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Barbancourt 8 Yr Old Haitian Rhum

3 Ratings: 4.3
A Haitian Rhum Agricole from the Barbancourt Distillery.

Rhum Barbancourt is a superior premium dark rum distilled twice in copper pot stills. It is then barrel aged in white oak barrels. Unlike other island rums, Barbancourt is made directly from sugar cane juice, pressed from hand-cut locally grown cane. … see full wiki

1 review about Barbancourt 8 Yr Old Haitian Rhum

Review: Barbancourt 8 Yr Old Haitian Rhum

  • Feb 23, 2010

Review: Barbancourt 8 Yr Old Haitian Rhum (84.5/100)
a review by Chp Dykstra (AkA Arctic Wolf)
The Rum Howler Blog (and Now Whiskey Too!)

Rhum Barbancourt is distilled and produced by Societe du Rhum Barbancourt,  in Port Au prince on the Isle of Haiti.   As I write this review the country of Haiti is still reeling from the effects of the earthquake which struck the country on January 12, 2010.  My thoughts and prayers are to the people of Haiti and I fervently hope that the current level of aid and help arriving at the island continues and the natural disaster does not turn into a cascading series of human failures.  If you want to help Haiti please check this link for further information.

Howling Highlight: Let’s Help Haiti

Now if you have been paying attention you will notice that I have called The spirit a rhum rather than a rum. That is because the Barbancourt 8 Yr Old Haitian Rhum is produced in the ‘french’ Caribbean tradition. French Rhum Agricoles are produced from sugar cane juice rather than from molasses.  This is the very first rhum I have encountered and so I am very eager to get started.

In the Bottle 4/5

The Haitian Rhum Barbancourt  is presented in a tall brown flagon style bottle with a professional label and pressed on metal cap. The presentation is neither inspiring nor displeasing.

In the Glass 8.5/10

I was instantly surprised when I poured the rhum into my glencairn glass.  The spirit is the colour of pale straw, slightly brown and slightly yellow.  It looks more like an young whisky, than an aged rum.  The nose, however, is very much like rum, with mild brown sugar aromas mixed with butterscotch.   If I let the glass sit, I sense banana as well as a faint anise quality with maybe a hint of orange peel.  All of this is very mild with even the oak aromas needing to be coaxed out into the open. I do seem to smell something very vaguely medicinal which may be part of that anise and orange peel I noted earlier.

When I swirled my glass I was happy to see nice long skinny legs forming on the sides of the glass.

In the Mouth 50/60

Upon my tongue the rum feels mildly soft and buttery.  In fact I believe I can taste butter alongside the light brown sugar.  For spices there is only light hints of cinnamon and oak tannin which begins to taste like anise and orange peel as I let it sit in my mouth.  The spiciness is very mild.  As I let the spirit rest in the glass and re tasted several times I decided  that it was a quality of butterscotch which always seemed to rise above the other flavours to dominate the palate.  Bananas and a very mild nutty flavour weave in and out as well.

I find the flavour very inviting, but I must admit that my temptation to mix the Barbancourt 8 Yr Old Haitian Rhum into a cocktail is very strong. The subtleties of the various flavours will mix very well.

In My Throat 13/15

It is in the throat that I started to notice the medicinal quality which perhaps I overlooked in the other areas of the review.  The rhum is a little harsher in the finish than I was expecting based upon the mild flavours I encountered.  It is a long finish which turns slightly dry.  Again this dryness bodes very well for mixing cocktails.

The Afterburn 9/10

The Barbancourt 8 Yr Old Haitian Rhum  is very mild and very delicious.  Sipping he rhum neat is  enjoyable, but when mixing, it becomes outstanding.  The first rhum and coke I poured for myself knocked my senses for a loop it was so good.  As well, I tried the spirit in various fruity cocktails and was never disappointed.

You may read more of my reviews at The Rum Howler Blog (and Whisky now too!)

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February 23, 2010
Great review!  I've never examined rum in such depth before, so this was a very interesting read for me.  And that's also a very interesting spelling for rum :)  I'll have to try this in a cocktail!

By the way, if you look to the right of this page, you'll notice that I updated a few things.  I added some information to the wiki so that readers will know what your review is about, and I added a photo, and a couple of broad tags like "alcoholic beverages" and "spirits" for better organization of where your review will be archived on Lunch.  You can update that information yourself by click on the little yellow pencil symbols.  Let me know if you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to help! :)
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Barbancourt 8 Yr Old Haitian Rhum
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