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A bad script and questionable casting make up to a below average film

  • Apr 4, 2011


Hop is the story of a man named Fred O'Hare (James Marsden). He is young, but obviously has much more growing up to do than even his much younger sister does. During family dinner one night, Fred's mom, dad and two sisters prepared a speech for him, hoping that he would become a little more responsible and get a job, but Fred only ignores what they say. But when his sister, Sam (Kaley Cuoco), secretly finds him a job interview Fred's life drastically changes, but not because of the job. Far away on Easter Island the Easter Bunny aka E.B. (Russell Brand) runs away from home with the intentions of becoming a famous drummer. But E.B. and Fred meet up in quite a strange way, when Fred hits E.B. with his car. E.B. then fakes being seriously injured, so that he can have a place to stay. This turns out to be a disaster for Fred as E.B. completely messes up his sisters house, and makes Fred look even worse. But as the two get to know each other more, they realize that both of them need to grow up, and become more responsible.

Well, let me try and put it like this. Hop could have been much worse, and a total disaster, but it also should have been better. I am probably the only person that felt this way, but I actually had fairly high expectations for this film. There is actually a surprising amount of talent that they have going here, especially in the cast I think. But no, talent was not near enough to bring this film to life. Tim Hill is the director of the film, which should be an immediate red flag for any movie lover. I did not realize he was the director when I went in to watch it, which could explain my somewhat high expectations. Tim Hill's direction here is not as bad as he sometimes is, but it was bad enough for him to finally know that maybe he should just find a different job. He did do an alright job with the screenwriting in the Spongebob movie, so maybe that would work for him, but this whole animation mix with live action is not working. Though it does seem to make box office money, which is the only thing some directors care about.

The screenwriting was honestly so bad I laughed. But see, this being a comedy, I laughed in the wrong kind of way. James Marsden is in my opinion a very underrated actor, I have seen him in a few films, and whether they were good or not I think he is a fairly talented actor. But here, even though his acting was not the worst, it just did not work out in the end. For mainly him, Marsden's script was just a literal joke. Nothing that came out of his mouth was funny, and I decided maybe 10 minutes into the film that he was a miscast if there ever was one. I am not sure of his age, or the exact age of the character he played, but it sure looked to me like he was playing a character that is a lot younger than him in real life. Now I know this type of thing has been pulled of many times in movies before, but in this situation, it was ridiculous. James Marsden's actual acting was not horrible, but combined with his unbelievably awful script, and him just running around like a 12 year old kid, it made up for an overall bad job on his part, and the person casting. The supporting actors just really were not that great either. Kaley Cuoco may not have had a big enough part to make a significant difference, but her performance was bad, and very annoying, also made worse by a script that can nearly destroy a movie. However, there is one man, or rabbit, who was there to at least attempt and save the day. I am not a Russell Brand fan, but he lifts this film up entirely with the delightful character of E.B. The only parts I laughed at were him, and a rabbit with such an accent really is quite entertaining. But it is a shame because one good character, and one good actor was not enough to bring this film to a good rating. Though it was enough to make the film enjoyable at times. Hugh Laurie as E.B.'s father was an excellent choice as well.

Also, as you can see, Hop did have some very good parts to it. The animation was absolutely fantastic. The rabbits and chicks were done so well, and that really made me enjoy the film more. In fact, all of the Easter Island was done incredibly. Especially the factory where everything was made, it made me feel like a kid again, and made me a little hungry for candy. Hop's beautiful animation was top notch, but the problem is that most of the film took place in the real world, which is much less fun for the viewer to watch. I have never been a fan of the animation, and live action mix, and Hop is certainly no exception.

Overall, Hop did not nearly live up to my expectations, and that made for quite the average Easter film. Honestly, Christmas movies, Easter movies, none of these seem to work anymore. Hop mixes a laughably bad script with a very uninspiring performance coming from James Marsden. Russell Brand and Hugh Laurie try and help the acting problems, but the flaws are still way too obvious here. The animation is excellent, and that makes up for an entertaining film, but in the end Hop is not a film very many people will like.

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April 04, 2011
Heard this was the box-office champ this weekend...thank goodness I went to see Insidious and Source Code instead! Thanks for the review!
April 05, 2011
I certainly wish I had seen one of those! Thanks for reading!
April 05, 2011
as long as you keep writing, we'll keep reading!!
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