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Vulcan Starfleet officer who was Spock's protoge during the Genesis crisis in 2285
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"So how did you do it, what tricks did you need? Illogical."

  • Aug 7, 2010

On my favorite ladies of Star Trek list, I noticed that the top three spots are held by Vulcans and a Romulan (who is a Vulcan offshoot)  Is it the ears?  The nice solemn expression, the demure attitude, the dark hair?  I don't know.  Maybe it's a combination of brains and beauty?

Introduced in Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan and continuing into the following two movies, Saavik is a full Vulcan unlike Spock who is eager to show what she's got in a career as an Officer.  Her training with Spock aboard the Enterprise takes a turn when Khan appears and wants his revenge on Kirk.  Surviving the ordeal, she gets a facelift and a transfer to the science vessel Grissom to study the new Genesis planet with David Marcus, Kirks son.  The Voyage Home, only has her meeting and greeting her former teacher and Kirk before they leave for Earth.  In all movies, Saavik is cool, collected and for a Vulcan (in TWOK) seems to be grasping with what Kirk says about death and life concerning her training mission, the Kobyashi Maru almost as if it annoys her that she didn't understand right away.  Kinda like how when you having trouble on a level in a video game and you go out of your way to find the solution or friends who played the game and what they did when they had troubles with the game.

I'd say that there is a debate going on about who is they're favorite Saavik, either Kirstie Alley from II, or Robin Curtis from III and IV and honestly there is no debate.  Kirstie Alley steals the prize in the regard of who liked which actress better and who was more attractive.  Kirstie Alley does win both counts but I do like Robin Curtis, shes also the only Vulcan I can think of who has nice long curly hair.

Saavik was supposed to make a return in Star Trek VI, but alas it was not meant to be for one reason or another too many to list from budgets in getting Kirstie Alley back, Gene Roddenberry not liking the direction to take the character the direction they were planning or Kirstie Alley too busy making Cheers at the time that she was unavailable.  The character sort of made a reappearance in Valeris played by Kim Catrall in Star Trek VI.  Fascinating.  You can almost call her Saavik, but thats for another review.

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