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Ten Years of Amazing Adventure and Superb Science Fiction!

  • Aug 4, 2009
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 When Stargate SG-1 ended its run on March 13th 2007, there were a lot of mixed emotions.  For me it was a bittersweet moment.  While I was definitely sad to see SG-1 go, I was able to look ahead to the future a little.  I still had Atlantis to look forward to (little did I know it was going to be prematurely canceled) as well as the two SG-1 films that were later released.  It's hard to get upset about a show leaving the air after such an amazing run.  Ten years is the record for an American science fiction show to be on the air and although I'm sure it could have gone eleven, ten was good for me. During SG-1's historical run, viewers were treated to a variety of deep story arcs as well as outstanding character growth.

Throughout ten years of television, fans of SG-1 were treated to some great stories.  First with the Goa'uld, then the Replicators and finally for the last two seasons, the Ori.  In a lot of long running television series, writers and producers would try hard to come up with something fresh after a six year run and for them, it was difficult.  Take Star Trek: The Next Generation.  While there is no doubt it was an amazing TV show, it really started to become, 'What planet are we going to this week?'  What always seemed to keep SG-1 so fresh was what it took from our very own mythology.  Making stories out of myths opened up infinite possibilities.  Obviously every TV show known to man had its share of sub-par episodes, but for the most part, I always felt reeled in by each weeks new adventure or the mysteries surrounding the bad guys.  However, Without a fine cast of characters, these stories would be nothing. 

An Al'kesh

Though the Stargate franchise has always built itself upon adventure and exploration, SG-1 had a very special cast that made the show what it was.  It didn't matter if someone left the show, there was always room for newcomers and a spot for those wished to come back.  Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O'Neill did such an amazing job taking the lead with this show for the eight years he was on it.  He set the standard so that actors like Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping and Christopher Judge, who weren't that well known at the time, could really shine on the screen.  This led to great scenes between Jack and Daniel, who were constantly arguing about the right and wrong and moral dilemmas.  Their relationship would later grow, creating a brotherly bond that could not be broken.  Anderson had great chemistry with each character on the show; with Teal'c (Judge), with General Hammond (Don Davis),  but obviously the biggest was with Sam Carter (Amanda Tapping).  The way that both actors played the unspoken love that was between them, that in fact could never be spoken as long as they were both in the Air Force, was done so well.  That was what was so great about having a ten year show, there was enough time to make true, believable relationships.  Even when Michael Shanks left for a season and Corin Nemec came in as a replacement, RDA and the rest of the cast made him feel right at home.  The same goes for when Anderson left after eight seasons.  Ben Browder who played Mitchell came right in and took the reigns.

For Seasons nine and ten, Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder) took over SG-1 and I had no doubts he would be just as good as Jack.  In fact, the character of Mitchell reminded me a lot of Jack from the Stargate movie a lot more than Anderson did despite the fact that the actors were playing two different characters.  I really enjoyed how he came into the show and was able to kind of just pick up from were the show left off.  The rest of the cast worked very well with him and with the late edition of the character of Vala (Claudia Black) added to the team in season ten, the last two seasons were just as much fun as the other eight.  I really enjoyed how Teal'c would at times make fun of Mitchell or the times that Daniel and Vala would bicker.  There were a lot of great moments were command became an issue because Sam and Cam were both the same rank.  Season ten was just filled with so many great moments.  Between the episode that Daniel gets turned into a Prior of the Ori and Jack comes back to help, or the finale of the show where you get to see everyones dark side.  All I know is that there was never a bad character on this show.

Cam Mitchel

In ten seasons of SG-1, audiences have been through life and death with these characters. They have seen actors come and go, episodes that weren't so great and episodes that brought tears to your eyes.  The greatest thing about ten seasons of this show though was that there was never a dull moment it always reeled you in and it was always fun.  I still can't get enough as I eagerly anticipate the upcoming third SG-1 film.  If you have never seen this show, I recommend you give it a try.  All ten season are currently out on DVD and after each episode, you will be left wanting more. The show may be over, but there are still many more adventures on the other side of the gate! Chevron 7 is locked!  5/5!

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June 15, 2012
Great review of the series.
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