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Campy At Best, The "Insurrection" Doesn't Hold Up On Blu-ray...

  • Oct 2, 2009
  • by
Star Trek Insurrection's downfall was that it felt more like any ordinary episode of The Next Generation and after seven years, I think fans wanted something fresh and new, which, unfortunately, Insurrection didn't offer.  While the movie was geared more as a family film, it still lacked what you would expect from a full feature.  The most exciting parts of Insurrection were those that took place away from the main plot, mainly those that took place aboard the Enterprise-E, while being pursued by Son'a ships in the Briar Patch.  While I  think that Berman and company tried to cater this film to everyone, they executed doing so poorly.

When Data loses control on a peaceful non-Federation planet, The Enterprise, despite orders from Admiral Dougherty, goes through the Briar Patch in order to investigate Data's malfunction.  What they find are a peaceful race of people known as the Ba'ku, who despite having technological abilities like warp drive, have given them up in order to live a more simpler way of life.  What Captain Picard and the rest of his crew don't know is that the Federation, along with the Son'a, are planning to relocate the Ba'ku in order to reap the benefits of the fountain of youth type qualities the planet's rings gives off.  Now Picard, working without the backing of the Federation, must help defend the Ba'ku against the Son'a and his superior officer, while the Enterprise races back to Federation space to put a face on the situation.  However time, something up until now the Ba'ku had plenty of, is working against them.  

Pretty much, Rick Berman and whoever else was working on this film might as well just have said, 'Hey, let's bring back TNG for a season and open it with this two-parter!' because that is exactly what Insurrection felt like.  From the beginning, up until the point Picard tells Riker to go back to Earth and inform them on what was happening could have been Part I and the rest of the film could have been part II.  Whenever the B story trumps the A story, there's a problem.  I was so much more into the battle in the Briar Patch with Riker in command, seeing what he was going to do next.  And hey, maybe he planned it that way, because Jonathan Frakes directed the movie!  Honestly, the whole story with the Ba'ku was just so childish and bland that I ended up paying more attention to the score (which was really good) than the actual film.

It also happens to be that out of all the TNG films to now come out on Blu-ray, this was the least spectacular.  While I was still, and always will be, amazed with the excellent and superior sound quality, the picture was nothing special.  Even the exhilarating battle in the Briar Patch wasn't as colorful and spectacular as I thought it would be.  Most of the film takes place on the planet surface as well, which doesn't allow Blu-ray to shine to its full potential anyway.  Special features include the third segment on the Brent Spiner interview as well as a great piece with Marina Sirtis titled, "The Counselor Is In".  Other than that, there is a really boring piece on one of the prop guys and his family history that was almost unbearable to watch.

If you're a family of sci-fi fans, then Star Trek Insurrection makes for a great movie night but that is pretty much the only purpose it serves.  Most Trek will ignore the main story and get enthralled with Commander Riker's struggle to escape the Briar Patch.  While I am not completely dismissing Insurrection, there is just not that much to love about it besides a fine score from Jerry Goldsmith and some very detailed battle sequences.  In the end, it's nothing to write home about, 2/5... 
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