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Boo Hoo for Q Who? Enterprise gets a Black eye

  • Oct 17, 2010

The story? Coherent or makes no sense?

This is the first Borg story and possibly the best.  It does cause a bit of confusion with The Neutral Zone episode though.  How could the Borg be so far away and yet have destroyed outposts along the Federation & Romulan Neutral Zone.

How much did you see your favorite character?

Q shows up in this episode and he is rather my anti-favorite character.  Though he is his usual obnoxious self he is actully more interesting than usual.

Was the antagonist strong? Good argument? Evil?

The Borg are always strong.  However the indifferent implacability of the Borg is Beyond Evil.  Oh, we destroyed you?  Well what of it?  It's what we do.  We are Borg.  What do you expect?

This episode begins in a humorous manner with a hysterically nervous Star Fleet Academy graduate spilling hot chocolate on the captain.  He has no business wandering around engineering anyway.  But Q shows up and performs a cleaning service but kidnaps Picard  in the process.  He should have stayed on the bridge where it was safe.

But Q explains that he wants to join the crew of the Enterprise and Picard regards the idea as absurd and turns him down implying that the crew of the Enterprise can get along quite well without him, "Thank you very much."  So in a fit of petulance Q hurls the ship seven thousand light years away, two years travel time to the nearest star base.  He then makes what I regard as one of the best one liners in The Next Generation series.

Con permiso, Capitan.  The hall is rented, the orchestra engaged, it's now time to see if you can dance.

With that Q disappears and leaves Picard and company to the tender mercies of The Borg.

The Con permiso part is Spanish for "with your permission" but it is really used when the speaker knows he is doing something unwanted or in bad taste.  Picard doesn't know what he has gotten himself into but Q knows he can't handle it.  So what follows is interesting on multiple levels.  The Q Who? episodes presents the question of the risks and validity of exploration and possibly the competence of those in charge of the power structure.  Picard, the Enterprise and Star Fleet Academy are manifestations of the Federation.  The episode starts off with a crisp new recruit spilling milk on the captain.  Was that a symbolic criticism of the power structure which made a mistake that got 18 people killed?  This episode is really deeper than Best of Both Worlds which is nothing but a "We gotta beat the bad guys" story.

Picard ends up having to kiss ass in order to...

Live long and prosper!

This is as real as your so called life gets.

Boo Hoo for Q Who? Enterprise gets a Black eye

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October 17, 2010
I remember this being an episode that I watched many, many times after I started watching TNG. I especially love Picard's order to Worf of using whatever it took to destroy the Borg's tractor beam and Worf BLOWS HOLES in the Borg ship! Awesome. I don't know if I'd say the Borg are always strong, Voyager neutered them pretty bad. Always strong in TNG would be my opinion. Thank you for the review.
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Quick Tip by . November 09, 2010
Great Q episode and a great introduction to what became one of Trek's greatest villians. Easily one of the best eps from season 2.
review by . September 14, 2003
After viewing and re-viewing episodes of STTNG involving the entity known as Q, I have formulated a theory as to his popularity. So well played by John de Lancie, he also has some of the best dialog to deliver in all of the Star Trek episodes. There is also a deeper undercurrent in the relationship between Picard and Q, something along the lines of a great and eccentric teacher and a student. Q is so powerful that he could be considered the equivalent of a god, and some of his actions with Picard …
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