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Top Star Trek Ship Classes.

  • Aug 25, 2010
(Before I start NO The Constitution class will not be in my list thank you)

Ok So Star Trek has a lot of Races, which means alot of ships. While I havent seen them all here is a list of MY PERSONAL favorite ships from Star Trek BASED ON ONES IVE SEEN SO FAR!!!!!

(Sorry for the caps.)

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Lets Start With the Prometheus-Class. Launched from the Beta Antares Ship Yards, the Prometheus class was Starfleets first dedicated Combat/Tactical Cruiser. Like the Defiant class The Prometheus was built specifically for the Borg threat. With features like Regenerative sheilding, ablative hull armour, and Multi Vector Assult mode its hard to wonder why Starfleet didnt build these sooner. Especially with the Dominion War looming
over the horizon.

I like the Prometheus class because............................... just read the first paragraph again. I love me a good Combat cruiser, of all the different types of Star Ship out there these types are my favorite. I was sad to not see this class of ship in any other Star Trek but Voyager.

Andorian Battle Cruiser
In service during the 22nd Century the Andorian battle cruiser was far more superior to Earth Vessels of the same era. Featuring Standard Particle cannons, deflector sheilding and and a tough hull made of a "significant quantity" of duranium alloy these ships were tough customers. The Andorian battle cruiser a\was a memorable ship for me because its reminds me of the Euro Fighter typhoon (A British Fighter plane). Like this Battle Cruiser to Euro Fighter Typhoon was also an advanced plane for its time.


Specifically designed for the Borg threat the Defiant class was designated as an Escort. Althought the Defiant class was promising a number of design flaws forced Starfleet to put in in mothballs. The Ship was eventually put into service when The Dominion became a threat. After some upgrades by Operations Chief Miles O'Brien the ship was worthy of service.

Although the Defiant class ships were small they were very powerful, there warp signatures made them seem bigger than they were and there defensive features were very Impressive (Phaser cannons, Ablative armour, class 7 warp drive, and they could be configured to carry quantum torpedos.)

I like the Defiant class because it reminds me of the saying "looks can be decieving". Looking at the ship you would think its not a big threat when in reality this is considered one of Starfleets most powerful ships.

In Service during the mid 22nd century, the D'Kyr type combat cruiser was one of the most advanced star ships of its time. Employed by the Vulcans it featured tractor beams, deflector shielding, and Photonic and phaser weapons. Like the Andorian Battle Cruiser they were superior in everyway to earth Starfleets NX-class vessels of the time.

Having a very unique design its hard not to see why I like this class of ship. The Ring Warp drive is very cool and advanced looking. Too bad the Vulcans didnt help with the Xindi.


Dubbed "The Great Experiment" The Excelsior-class ship was put into service during the late 23rd century. Equiped with Starfleets first trans-warp drive this class of ship was a giant step forward, although the Drive was a failure The Excelsior-class (minus the Trans-warp drive) was still put into service. Like the Miranda-class the Excelsior has stood the test of time, even remaining in service until the last 24th cetury. The Excelsior may be an old ship class but its tough as nails, facing numerous enemies like a Cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey, The Dominion, The Borg, and even a Defiant class ship.

Simply put the reason i like the Excelsior-class is the same reason why I like old school muscle cars, nostalgia. The fact that these ships are so old yet are still in service is proof enough of the awesomness of this class of ship.

One of the few rare single nacelled star ships The Kelvin type ships operated in the early 23rd century. Capable of holding a crew of 800 these types of ships were designated as science vessels and Scout ships. Kelvin type vessels were really cool looking ships, mainly because the nacelle and the deflector are in the opposite places. Thats me though its simple by its my views.


Sharing the same design lineage with the Galaxy-class the Nebula-class was still a very different ship. Featuring two warp nacelles under the primary hull, and a superstructure on top this class of ship was strikingly similar to the old Miranda-class ships of the last century. Nebula Class vessels served a variety of roles like Transport, Patrol duties and scientific missions. Nebula Class ships also have also served in many battles like Wolf 359, Operation return, The Second Battle of Chin'toka, and The Battle of Sector 001.

While I hated the Miranda-class vessels I like the Nebula because it looks like a better version of it. Nebulas were also very easy to spot in a crowd. Nebulas are intresting ships. Once again another ship that I like for a simple reason.

In service during the mid 22nd century the NX-class vessels were Earth Starfleets first warp five starship. Being a less advanced ship (when compared to races like The Klingons, Vulcans And Andorians) the NX-class featured polarized Hull plating instead of deflector shields, and grapplers instead of Tractor beams. Nontheless this class of ship was super tough lasting longer in a fight than some of Starfleets newer 24th cetury ships.

The NX-class ships reminded me of an upside down Akira-class ship. But unlike the Akria the NX looked like the same ship from every angle, it had a sleek design and its nacelles were a prelude to the type used on the newer Constitution-class ships 150 years later.

D-7 Class
Employed by the Klingons in the 23rd century the D7-class was the backbone of the Klingon Fleet up until the late 23rd century. Considered a threat by Starfleet the D7 class armaments consisted of dual wing-mounted disruptor cannons, a forward-mounted phaser emitter,a forward torpedo launcher capable of firing photons as well as magnetic pulses. Like with most of the ships on this list I like the D7 for its looks.


Like The Kelvin-type or Oberth-class vessels from the last century the Nova class was designated as a science and scout vessel. Having the same crew compliment of an NX-class ship the Nova class ship was very small but still able to meet the crews needs. While this class was designated as a science vessel unlike the Oberth class the Nova was equipped with 11 phaser arrays, and 3 torpedo launchers. It was able to take care of its self in a fight. While I personally would rather commanding a Prometheus or Akira class over a Nova, you gottta respect this class of ship.

Its the Nerd of the Starfleet fleet but you cant pick on this nerd cause unlike its other distant nerd relatives (Oberth Kelvin Miranda) this one can put up a fight. The Novas were really tough ships.

Xindi-Aquatic Cruiser
First seen on screen in the Star Trek Enterprise episode Countdown, The Xindi-Aquatic Cruiser was unlike any design I've personally seen on Star Trek. The ship was at least 1800 meters long and was the most powerful of all Xindi vessels of the same era. While this class of ship appeared only once in all of Star Trek, its hard not to like it. It looks cool and is very powerful at the same time. I wonder how the Klingons would fair against this.


Employed by the Romulans during the late 24th century The Valdore-type was the latest warbird in the Romulan fleet. Featuring a more avian design than traditional warbirds the Valdore type was very intimidating. Its tactical systems included several forward-mounted disruptor banks located on each wing and was able to fire four torpedoes at the same time. Ive always liked Romulan Warbirds, the Valdore type is no different.

Like the Xindi Aquatic Cruiser not much is known about this class of vessel, and its only been seen once on screen.

The Constitution-class vessel, backbone of Starfleets fleet during the 23rd century, the most iconic vessel even in 24th century this class of ship was looked at with feelings of pride. Considered Heavy Cruisers these ships served a variety of roles from, frontline defense, to Escort. In the late 23rd century it was refit and had a sleeker, more modern looking design. Like the galaxy class of the 24th century some of Starfleest finest officers served onboard these ships. Let me say I hate the Constitution class ship, I think it's ugly looking.

So why is it on my list? Well because I respect what this ship can do this class was shown to be resilient and tough, it could hold its own in a fight, even when critically damaged it still had a lot of fight left in it. It was the first class of ship to penetrate the Great Barrier, and the first to reach warp 10. An amazing class of ship.


What did you think of this list?

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December 05, 2011
yep, this list is pretty cool. I like the details and stuff....
January 04, 2012
Thanks. I still gotta fix the pics though. There smushed
January 04, 2012
this is a great list!
January 04, 2012
Thanks dont forget to cheak out the others.
August 25, 2010
I'm liking this list. I might just have to make my own.
August 25, 2010
Why thank you.
September 11, 2010
any idea when your going to finish your list. Im eger to see it.
September 11, 2010
Sooner or later. I've been doing other things but I will get to it eventually.
November 01, 2011
............any progress.
November 02, 2011
wow. This did slip my mind. No excuses other then I forgot and I have been busy with other things.
November 02, 2011
No prob dude. Ive been gone from lunch since june Ive just returned. Ive been busy also
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