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Best Star Trek Movies

  • Sep 25, 2009
I love all the Star Trek movies, even the bad ones. Heres a nice little list to go over all of the 11 Star Trek movies.
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Keeping in touch with current world events, a steely look, moody music, meaty production and a dark atmosphere that is really dark and isn't brooding. The drama is high, the final shootout is awesome and Christopher Plummer and Kim Cattrall are great in their supporting roles
See the full review, "Going into retirement full force".
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
The movie that proved there is life after The Motion Picture with the fun and characters put back into Star Trek and Ricardo Montalban reprising the dreaded Khan who is out for Kirk's blood and is in posession of a deadly weapon. The smallest budget for a Trek movie but really turned the tide for the franchise.
See the full review, "Nicholas Meyer and Harve Bennet should get a lifetime achievement award".
Star Trek Poster
What I first saw as an overblown exercise in eradicating Trek's roots turned into a well handled Sci Fi romp that makes sense story and continuity wise after you see it. Pine, Quinto and Urban along with the rest of the cast make fine replacements for their 60's counterparts.
See the full review, "Boldly rebooting what needed to be rebooted long ago".
Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home
One of the most absurd stories in cinema history makes for fine entertainment with a environmental message, humor and plenty of action without violence for a change. I wish the film channeled it's strengths towards making a good Star Trek movie without a contemporary setting but it's all good in the end.
See the full review, "I bet Paul Watson loves this movie".
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Above average in most respects to opening up the Star Trek universe but time hasn't been that kind to it with ugly sets, and an ending that retcons of sorts Wrath of Khans finale. Fun entertainment nonetheless.
See the full review, "Even in uncertain times with high unemployment, Kirk would risk getting fired for Spock".
Star Trek Generations
The Next Generations first foray on the big screen brings a little too much of it's TV baggage with it to tie up loose ends and a much anticipated "passing the torch" scene between Kirk and Picard that has to be seen to be believed at how lame it is. Nice lighting and an effective villian in the odious Malcolm McDowell help it stay average.
See the full review, "Captain Kirk's cooking recipes are not in any special features or deleted scenes".
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
William Shatners major motion picture for Star Trek almost was a final film for Star Trek with some really shaky at times plot points about a quest for God and Eden, bad humor, great characters that dissapear into the movie and cheap special effects. I got the inside track for what Bill tried to accomplish and I can't fault him for that but the proof is in the pudding that the final product is a misfire.
See the full review, ""Were on a mission from God"".
Star Trek: Nemesis
What ended up being the final sendoff from the Next Generation cast is another misfire of a different kind, really big and wasted oppertunities on characters, action and technology. Picard at the very least got a good villian for the big screen to battle and the elements that are handled well are handled really well and the DVD has plenty of deleted scenes to flesh out story points which begs the question why an extended cut DVD wasn't put out.
See the full review, "To boldly go down the tubes".
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
"The Motionless Picture," "The Big Waste of Time" and as QueenbeeFlix even remarked "Where NOMAD has gone before" due to it's shameless similarity to a superior classic episode. Big budget and a big director produced a really long and tedious at times movie that no amount of editing can turn into a great movie, though they tried in 2001.
See the full review, "A Star Trek movie that should have a gunfight in the old west. Dead wood.".
Star Trek: Insurrection
Worst plot with some big holes to walk through about the inhabitants of a planet with fountain of youth like properties being removed by a hideous spacefaring race in league with Starfleet. A couple of nice moments here and there and F Murray Abraham as the villain are the only plusses in what is a movie that really makes you wonder if Star Trek's "Needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many" holds muster.
See the full review, "The Enterprise and it's Charlie Brown Halloween costume script! You know, all the holes?".

What did you think of this list?

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January 06, 2011
There it is! I can barely remember # 11. It was that bad!
January 06, 2011
Even Patrick Stewart agreed that if he was in charge of the planets inhabitants, he said "Yeah I'd move them." BROTHER. Insurrection is also short. I feel bad putting THe Motion Picture so low since it IS a good movie but I still like the other Star Treks more.
January 06, 2011
yeah, I was a little surprised that you left motion picture so low. I liked that one better than 2009's reboot honestly.
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