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reviewed Rum and Coke. December 25, 2008
Rum and Coke
Are you addicted to Coke? (Please don't answer if you don't immediately think of the drink!) If you're like me, then you won't find it alarming that I wrote a review of a Rum and Coke at 10 AM. But who …
reviewed Sangria. December 25, 2008
Simply put, I love sangria. When I travel abroad, I usually have to order a Coke with at least one meal per day. But by the time I was in Spain on my last trip, I had completely forgotten about Coke (and …
reviewed Tokyo Tea. December 17, 2008
posted in Gourmand
Tokyo Tea
Tokyo Tea has the standard vodka, rum, gin tequila, Triple Sec liqueur, and now on top of that, Midori liqueur, giving it a gorgeous green color.  This drink is usually served in a pint glass and …
reviewed Mimosa. December 15, 2008
posted in Gourmand
With two of my favorite things combined in one cup, the mimosa is fast becoming a weekend brunch staple in my household because it's tasty and goes well with all my favorite brunch food items.  I …
reviewed Long Island Iced Tea. December 15, 2008
posted in Gourmand
Long Island Iced Tea
As someone with a small bladder, I sure can appreciate a Long Island Iced Tea.  This is one of few cocktails made of various liquors, four to be exact, plus a liqueur.  I love watching skilled …
reviewed Midori Sour. December 15, 2008
posted in Gourmand
Midori Sour
The Midori sour is probably my favorite cocktail made with Midori mix.  Not only do I love its tangy, non-alcoholic taste, its emerald green color is pretty awesome, too!  This is one drink …
reviewed Mojito. December 13, 2008
Mojitos are a tough drink to get right- too much rum and it overpowers the drink and too little mint doesn't give the drink enough of its signature refreshing kick. It helps to use a mortar and pestly …
reviewed Hendricks Gin. December 12, 2008
I can easily trace back the time line of my alcohol consumption ...    1995-1999, High School: Jello shots (I could get drunk off of one)    1999-2003, College: …
reviewed Heineken. December 11, 2008
I lived in the Netherlands for a month this past summer, and it was amazing.  Draft Heineken was only 2 euros, and it was delicious.  In the Netherlands they view Heineken as a cheap beer, but …
reviewed Vodka GummiBears. December 11, 2008
Vodka infused Gummi Bears
Vodka gummibears taste a whole lot like jelloshots. You can up the sweet taste by dropping a little vanilla extract in the batch. I've also separated the different flavored gummis and paired them with …
reviewed Mojito. December 11, 2008
The mojito is like five of my favorite things all mixed up in a cup.  Muddled mint, lime, sugar, rum and a splash of bubbly-ness?  It just doesn't get much better than that.  I like my …
reviewed Guinness Draught. December 10, 2008
Guinness is one of my favorite beers.  The thick, creamy brew feels like you're almost drinking a dessert.  Interestingly enough, a Guinness has less calories than the same amount of a regular …
reviewed Piña Colada. December 10, 2008
Piña Colada
A piña colada is my cocktail of choice when I'm lounging with my friends or my favorite book by the beach.  Coconut and pineapple, plus rum?  Yes, please!  Piña coladas are also super simple …
reviewed Guinness Draught. December 10, 2008
I have to begin by saying that I'm a little bias when it comes to beer. There are so many beers that I haven't tried, but of the ones that I have had, I can be very picky. I don't really care for American …
reviewed Long Island Iced Tea. December 09, 2008
Long Island Iced Tea
There are times when my high metabolism and iron liver really annoy me. Every time I go out with friends, I need a head start on the drinks because with them, it seems just a few is enough to get warm …
reviewed Artland Samba Martini, Set of 4. November 24, 2008
Artland Samba Martini, Set of 4
This glasses are very pretty in person, more-so that they seem in the picture. The craftsmanship is excellent and I wanted to display them as art rather than put them away in the cabinet. The bowl portion …
reviewed Prodyne IM-10 Iced Martini, Set of 2. November 24, 2008
Prodyne IM-10 Iced Martini, Set of 2
I received two sets of these are birthday gifts, and I am in love with them. They are large enough to hold a decent size drink. They freeze surprisingly quickly and they stay frozen longer than I would …
reviewed Hendrick's Gin. September 14, 2008
Now Let's Talk Tonic
Hendrick's Gin is strong without hurting you, flowery and bright in a way that I find delightful (and I generally find "flowery" off-putting). It's not harsh the way lesser gins can be [and while we're …
reviewed Mimosa. September 03, 2008
Who decided champagne and orange juice was an ok breakfast choice? Whoever it is, I plan to give him or her a big wet one. The bubbly effervescence of the champagne and the slight tartness of the orange …
Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea
I picked up this book with the only expectations of hoping it was as funny as Chelsea Handler is while doing her show or doing stand up. Bottom line, it delivers the comedic punch you'd expect from her. …
reviewed Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea. April 22, 2008
Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea
I picked this book up at Barnes and Noble, sat down and began to read. Started to laugh so hard that I bought the book and finished it at home, where I could laugh in private.    Chelsea …
reviewed Mojito Lemon-Lime Cocktail. April 04, 2008
Mojito Lemon Lime Cocktail
This cocktail is great for the upcoming summer months. Its quick to make and packs a punch. So make a batch, and fire up the grill... Its Summertime :)     Prep Time:  10 …
reviewed Rapid Ice cooler Vineyard. December 22, 2007
Rapid Ice cooler Vineyard
Here's an important thing to know about wine:    Serving Temperature is one of the factors that affects the taste of wine and  is under your control. Tools that help you …
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