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reviewed Demon's Souls. August 19, 2012
posted in The Gaming Hub
Demon's Souls w/ Artbook & Soundtrack CD
With Dark Souls releasing on the PC next week and that versions bonus content hitting consoles later this year, I thought I'd talk about Demon's Souls, the game which Dark Souls is the spiritual …
reviewed Final Fantasy VII. July 31, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
game cover
Okay, before I get to my opinion about what Final Fantasy VII is to me, let me start with a few quick facts about the game, no matter what you or I personally think of the game: Final Fantasy VII is the …
reviewed Nier. February 21, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
(reposted from Siliconera)    Nier as a playable game at the very least is competent all around. To keep the less interesting bits short, the combat, dungeons, and art direction are …
reviewed Final Fantasy VI. February 21, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
gameplay img
What happened in the three hours of the game?   After awaking from a sleep, you realize you remember nothing of your past or of who you are. A old man kindly helps you, but that time is cut …
reviewed Mass Effect. February 21, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Mass Effect
So I boarded the Mass Effect train recently when I found that the series was making the jump to the PS3. Because Mass Effect 1 is so low cost these days or that people love gifting it as well, I found …
reviewed Final Fantasy VII. February 21, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
game cover
What happened in the three hours of the game?   Your name is Cloud and your a mercenary. You were hired by the group known as AVALANCHE. You don't care who gets hurt, as long as no one …
reviewed Marvel Ultimate Alliance. November 12, 2010
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
      Originally released for the Xbox 360 Marvel Ultimate Alliance was later ported to the Wii and Playstation 3 consoles. Developed by Raven Software and Vicarious Visions and, published …
reviewed Fallout 3. November 01, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
Fallout 3 Box Art
Overview- For the most part, Fallout 3 is a plain and simple open world RPG. It has perks, classes, looting, character design, and basically everything else you'll find in a core RPG experience. …
reviewed The Infernal City. June 07, 2010
The Infernal City
Suffice to say that gaming novels seem to be the big thing these days as people are looking to get more and more out of the games that they love.  Does The Infernal City do what it needs to do in …
reviewed 3D Dot Game Heroes. June 05, 2010
3D Dot Game Heroes
Sometimes you manage to catch a little lightning in a bottle when you combine nostalgia and humor.  Sometimes it brings back good memories and other times it can make a new trend.  Where does …
reviewed Fallout 3. May 30, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
Fallout 3 Box Art
Yeah, yeah... I know, another Fallout 3 review.  Except that it is NOT!  This write up is going to go over the add-on that seems to have inspired Obsidian for their rumored create-a-town …
reviewed Hexyz Force. May 30, 2010
Hexyz Force
After the build up that I had for this game, I have to say that this was quite the disappointment to yours truly.  While many RPGs arrive on handhelds, not many have the fortitude or the …
reviewed Nier. May 27, 2010
A developing taste for me has been Post Apocalypse RPGs thanks to the greatness that has been the Fallout series.  There is an unhindered depth that can be offered it is done right, and Nier goes …
reviewed Dragon Age: Darkspawn Chronicles DLC. May 25, 2010
Dragon Age: Darkspawn Chronicles DLC
In the latest DLC to be offered from Bioware and EA, we are allowed to partake in one of the biggest battles of the game as a member of the other team, the Blight.  While this little bit of …
Dragon Age RPG: Adventure Game Engine System
So since this is an RPG hub, I am going to throw this out there as a review to change things up a bit.  This is a review for a product that was from a Console RPG (See any Dragon …
Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber
First off, I have to say that I am quite pleased that they have decided to bring this hidden gem to the Virtual Console and if you haven't played it at all, please go over to your Wii right now, …
reviewed Demon's Souls. May 17, 2010
Demon's Souls w/ Artbook & Soundtrack CD
That is because it is!  Slowly, with agonizing terror and mind numbing repetitiveness.  This game has garnered quite a few RPG of the Year awards as well as the ire of those who never …
reviewed Fallout 3. April 09, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
Fallout 3 Box Art
Fallout 3 is a game with history. It has antecedents like Fallout 1 & 2 or Morrowind and Oblivion; it has a fully fleshed out game world; it has a full role-playing system. These are all valid, if …
reviewed Final Fantasy VI. January 29, 2010
gameplay img
I've loved the Final Fantasy games on the GBA ever since I discovered them years ago. I never played the older versions, so the storylines were new to me, as well. This was another great addition that …
reviewed Grandia. January 05, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
The Sega Saturn was, for all we can really say, a flop.  In 1997 an RPG came out in Japan on the System called Grandia.  It became incredibly popular on Japan.  It never made it here to …
reviewed Demon's Souls. December 22, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
Demon's Souls w/ Artbook & Soundtrack CD
Demon's Souls is an action RPG for the Playstation 3, and from looking at the game aesthetics, you probably will not guess that it's from Japan, but once you start playing, you'll feel like you are …
reviewed Final Fantasy Tactics. September 08, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy Tactics first dropped down in January of 1998.  Shortly after the huge success of Final Fantasy VII on the original Playstation.  It seemed as though Final Fantasy Tactics would …
reviewed Chrono Trigger. September 01, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
Chrono Trigger
NOTE: This Review is actually about the Nintendo DS version of the game, but it can be used for the Suepr Nintendo version as well.            In 1995 Square …
reviewed Final Fantasy 4. August 07, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
Final Fantasy 4
In 2006 Square-Enix released Final Fantasy III on the Nintendo DS. It got by in America mainly because the game never had a prior release. The success of the game was such a surprise to Square that they …
reviewed Final Fantasy IV. August 07, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
Final Fantasy IV
When Final Fantasy IV came out in Japan, it was hailed as a masterpiece.  Coming around the time the Super Nintendo launched, Final Fantasy IV single-handedly changed the Final Fantasy name and the …
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