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created a list. July 16, 2013
After watching Star trek Into Darkness I have fallen In love with the USS Vengeance. I love that ship, but Star Trek has more than just one awesome bad …
USS Vengeance USS Lakota Romulan Drone Ship Chang's Bird of Prey The Scimitar
created a list. June 16, 2012
The Famous USS Enterprise; as a tradition in Starfleet almost all of the Federations Flagships have been called "Enterprise". From the 22nd Century right …
Enterprise NX-01 USS Enterprise NCC 1701 (original) USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A USS Enterprise NCC 1701-B USS Enterprise NCC 1701-C
created a list. March 01, 2012
Star Trek Voyager was the Second Star Trek series I started following.  Despite the killer technobable I liked Voyager because it was light hearted, …
Tuvix Basics Part 1 Flashback The Chute Star Trek: Voyager -
created a list. February 24, 2012
Star Trek Enterprise isn't really liked that much by Star Trek fans. Im not to sure why but that's part of the reasons I made this list. So people …
Shuttlepod 1 Carbon Creek Minefield Dead Stop Singularity
created a list. December 02, 2011
Deep Space Nine had some great mood, tension and action at times, and others....it could be as bad as any of the other shows. Heres the worst episodes …
If Wishes Were Horses (DS9) Rivals (DS9) Fascination (DS9) For The Cause (DS9) Things Past (DS9)
created a list. November 03, 2011
Star Trek has been on TV for years and years and with every new series comes a new opening credit sequence. This is a list of them all .
Star Trek: The Original Series Star Trek: The Next Generation Star Trek Deep Space 9 Star Trek: Voyager Star Trek: Enterprise
created a list. November 02, 2011
I love Star Trek and the ships of the various series. Here is a list of some of the my favorite ships from the show.
Constitution (refit) class Cruiser Klingon K'T'inga Class Battle Cruiser Klingon Bird of Prey Sovereign-class D'Deridex Class
created a list. July 01, 2011
      Deep Space Nine, by Trek fans is often called the best of the show even though it's pop culture flags are much smaller then …
Past Prologue (ST DS9) Neccessary Evil (Star Trek DS9 episode) The Die is Cast (ST DS9) Bar Association (ST DS9 Episode) Call To Arms (ST DS9)
created a list. May 26, 2011
A while back, I made a list of what I thought of as my favorite TNG episodes. Time for the ugly side of the coin, what I think are the worst. I'll pick …
Justice (ST TNG) Shades Of Gray TNG The High Ground (TNG) The Loss (TNG) The Outcast (TNG)
created a list. October 11, 2010
I love attending science fiction conventions.  I also love all of the costumes that fans wear.  From simple homemade get-ups to top dollar replicas, …
Klingon Prod Nero Chief Engineer Scott Sybok Captain Jean Luc Picard
created a list. October 02, 2010
One episode a season will go on this list for my favorite episodes of Next Generation. I have other favorites but one episode a season is what makes it …
The Battle (TNG) Star Trek - The Next Generation, Episode 28: Where Silence Has Lease Yesterday's Enterprise (ST TNG episode) Star Trek - The Next Generation, Episode 79: Remember Me Disaster (TNG)
created a list. August 25, 2010
(Before I start NO The Constitution class will not be in my list thank you)      Ok So Star Trek has a lot of Races, which means alot …
Prometheus-Class Akira-Class Andorian Battle Cruiser Defiant-Class D'Kyr-type
created a list. July 30, 2010
      Trek has lots of characters, be they one hit wonders or series long characters.  The women are no exception.  Whether they use …
Commander Charvanek Saavik Valeris Marta Kira Nerys
created a list. May 21, 2010
While not as good as the Battles from the movies, there is always something unique about the battle from the Star trek Telivision series. Here are a few …
First Battle of Deep Space 9 Voyager vs The Kazon Damage Battle Battle to stop the Xindi Superweapon. Voyager vs The Vaadwaur
created a list. March 04, 2010
Notice that the SCIENCE is Capitalized.  We need some standard for what qualifies as REAL SCIENCE Fiction.  People are calling comic book stuff sci-fi …
Babylon 5 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Stargate Atlantis Star Trek: The Next Generation Star Trek: The Original Series
created a list. October 30, 2009
Over 40 years of programming and nearly 900 hours of entertainment. I want to take a look at the shows that Star Trek made
Star Trek: The Next Generation Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Star Trek: The Original Series Star Trek: The Animated Series Enterprise
created a list. September 25, 2009
I love all the Star Trek movies, even the bad ones. Heres a nice little list to go over all of the 11 Star Trek movies.
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Star Trek: First Contact Star Trek (2009 film) Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
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