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reviewed New England Patriots. April 20, 2014
NEP Logo
If you would have walked up to Mr. Average Joe Monday Morning Quarterback Football Fan anytime between 1960 and 2000 and asked him what team he hated, he would almost certainly have said the Dallas Cowboys, unless he was a Cowboys fan himself. The old hatred of the Cowboys, though, now comes off like an ancient relic of Ye Olde America. The blame for that falls quite squarely onto the shoulders of …
reviewed Buffalo Bills. March 02, 2014
Buffalo Bills
Note: I'm re-writing some of my earliest reviews from my Teams Series because they're so far from the template they eventually evolved into.     I'm from Buffalo, New York, and when football came to my personal radar, it turned out I had been born at the right time. When I was about seven years old, the Buffalo Bills began a run on which they became one of the most dominant teams …
reviewed Superbowl XLVII. February 06, 2013
Superbowl XLVII
You know the eternal story of the Super Bowl. It's an unofficial national holiday during which everyone has some kind of rooting interest, even if they're immigrants raised in soccer countries. We watch the commercials, there's a bigshot musical act as the halftime show, and the game itself sucks beyond belief as the favorite destroys the underdog.       This year …
posted a Quick Tip about Superbowl XLVII. February 04, 2013
Superbowl XLVII
Being a Steelers fan myself, I really did not know who to root for. Baltimore is the Steelers’ division rivals and 49ers may be the team of my city, but if they win, they would equal the Steelers’ 6 Superbowl Championships. I really did not care who would win, but I did somewhat favor the Ravens by a slim margin.      I have to say that the game became one of the best …
Tom Brady vs. the NFL: The Case for Football's Greatest Quarterback
The Debate is Over: Tom Brady is the Greatest Quarterback in NFL History Sean Glennon has written a well-organized, cogent argument why Tom Brady is the best quarterback in NFL History.  He does this by comparing the statistics, both regular season and post-season, as well as the long term success of other candidates’ respective teams versus Tom Brady.  He also uses more subjective …
reviewed When Pride Still Mattered : A Life Of.... September 09, 2012
I have now in order read biographies of the two greatest football coaches of the 20th century.  I hadn't intended to, but after finishing Paterno, and with Maraniss' highly-honored biography of Lombardi on my ready-to-read shelf, I felt the pairing unavoidable and perhaps worthwhile.      The similarities between the two men was sometimes striking:   They …
Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton
Jeff Pearlman has written a real biography of Walter Payton. This is not some glam filled, highlight reel of the best of Walter Payton. It's a real biography that tells about the real bitter sweet life of Walter Payton.      Payton grew up poor in a racially segregated Colombia, Mississippi. While Payton never experienced firsthand violence growing up, it was a segregated community …
Play Like You Mean It: Passion, Laughs, and Leadership in the World's Most Beautiful Game
Rex Ryan is an obnoxious, undisciplined, loud mouth jerk just like his father. When I saw he "wrote" a book, I could help myself. I had to read it.      I still believe Rex Ryan is an obnoxious, undisciplined, loud mouth jerk, and fully understand why the Baltimore Ravens did not hire him as a head a coach after he had been their defensive coordinator. A coach who lets …
Boys Will Be Boys: The Glory Days and Party Nights
Ordinarily, I wouldn't be caught dead reading a book about the Dallas Cowboys. This is the team, after all, which killed my original hometown team, the Buffalo Bills, in two consecutive Super Bowls. But Boys will be Boys was different. It caught my eye right off the bat because it was penned by the brilliant Jeff Pearlman, author of a fun rerun of the legendary 1986 New York Mets called The Bad Guys …
reviewed Tennessee Titans. March 10, 2012
Tennessee Titans
As I mentioned in my review of the Houston Texans, the city of Houston, Texas once had one of the great football teams of the AFL/AFC. Its history is linked to the Tennessee Titans, since this team has been the Titans only since 1997. Actually, going into even more detail, they moved to Tennessee in 1997 and became the Tennessee Oilers until 1999, when they changed their name to the Titans. Team owner …
reviewed Kansas City Chiefs. March 09, 2012
KC Chiefs
In 1958, one of the 45 million people watching the all-important NFL Championship between the Colts and Giants was a very, very rich man named Lamar Hunt, who was still fairly young and wanted to find a new venture which excited him. He had narrowed his selections down to ownership of a baseball team or ownership of a football team, but was having trouble making the final cut. When the Baltimore Colts …
reviewed Denver Broncos. March 08, 2012
Denver Broncos
The prevailing wisdom in professional sports is that home field advantage is just a buzz term meant to give the visiting team mental hiccups. The Denver Broncos would beg to differ. Their home city is perched in the country's tallest mountain range, the Rockies, thousands of feat above sea level. At its height, being physically active in Denver - provided you're visiting and don't actually live there, …
posted a Quick Tip about Brett Favre. March 07, 2012
Brett Favre
He loses significant points for the texting scandal and the constant farewells that wasted everyone's time. By the time last year's football season began, I was actually thinking a strike would be useful to wake him up to the fact that his time was over. But I always did enjoy watching him play; he appeared to take a real joy in playing football, like a little kid. And I'm a Bears fan!
reviewed Atlanta Falcons. March 06, 2012
Atlanta Falcons
The Atlanta Falcons have been one of the hottest teams in the NFL over the last four years. Over the time, they've gone 43-21, which leads the NFC in wins and is the fifth-best record in the league, and they've won their division twice in 2008 and in 2010 and made the playoffs three times. Before then, earlier in the millennium, they introduced a new quarterback, an electrifying fellow named Michael …
reviewed Cincinnati Bengals. March 05, 2012
When the Cleveland Browns were created, they hired a man named Paul Brown to coach, scout, and basically run the entire operation in every possible way. Brown was the life, soul, and being of the Cleveland Browns, so much so that the team is still named after him. So when Art Modell bought the Browns in the early 60's and fired Brown in 1962, Brown didn't take it lightly. The Browns were his baby, …
reviewed Cleveland Browns. March 03, 2012
Cleveland Browns
It's tough for me to figure out how to review the Cleveland Browns. In a formal review, do I think of them the way the NFL thinks of them, as a team that existed since 1946, but was forced to suspend operations from 1996 to 1998 (the team's official status for those two years) before starting up again in 1999? Or do I just treat them as what they are, which is an expansion team formed in 1999 committing …
reviewed Baltimore Ravens. March 02, 2012
Baltimore Ravens
The history of the Baltimore Ravens is unique because the NFL plays a cute little game with them. That game is called "Let's Forget the Fact that the Ravens Actually Existed Before Moving to Baltimore."     Anyway. A team that wasn't the Ravens also existed in Baltimore. Founded in 1953, the Baltimore Colts won the 1958 NFL Championship, one of the most important games in NFL history …
reviewed Tampa Bay Buccaneers. February 29, 2012
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the expansion-mates of the Seattle Seahawks in 1976. They haven't had quite as much success, either: I don't know they're all time record, primarily because I'm too lazy to do the math. But I learned that the team has had nine coaches in its history, including the just-hired Greg Schiano, who has not yet coached a single game for them. Only two of those coaches have winning …
reviewed Seattle Seahawks. February 27, 2012
Seattle Seahawks
In 2005 the Seattle Seahawks went to the Super Bowl. They lost a poorly-officiated game to the Pittsburgh Steelers. That is all.     Okay, it's actually not all. But the Seahawks are one of the NFL's newer and more nondescript teams. They were formed in 1976 and, playing as they do in the northwest, are easily the most isolated team in the league. The closest team to them is their …
reviewed Carolina Panthers. February 19, 2012
Carolina Panthers
If you were arguing over which team from the 1995 NFL expansion was better - the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Carolina Panthers - how would you play it out? The Jaguars are considered the more successful team in a more general sense. The Panthers have compiled an overall losing-but-respectable record of 131-150. Like the Jaguars, they've been to the NFC Championship twice. Unlike the Jaguars, they …
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