idea !
November 27, 2009
Has anybody checked into the company to make sure they do what they say? Sorry for being a skeptic, but claiming the phones don't go into landfills doesn't mean it's true. The site lists no address for the company or even last names of the executives. Hard to check out. Any news organizations look into it?
November 30, 2009
From a page on the site: "Sohrob Farudi, Flipswap CEO & Founder, announcing our induction into the environmental section of the Inc. 500."

So you at least have the CEO's full name and you can check the Inc. 500 Environmental Section.
November 30, 2009
Thanks. I'll check them out.
November 23, 2009
This is a fantastic service. Thanks for sharing, dd! I checked FlipSwap already and I qualify for at least $20, and 2 planted trees. :)
November 24, 2009
Awesome! Glad you found it useful. You don't sound you like the same level of old-phone-syndrome that I had but three phones out of your house that avoid the landfill is always good!
November 19, 2009
Great advice. The last thing anyone should do is toss one of these babys in the trash. Enjoyed looking at your museum. What, no bag phone?
November 24, 2009
Oh...I had a bag phone back in the day! :) I didn't have the Moto brick, but I had their first flip phone which was huge. Then I had a line of Nextel's b/c that's what EVERYBODY had back in Michigan once cell phones became popular.
November 19, 2009
Wow, a couple of those phones are seriously old school!  I'm a little embarassed to say that I have just as many old cellphones... as well as the box, guidebook, CD, accessories, etc :x  Love your breakdown of the four R's, especially the last one.  Thanks for this review!  I'm tagging this data point "green living" so that it will end up in the Green Living Community.

By the way, where are those shameless links? ;P
November 19, 2009
Shameless links added - it was late! :) Thanks for puttin the review where it belongs. I'll learn....I *will* learn!

I wanna see your museum picture!  I'm just glad that I've done the cleanout thing before, because I had phones that dated back to when they were in a BAG.
November 19, 2009
Ooooh man, my museum picture would be so embarrassing... I'm a girly girl and remember when Paris Hilton had cellphones that were covered in rhinestones?

'nuff said :x
November 19, 2009
Oh my god, I laughed so many times reading this. I'll have to tell me parents about this service...they're the ones who have been wasting shelf space with my old phones ;)
November 19, 2009
You may wanna go empty their shelves and see what it adds up to. :) I think mine was estimated at $120, but we'll see how much it goes up or down.
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