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reviewed Oakland Raiders. February 04, 2012
Oakland Raiders
For all the whining the NFL brass does about how the Oakland Raiders refuse to conform, that's actually a quality about them that I personally find very endearing. I'm not exactly a conformist myself. …
reviewed St. Louis Rams. January 29, 2012
St. Louis Rams
The Rams have become so synonymous with Los Angeles since the NFL hit the big time, nearly everyone forgets they're one of the league's few three-city teams. Formed in 1936 as the Cleveland Rams, the …
reviewed San Francisco 49ers. January 15, 2012
San Francisco 49ers
Folks, I always hate to write in bearing bad news, but you know, the San Francisco 49ers actually DID have a history before Joe Montana.     Of all the cities which you would expect …
reviewed Chicago Bears. January 07, 2012
Chicago Bears Football
Such is the history and importance of the Chicago Bears that I have had to mention them in almost every review I've written of the NFL so far. One of the charter members of the NFL, and the second-oldest …
reviewed Houston Texans. January 02, 2012
Houston Texans
There was once a time when Houston fielded one of the toughest football teams in the AFC. That team featured name greats like Earl Campbell and Warren Moon, stifling defenses, and played in a large number …
reviewed Miami Dolphins. December 31, 2011
Miami Dolphins
When you look at today's Miami Dolphins, they are a team in complete disarray. They had a pair of head coaches - Dave Wannstedt and Nick Saban - turn their backs on the team (though Wannstedt was far …
reviewed America's Game. December 21, 2011
America's Game
Note: I first wrote this review for Epinions in early 2006.    Americans live in Footballworld. I myself live in Footballtown number four. (Buffalo, New York - four AFC titles in a …
reviewed New York Giants. December 17, 2011
In 1956, a head coach named Jim Lee Howell coached the New York Giants to the NFL Title. While it was his only title, he did win his conference in 1958, 1959, 1961, 1962, and 1963 as well. A dominant …
reviewed New Orleans Saints. December 10, 2011
New Orleans Saints!!!!
It was the muralist.     Allow me to explain. When my hometown Buffalo Bills hit financial dire straits and it became obvious they will be headed out before too long, the New Orleans …
reviewed Arizona Cardinals. November 26, 2011
Cardinals Logo
If someone asked you what the first professional football team in the United States was, which team would you guess first? Obviously, you would go for some of the usual suspects who seem to have been …
reviewed New England Patriots. November 24, 2011
NEP Logo
I don't think I need to regale you with too much of the more recent history of the New England Patriots. Lord knows there are more than enough bandwagon fans around the country who are more than willing …
reviewed Detroit Lions. November 21, 2011
Detroit Lions
If the Detroit Lions continue their current upward spiral pattern, it may be time to start becoming at least a little bit superstitious. I don't care how much of an atheist you are. The Lions are sitting …
reviewed Green Bay Packers. November 15, 2011
Green Bay Packers
When you look at a list of the teams in the big five sports leagues in North America - NFL, MLB, MLS (their attendance rates have officially surpassed those of the NBA and NHL so yes, they count now), …
reviewed Washington Redskins. November 05, 2011
Washington Redskins
I'm not a politically correct person. In fact, I'm one of those pricks who takes immense pride in his built-in political incorrectness. I don't particularly care if a professional sports team decides …
reviewed Pittsburgh Steelers. November 03, 2011
The Pittsburgh Steelers have a long and storied history in the National Football League. Mentioning the name of the team conjures up loads of football's greatest moments, players, and memories: The Immaculate …
reviewed New York Jets. October 01, 2011
NYJ Logo
  Joe Namath is overrated.    Yeah, I know that statement is blasphemous to those who grew up watching Broadway Joe deftly thumb his nose at the NFL's staunch old guard during …
reviewed Buffalo Bills. September 20, 2011
Buffalo Bills
Before I get slammed by any red, white, and blue faithful, I need you to understand something: The Buffalo Bills are my hometown team. I've always liked them and will continue to root for them. When I …
Biography - Pat Tillman (2008)
   Anyone reading this review probably knows who Pat Tillman is.  Pat Tillman was a unique, free spirited professional football player who walked away from a multimillion dollar contract …
I Beat the Odds: From Homelessness, to The Blind
Michael Oher has had so many other people tell his story that he must have felt he finally had to tell his own story in his own words.      Michael Oher may be the most well known …
Papa Bear : The Life and Legacy of George Halas
   This is not a particularly well written or well organized book. But it is about an icon and provides good detail of the life of George Halas.      As any avid professional …
Moving the Chains: Tom Brady and the Pursuit of
   This is undoubtedly one of the oddest biographies I have ever read.  And one of the most intriguing.      Author Charles Pierce tries to uncover what makes Tom Brady …
Badasses: The Legend of Snake, Foo, Dr. Death, and
   Love them or hate them, the 1970s Oakland Raiders under John Madden were certainly an entertaining cast of misfits in the guise of one the best professional football teams of their era.  …
Take Your Eye Off the Ball: How to Watch Football
   For avid football fans this book is pretty much useless.   It’s too basic and really not that interesting.  Almost everything in the book the avid fan will already know.   …
reviewed New Orleans Saints. December 15, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
New Orleans Saints!!!!
I've always been a New Orleans Saints fan.  When I was a young kid, the names of Dalton Hilliard and Reuben Mayes passed over my lips dozens of times.  I pretended to be Bobby Hebert and …
The Best Show in Football: The 1946-1955 Cleveland
   This is an extremely comprehensive history of the Cleveland Browns from 1946-1955.  It is also a very well done argument that the Cleveland Browns team of that era is the greatest dynasty …
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