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reviewed Alone With Love Songs. July 29, 2013
Alone With Love Songs
Alone with Love Songs is a very personal, almost biographical, collection of poetry by Edwin Romond. Most of the selections in this collection focus on jewel points in Romond's life that have had either …
reviewed The Destroyer #97: Identity Crisis. July 29, 2013
The Destroyer #97: Identity Crisis
Identity Crisis is a refreshing chapter of the Destroyer saga that eschews the regular international intrigue for local matter that strikes closer to home: Cure finds itself in a disastrous crossfire …
reviewed My Brother's Wife. February 09, 2013
My Brother's Wife
While My Brother's Wife seems at first to be a well written yet unremarkable love triangle/whodunit addition to the noir pulps of the fifties, this short novel proves to be, much like the titular woman …
reviewed The Shrimp on the Barbie. March 22, 2012
posted in MovieSucktastic
The Shrimp on the Barbie
It is often considered a red flag when a director decides to obscure his or her involvement in a film by adopting the infamous Alan Smithee pseudonym, a name now synonymous with “bad” movies. …
reviewed Visiting Hours. July 16, 2011
posted in MovieSucktastic
Visiting Hours
Visiting Hours is a rather uninspiring Canadian-filmed slasher flick, rushed out to capitalize on the success of movies like Halloween, that would have been completely forgotten if not for two coincidental …
reviewed Drive Angry 3D. July 16, 2011
posted in MovieSucktastic
Drive Angry 3D
By every stretch of the imagination, Drive Angry should be a bad movie. Low budget car-chase action flick with demons battling from hell on southern highways? I mean, it's even got Nicholas "Wicker …
My Footprint: Carrying the Weight of the World
Having never watched Curb Your Enthusiasm(yeah, I'm THAT guy), my only familiarity with Jeff Garlin in the past has been recognizing his voice as the Ship's Captain in Wall-E. …
reviewed There Are No Bad Movies (Only Bad Aud.... February 21, 2011
posted in MovieSucktastic
There Are No Bad Movies (Only Bad Audiences)
As a person who not only believes in bad moves, but seeks them out intentionally, it is hard to imagine that I would find myself enjoying a book that not only claims that there is no such thing as a bad …
reviewed A Sound of Thunder. August 25, 2010
posted in MovieSucktastic
A Sound of Thunder
Director Peter Hyams is no rookie when it comes to bad films. He has made more than his fair share. The best that can be said is that he’s an average director capable of decent work. His films range …
reviewed Dreamscape. July 17, 2010
posted in MovieSucktastic
Years before Christopher Nolan had Leonardo DiCaprio teaching Ellen Page how to steal secrets from people’s dreams, Dennis Quaid was saving the President from Snake …
reviewed KILLERS (2010). July 09, 2010
posted in MovieSucktastic
KILLERS (2010)
The concept of a husband, wife or loved one leading a secret life as an undercover agent is nothing new. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Grosse Point Blanke, True Lies, The Osterman Weekend, Undercover …
reviewed The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (movie). July 06, 2010
posted in MovieSucktastic
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
"Team Edward or Team Jacob?"      The smiling goth in the ticket booth at the drive-in means no harm. Her words are not spoken out of spite or malice, and there is no malicious …
reviewed Moviesucktastic Episode #16. June 15, 2010
posted in MovieSucktastic
Moviesucktastic Episode #16
It's been nearly a month since the last episode of the MovieSucktastic, so this is a welcome return. Supposedly the MovieSucktastic podcast is back on schedule after an extended hiatus …
reviewed The A-Team (2010). June 14, 2010
The A-Team (2010)
TV Show Adaptations have been the theatrical kiss of death for a long time now. Not because the idea of taking an old beloved television series and modernizing it in a feature film isn't …
reviewed The Human Centipede (First Sequence). June 08, 2010
posted in MovieSucktastic
The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
When The Human Centipede by Tom Six was first recommended to me, I was sure that it was a joke. "No, really. What's it about?" It is the kind of plot that is almost too ridiculous to …
reviewed SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito. June 08, 2010
posted in Gourmand
SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito
I am not the kind of person who typically rants and raves about a fast food menu item. A burger is a burger is a burger, after all. But ever since the Sonic chain moved into the Lehigh Valley, I have …
reviewed How to Train Your Dragon. May 06, 2010
posted in MovieSucktastic
This Right Wing Movie Review has been brought to you by the letter T, and by GoldLine, because there’s nothing more patriotic than speculating on America’s eventual financial ruin.  …
reviewed The Rare Anthology. May 05, 2010
The Rare Anthology
 As with any short story compilation, The Rare Anthology is something of a mixed bag. A collection of horror stories ranging from impressively brutal to disappointingly tame, the book's …
reviewed Moviesucktastic Episode #15. May 03, 2010
posted in MovieSucktastic
Moviesucktastic Episode #15
 This is the third episode of MovieSucktastic since co-host Scott has taken over the show and reduced it to a briefer half-hour format, and things seem to be finally picking up a bit.   …
The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death: A
Web Goodhue is what many might refer to as a loser. A former schoolteacher turned full time slacker, Web divides his time between surviving off handouts and pissing off anyone he comes in contact with. …
reviewed The Keep. April 27, 2010
posted in MovieSucktastic
The Keep
  I have never been a huge fan of Michael Mann. His crime dramas have always been too serious and self absorbed for my taste, and he seems to think that eliciting deadpan, monotone performances …
reviewed Surrogates. April 05, 2010
posted in MovieSucktastic
Surrogates Movie Poster
Surrogates falls into that category of films that end up being much better than anticipated. Films that do not screen themselves for critics ahead of the release date are usually predestined clunkers, …
reviewed My Bloody Valentine 3D. April 05, 2010
posted in MovieSucktastic
My Bloody Valentine
I've gotten a bit soft on remakes over the years, especially when it comes to horror film remakes. While there are many films that one can be argue should never be remade (Casablanca and Willy …
reviewed Easter. March 31, 2010
Some people look forward to Easter. Me, I just don’t see it.       Beyond the religious ramifications involved, the non-religious activities have always seemed a bit more bizarre …
reviewed The Blind Side. February 27, 2010
posted in MovieSucktastic
The Blind Side
 The Blind Side is one of those films that people just can't help but rave about. It's the touching true-life story of Michael Oher's rise from the projects to the NFL thanks to the …
reviewed An Education. February 27, 2010
posted in MovieSucktastic
An Education
 The Oscars just wouldn't feel right if there wasn't at least one obnoxious period-piece British romance to pander to the tastes of the more "sophisticated" members of the Academy. …
reviewed Bronx Kill HC. February 22, 2010
Bronx Kill HC
 The Bronx Kill is the first truly successful entry in Vertigo's new manga-style crime series imprint, Vertigo Crime. This is most likely due to the fact that unlike the first two attempts, …
reviewed In the Loop. February 19, 2010
In the Loop
A while ago, I surprised a lot of people by expressing my lack of enthusiasm for the film Superbad. My reason perplexed them even more, as it was the incessant vulgar language, which comes out …
The Jerusalem Diet. Guided Imagery and the
 Diet books tend to fall into two major categories: those truly designed to help people, and those shamelessly designed to exploit a readership desperately searching for help. The Jerusalem Diet, …
reviewed Dark Entries. January 21, 2010
 There had been talk for awhile about Tartan Noir crime novelist Ian Rankin taking on the character of Constantine for Vertigo, the prospect of which had a lot of Rankin …
reviewed Smart Guys. January 20, 2010
Smart Guys
I've recently decided to start reading and reviewing some of the less popular books on my online trade lists. Think of it as the Land of Misfit Books; titles that I don't seem to be able to give away, …
reviewed Do You Like Hitchcock?. January 19, 2010
posted in MovieSucktastic
Do You Like Hitchcock?
It took me five years to build up the courage, but I finally took the dive into Dario Argento’s stab (pun sadly intended) at an homage to Alfred Hitchcock, his 2005 thriller Do …
reviewed Avatar (2009 film). January 12, 2010
posted in MovieSucktastic
 Is “Not Bad” good enough?      That’s really the question when it comes to assessing the quality of Avatar, James Cameron’s first film in over …
The President's Vampire: Strange-but-True Tales of
 In the past, I have often found that many books and anthologies on unexplained phenomena and bizarre events are either sensationalized accounts with vague descriptions and no concrete details, or …
Chronicles of the Undead
 Author A.F. Stewart has managed to accomplish a none-to-easy task in the realm of the vampire novels. She has managed to create a unique and captivating voice in a realm populated mainly by Anne …
reviewed Woodsburner: A Novel. July 21, 2009
Woodsburner: A Novel
 Historical Fiction is probably one of the harder genres for an author to succeed in, especially when it is not written as a sub-genre of Mystery, True Crime or Romance novels. Taking historical …
reviewed Still Life: A Novel. July 16, 2009
Fielding's Still Life
With over twenty books under her belt, Joy Fielding is bound to improve with every novel, yet occasionally produce work that feels like it is a step backward to her faithful readers. Still …
The Little Sleep: A Novel
There is a certain sub-genre of detective novels that I have always been a fan of, that of the Unreliable Narrator. Something about a private investigator that can't trust his own perceptions of reality, …
The Switch Watermelon Strawberry, 8.3 Ounce Cans
The Switch has come out with a wide variety of flavors for their refreshing all natural fruit drink, but the Watermelon Strawberry has to be by far the best. While the Switch juice drinks are good, some …
reviewed Pain Killers. June 22, 2009
Pain Killers
I have a nasty habit of discovering excellent series in the middle. Very seldom am I lucky enough to read a novel with characters and situations that I thoroughly enjoy, and then later discover that they …
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