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Jadzia Dax

Trill Science officer who carries an entity that has lived for centuries

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The Trill Who Would be Klingon

  • Aug 14, 2010
Way back in Deep Space Nine's begining, I still remember Dax, Deep Space Nine's new science officer.  The pretty face with the creature inside her that carried centuries of knowledge and experiences.  She looked like she was fresh out of the academy but truth be told she held onto experience of lifetimes so that in any situation when the older or tougher looking characters are sweating over a problem on how to save the day, Dax could be at her position looking cool calm collected and classy punching numbers into a computer and finding the solution to save the day.  Dax who carried herself with aplomb and dignity even though anyone around her checked her out as she walked down a hall could even talk with the Ferengi and play games with them, many of  whom would sell her into sex slavery if they could, but Dax still meet and greet with them.

BUT THEN, it was worked into her character that she had ties to the Klingons in a nice episode with the Original Series Klingon trio to murder an old enemy.  That was fine as it tied the Dax character and her symbiant who in another host met these Klingons and had adventures with them.  That was another life and this was only one episode.

THEN STILL, Worf came aboard as a main character to Deep Space Nine and Dax dove head first into Klingon lore, Klingon life and Klingon politics as if this was her old host again.  Whatever Worf was doing, Dax was there.  Worf is going to join Martok on a dangerous mission on a Bird of Prey, guess whos tagging along....  Worf's brother comes to the station in disgrace to commit ritual suicide and gets Worf in trouble, whos to Worf's rescue....Dax who could have had her own great back stories and history or story lines about Trill society and the symbiants or make her a unique character and now shes Worf's playmate and having her Klingon themed slumber partys.  I tried talking myself out of this and saying that the character was now different or it was a "new" Dax but alas since she was still so similar and holding onto her old ways from time to time, it didn't work.

It was fun to see Dax have more action scenes in the show around this time but all I thought of was "faux action girl" and that Terry Farrell was a rather petite woman and didn't look tough enough swinging those big Klingon swords around like some barbarian.  I like opening up a character and giving them more to do, but not when it's unbelivable or at the expense of a character we could have had.  Jadzia got a high score because I do remember when she first came on that she was one of my favorites of the cast.  Even after Worf, she had those flashes of what I liked about her and it is hard to score something low out of spite just because you don't necessarily like what was done to a character and I know I'm in the minority when it comes to Dax.
The Trill Who Would be Klingon The Trill Who Would be Klingon

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Quick Tip by . July 24, 2010
Another pretty face who's brain power and back story backed her up but once Worf showed up, you almost could tell Jadzia wanted to be a Klingon too.
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Jadzia Dax (pronounced /dʒædˈziːə ˈdæks/), played by Terry Farrell, was a main character during the first six seasons of the science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The role of Jadzia was originally offered to Famke Janssen who had starred in an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation. She turned down the role.

Dax is the station's chief science officer, and is close friends with commander Benjamin Sisko and Bajoran first officer Kira Nerys. Later in the series, she becomes involved with the Klingon character Worf, and they marry during the sixth season of the show. Her character is killed by Gul Dukat during the sixth season finale (due to Terry Farrell's desire to pursue a role on the upcoming TV Show Becker with Ted Danson). The character of Dax re-emerges in the seventh season premiere in the form of Ezri Dax.

Jadzia Dax is a joined Trill. Though she appears to be a young woman, Jadzia lives in symbiosis with a wise and long-lived creature, known as a symbiont, named Dax. The two share a single, conscious mind, and her personality is a blending of the characteristics of both the host and the symbiont. As such, Dax has access to all the skills and memories of the symbiont's seven previous hosts.

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