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My Favorite episodes of Star Trek Voyager

  • Mar 1, 2012
Star Trek Voyager was the Second Star Trek series I started following.  Despite the killer technobable I liked Voyager because it was light hearted, and had a bunch of humor. It had some awesome stories to tell, and I liked the Characters. So here's is a list of my favorite Star trek Voyager Episodes.

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My Favorite Episodes of Star Trek Enterprise
On the Way back from a proto nebula, One of Voyagers shuttles is damaged, during transport The Doctors moble emitter fuses with Sevens nanoprobes. That night in the science lab Borg assimilation tubes spring from the mobile emitter. At next morning a Borg maturation chamber is found and in a few short hours a fully mature 29th century drone is born.

The Void
Voyager pulled into a subspace pocket were there are no stars or planets. Upon being pulled in Voyager is attacked and has many things stolen from it. According to Valen (someones whose been trapped there for five years) there is no way to escape. Janeway comes up with a plan to form alliances between trapped ships to find a way out. In a way this episode is very similar to that Season 5 episode "Night"

Q's son has made matters worst in the Q Continuum, instead of fixing what caused the Q Civil war things are at an all time low. Facing banishment Q dumps his son on the Voyager crew hoping that some of Starfleets ideals rub off on him.
Renaissance Man
The Doctor and Janeway are on their way back from an Away Mission (its funny how many episodes actually begin like this), they are attacked by unknown hostiles. Despite the attack they make it back to Voyager in one piece. Although she is in perfect health Janeway is acting strange, it turns out Janeway did not come back from the Away mission, she is actually being held captive on a ship trying to steal Voyager Warp core. So who was Janeway all along? It was The Doctor in disguise trying to save her, but in order to do that he has to make some questionable choices.

What did you think of this list?

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March 09, 2012
Wonderful pictures!
March 03, 2012
Great job once again! Really liking your lists!
March 06, 2012
Thanks. Im working on a new one but it wont be done for a while.
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