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Deanna Troi

Empthic councilor aboard the USS Enterprise D on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Played by Marina Sirtis

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"I sense that the man with a snarl on his face and holding a gun has hostile intent Captain!"

  • Aug 12, 2010
Oh really?!

Often was said by many a viewer to Troi on many occasions for pointing out and protecting us from the freaking obvious.

I grew up when The Next Generation was on and The Next Generation is notable for a role one of it's main characters has that no other Star Trek show has for one of it's characters, that of a therapist.  TNG if you forgot came out in the later 80's and during the therapy days of the decade.  What do you do with this fad?  Make the character on your new sci fi show in the 24th century where people are supposed to be more progressive and free of hang ups-they have a councilor.  Yes Ezri on DS9 filled that role in the final season of Deep Space Nine but one season of one show isn't enough to derail this argument and at worse, they were trying to cover up the mistake here by having a main character have the same odd job that Troi did.

For those of you who didn't know, other then being one of Trek's more exotic and beautiful women, she is a Lieutenant Commander and half Betazoid, a race of telepaths.  The only real tie to a character was Riker who she had a romantic tie to before he made his career a priority and they remained friends.  She gets a promotion later on and Riker and her do rekindle their old ties.

Maybe I was a little hard on therapists in that earliar paragraph and it's not my place to belittle the occupation but for TNG, the Enterprise D carries families on board so that you can work on the ship and have your loved ones on board and not far from home.  Sexual issues are what you can use the holodeck for as well as other personality problems or feelings.  Troi also not only sat on the command bridge, but she sat NEXT to the CAPTAIN and would often give him advice on dealing with hostile or shady aliens.  Short of the episode: Samaritan Snare from season 2, I can't think of a time when Troi wasn't stating the absolute obvious.  Other times the alien was something that she couldn't read the mind of with the excuse being that her powers weren't strong enough or the alien's physiology and their brains made it difficult.  Soooo she was next to worthless sometimes.

Tvtropes.org has listed as a trope "good troi episode" and what it means is when an unpopular character is the focal point of a really good episode.  Face of the Enemy from TNG season 6 is such an episode and it is one of the best episodes of the series, if not the Trek franchise and Troi herslef gets the most balls out moment where she threatens to expose a traitor if he doesn't man up.  For as much as Troi got picked on for not being in many episodes or having stupid redundancy being a key componant: ie "I sense we are in danger" she DOES have more episodes about her character then Dr. Crusher who does appear in many episodes but has very little devoted to her character.  Other Troi episodes that I enjoy include Night Terrors, Disaster, The Loss and to an extent Skin of Evil (is it really Troi's episode?) 

So short on real importance on the ship which is why she does go for a promotion later on among other non counciling duties, but having some real good episodes to back her up, Troi isn't the greatest of characters but if it meant watching all of the episodes up above on a desert island or having a whole season of Voyager, I'll stick with the sexy english lass and her episodes.  It's really put in perspective when you compare Troi to Chekotay or Harry Kim just how popular she really is and you don't need empathic powers to find that out.

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Quick Tip by . September 10, 2010
She could be so annoying at times, but she looked great in that suit!
Quick Tip by . August 27, 2010
The character herself was fine, but a counselor has no place on the bridge. Her seat at the captain's side was an obvious weakness in the series, right from the start.
Quick Tip by . May 29, 2010
A pretty face lucky to get a line an episode sometimes. When she was the focus, you'd be surprised at how good it could be sometimes.
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Half betazoid and half human councilor aboard the starship Enterpsire D starting in 2364.  Formerly romantically involved with Will Riker but rekindled that relationship as time went on. 
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