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I.K.S. Gorkon, Book 3: Enemy Territory (Star Trek)
"Enemy Territory," the third book in the I.K.S. Gorkon series by Keith R.A. DeCandido is perhaps the most vividly written of the Gorkon stories so far. DeCandido's knack for including solid character …
reviewed Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. May 15, 2007
Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home
The Star Trek franchise has taken its fans all over the galaxy. From its deepest unknown reaches with "Voyager" to the bridge of the "Gorkon," fans have seen plenty. The peculiar thing is that one of …
reviewed Honor Bound (Star Trek: I.K.S. Gorkon.... April 17, 2007
Honor Bound (Star Trek: I.K.S. Gorkon, Book 2)
With all of the proper introductions taken care of in "A Good Day To Die," Keith R.A. DeCandido's second I.K.S. Gorkon book, "Honor Bound," wastes little time on catching up the reader and dives right …
reviewed A Good Day to Die (Star Trek: I.K.S. .... December 28, 2006
A Good Day to Die (Star Trek: I.K.S. Gorkon, Book
"A Good Day to Die" is a wonderful beginning to a new Klingon saga. No need to worry with Kirk, Spock, Picard, or even Janeway, nope, this book is all about the Klingon Empire. Suffering a great blow …
reviewed Star Trek - Nemesis (Two-Disc Special.... December 10, 2006
Star Trek - Nemesis (Two-Disc Special Collector's
I missed "Nemesis" when it hit theaters a few years back. I was never a huge "Star Trek" fan, but I always enjoyed watching the films. I especially enjoyed the original casts' …
reviewed Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. December 06, 2006
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
"Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" is my favorite ST film. Although I've only recently started watching the original series on G4 and TV Land, I've always had more of an attachment to the original …
reviewed Trekkies. May 16, 2005
posted in Movie Hype
Although I've watched many of the countless episodes of the original Star Trek and all of its spin-offs, as well as viewed most of the films, I wouldn't consider myself a big fan of Star Trek. Outside …
reviewed Galaxy Quest. March 08, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Galaxy Quest (1999)
I recently re-watched GALAXY QUEST after a roughly decade long hiatus. I think it may have gotten even better with time. If you wanted to make a movie spoofing the original STAR TREK series and the cultural …
reviewed Galaxy Quest. October 21, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Galaxy Quest (1999)
Sometimes when I write a review and give five stars I pause. After all 5 stars makes a picture equal to THE GODFATHER or GONE WITH THE WIND, and BEN HUR etc. Thus when you have a light film such as GALAXY …
reviewed Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. October 13, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
. . .this film is, by far, the greatest pure science-fiction movie ever made, regardless of whether or not one is normally a fan of "Star Trek".A quality drama, with good character development, wonderful …
reviewed Galaxy Quest. April 14, 2010
Galaxy Quest (1999)
I wonder whether a non-Trekker would enjoy this movie as much as we Star Trek fans do. The answer is, probably not quite so much or in quite the same way, but I'm pretty sure they'd like it. That's part …
reviewed Star Trek (2009). February 17, 2010
Star Trek Poster
Before I get started with this review I feel it is necessary to state my experience with this infamous franchise. In no way am I, or have I ever been a "Trekkie," though I have occasionally watched the …
reviewed In the Pale Moonlight DS9 #141. October 06, 2010
In the Pale Moonlight DS9 #141
The story?      The trouble with Deep Space Nine is that there are so many very good episodes it is difficult to select the best.  In the Pale Moonlight unquestionably ranks as …
reviewed Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. February 28, 2004
Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home
Pros: Yay for Star Trek!     Cons: Aww no big space battles or ships exploding. =P     The Bottom Line: Save the whales - Star Trek style! Hey - why not? =P     …
reviewed Galaxy Quest. December 19, 2000
Galaxy Quest (1999)
Pros: Very funny; Great cast; Hysterical script; Excellent direction; Lots of fun     Cons: Honestly, I can't think of anything at all.     What do you get when …
reviewed Galaxy Quest. January 10, 2000
Galaxy Quest (1999)
Pros: Amusing send off of Star Trek and their fans     Cons: A little too nerdy at times.     I knew I was in for something weird when I noticed that everyone in …
reviewed Star Trek (2009). May 08, 2009
Star Trek Poster
Pros: Great FX and Story     Cons: Some plot holes, and plays loose with Trek History.     The Bottom Line: A fantastic new direction for the franchise.     …
reviewed Star Trek: Nemesis. December 11, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Star Trek: Nemesis
Pros: Patrick Stewart and the great TNG Cast     Cons: Numerous Plot Holes, dull pacing, and nothing new.     The Bottom Line: Nothing new here, and a bad send …
reviewed Star Trek (2009). May 10, 2009
Star Trek Poster
Pros: Stellar special effects; okay plot-line     Cons: Some plot holes, of course; not enough character development.     The Bottom Line: The movie is a fun, …
reviewed Star Trek: Insurrection. March 09, 2008
Star Trek: Insurrection
Pros: Very nice special effects.     Cons: Not interesting enough; nothing new under the sun.     The Bottom Line: This one is best viewed on a cold Saturday afternoon …
reviewed Star Trek (2009). May 09, 2009
posted in Movie Hype
Star Trek Poster
Pros: It's freaking Star Trek!     Cons: Not quite as conceptual as the show     The Bottom Line: One H and suddenly the whole thing is an H no matter what! How …
reviewed Sybok. November 13, 2010
Sybok is one of the worst characters to ever appear in any Star Trek incarnation. By Vulcan standards he is insane and his presence just serves to make a bad movie even worse.
reviewed Star Trek (2009). September 07, 2010
Star Trek Poster
If there is one industry that puts out better products every year, it would have to be the global movie industry. In the past decade, Hollywood has put out the best comic book movie ever (Dark Knight), …
reviewed Star Trek - The Original Series, Epis.... December 28, 2011
Star Trek - The Original Series, Episode 12: Miri
In my years learning about Trek, this one episode always came up.  The planet that looks like Earth with all the kids who act strange.  The disease.  The title of the episode pulled from …
reviewed Star Trek: Hive (#1). November 08, 2012
Star Trek: Hive (#1)
You’ll have to pardon me if I seem a bit cynical, but I, like an awful lot of other STAR TREK fans, aren’t exactly all that enamored with Brannon Braga.  Yes, as a screenwriter, Braga …
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