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Nicholas Croston (BaronSamedi3)
posted "Are the Patriots Patriotic? (Redux)" about New England Patriots.   April 20, 2014
Are the Patriots Patriotic? (Redux)
If you would have walked up to Mr. Average Joe Monday Morning Quarterback Football Fan anytime between 1960 and 2000 and asked him what team he hated,
posted "Not Your Average Winter Bills (Redux)" about Buffalo Bills.   March 02, 2014
Not Your Average Winter Bills (Redux)
Note: I'm re-writing some of my earliest reviews from my Teams Series because they're so far from the template they eventually evolved into.     
posted "Lights Out" about Superbowl XLVII.   February 06, 2013
Lights Out Lights Out
You know the eternal story of the Super Bowl. It's an unofficial national holiday during which everyone has some kind of rooting interest, even if
commented on review of Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton, "Bittersweet: The Life of Walter Payton".   May 21, 2012
commented on review of Minnesota Vikings, "Favre looks good in purple!".   March 17, 2012
posted "How 'Bout Dem Cowboys!" about Boys Will Be Boys: The Glory Days and Party Nights of the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty.   March 14, 2012
How 'Bout Dem Cowboys!
Ordinarily, I wouldn't be caught dead reading a book about the Dallas Cowboys. This is the team, after all, which killed my original hometown team, th
posted "Luv Ya Blue" about Tennessee Titans.   March 10, 2012
Luv Ya Blue
As I mentioned in my review of the Houston Texans, the city of Houston, Texas once had one of the great football teams of the AFL/AFC. Its history is
posted "Barbeque Football" about Kansas City Chiefs.   March 09, 2012
Barbeque Football
In 1958, one of the 45 million people watching the all-important NFL Championship between the Colts and Giants was a very, very rich man named Lamar H
commented on review of Kansas City Chiefs, "security".   March 09, 2012
posted "Better than Your SUV" about Denver Broncos.   March 08, 2012
Better than Your SUV
The prevailing wisdom in professional sports is that home field advantage is just a buzz term meant to give the visiting team mental hiccups. The Denv
posted "The Bad News Birds" about Atlanta Falcons.   March 06, 2012
The Bad News Birds
The Atlanta Falcons have been one of the hottest teams in the NFL over the last four years. Over the time, they've gone 43-21, which leads the NFC in
posted "Paul Brown's Mad Revenge on Ohio" about Cincinnati Bengals.   March 05, 2012
Paul Brown's Mad Revenge on Ohio
When the Cleveland Browns were created, they hired a man named Paul Brown to coach, scout, and basically run the entire operation in every possible wa
posted "Welcome to the Dawg Pound" about Cleveland Browns.   March 03, 2012
Welcome to the Dawg Pound
It's tough for me to figure out how to review the Cleveland Browns. In a formal review, do I think of them the way the NFL thinks of them, as a team t
posted "Quoth the Ravens..." about Baltimore Ravens.   March 02, 2012
Quoth the Ravens...
The history of the Baltimore Ravens is unique because the NFL plays a cute little game with them. That game is called "Let's Forget the Fact that the
posted "The Other Pirate Team" about Tampa Bay Buccaneers.   February 29, 2012
The Other Pirate Team
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the expansion-mates of the Seattle Seahawks in 1976. They haven't had quite as much success, either: I don't know they'r
posted "The 12th Team" about Seattle Seahawks.   February 27, 2012
The 12th Team
In 2005 the Seattle Seahawks went to the Super Bowl. They lost a poorly-officiated game to the Pittsburgh Steelers. That is all.     Ok
posted "Cardiac Cats Rule" about Carolina Panthers.   February 19, 2012
Cardiac Cats Rule
If you were arguing over which team from the 1995 NFL expansion was better - the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Carolina Panthers - how would you play it
posted "Roaring to Go" about Jacksonville Jaguars.   February 12, 2012
Roaring to Go
A few years ago, the Jacksonville Jaguars caught a lot of flack when one of their players injured himself on the locker room axe. Yes, you read that r
commented on review of Super Bowl XLVI, "Quarterback Eli Manning Earns The MVP Award For Sure".   February 10, 2012
posted "Da Monsters" about Chicago Bears.   January 07, 2012
Da Monsters
Such is the history and importance of the Chicago Bears that I have had to mention them in almost every review I've written of the NFL so far. One of
posted "Tex Mex" about Houston Texans.   January 02, 2012
Tex Mex
There was once a time when Houston fielded one of the toughest football teams in the AFC. That team featured name greats like Earl Campbell and Warren
posted "America's Game Ain't Baseball" about America's Game.   December 21, 2011
America's Game Ain't Baseball
Note: I first wrote this review for Epinions in early 2006.    Americans live in Footballworld. I myself live in Footballtown numb
commented on QuickTip of New England Patriots, "Is it odd that I prefer the old sucky Pats more than I do the winning Pats?".   December 13, 2011
commented on review of New Orleans Saints, "Louisiana's Team".   December 04, 2011
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