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reviewed Someecards.com. February 15, 2009
Some cards
My biggest pet peeve: People who PAY $1 to send a gift to their friend on Facebook.  I mean, did you really just spend $1 sending a pixelated picture to show up on someone's social networking site?   Why …
reviewed Weddingbee.com. February 15, 2009
Weddding Bee
I know this is the second wedding planning website I've reviewed even though I am nowhere close to getting married. (And this one written the day after Valentine's day!?!??!)  Anywho, I have …
reviewed He's Just Not That Into You. February 12, 2009
First off, when did matinee for movies start costing $8.75?? Maybe I was spoiled with $4 Tuesday movies in my college town.. but what in the!  I liked the book - but to be perfectly honest, …
reviewed Barack Obama Presidential Vault (book). February 07, 2009
I am currently still obsessed with Obama.  I don't think there has been a day since his inauguration (ok to be fair, there hasn't been that many days since the inauguration in general)  that I haven't …
reviewed LeBron James. February 01, 2009
LeBron James
I was watching an episode of Beauty of the Geek when one of the girls was asked in an elimination round "Who was the rookie of the year in 2004 who was drafted straight from high school?"  She …
reviewed Project 365. January 30, 2009
Most of us carry digital cameras around with us when we go out somewhere that we want to document.  But me, being the camera obsessed person that I am, started bringing my camera with me in my purse.. …
reviewed Golden State Warriors Fan Base. January 21, 2009
We believe!
I'm born and raised in the Bay Area so loving Bay Area sports team is in my blood, whether I really do love them or not.  Regardless of how I felt of the team during the season, if they make it to …
reviewed Scrapyourtrip.com. January 21, 2009
I'm pretty much a perfectionist when it comes to scrapbooking. If there's something I imagine in my mind, I NEEED to find it, or find some material to DIY. Which is why, I have yet to settle for any actual …
reviewed The Sound of Music. December 29, 2008
The Sound of Music
So while most children were obsessing over Disney movies like Cinderella and The Little Mermaid, I was watching The Sound of Music every weekend. In addition to the Disney movies I should add.    Mari …
reviewed The Magic Bullet Food Processor. December 29, 2008
Magic Bullet
I am a sucker for As Seen On TV items... everytime I see a commercial for something new, I really want to buy it because they look so amazing.. PLUS if you call right now, you'll get a great deal!     …
reviewed Crest White Strips. December 28, 2008
I drink coffee... like ALL the time.. I also love drinking tea. Which means, my teeth are not sparkly white at all.  I've also had braces and I kept saying I needed braces again.. but my British …
reviewed Run Lola Run. December 28, 2008
Run Lola Run
I first saw Run Lola Run in a social studies class in high school... and let me just say, it blew me away. I can't remember ALL the details of this movie, but here's the quick run down.    Lola …
reviewed Michael Jordan. December 26, 2008
Michael Jordan
This is probably going to be the most cliche thing ever in the history of the world, but... I love Michael Jordan, and he made me love basketball.    When I was younger, my dad use …
reviewed Function. December 23, 2008
So while me and my best friend were waiting in line at Target to pay, there was a display of these "function" drinks that looks painstakingly similar to Vitamin Water.. which I love.    I …
reviewed LinkedIn. December 22, 2008
I go into phases in my "internet life" when I go nuts and sign up for a membership to everything on the internet.  10 blogs, 10 new "email me when there are new sales," anything and eveything that …
reviewed Spencer Pratt. December 19, 2008
Spencer Pratt
He looks like an idiot.    He made his girlfriend/fiance's mom cry.    He kicked his girlfriend/fiance's sister out of the house... after he moved in with his sister …
reviewed Ratatouille. December 18, 2008
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pixar movies, but this has to take the cake as my absolute, all time favorite.     The movie is about a rat named Remy who strays away from his family and tries to …
reviewed Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Y.... December 18, 2008
Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Young Man, and
Phenomenal. Breakdown of the story: Morrie is Mitch's college professor. When Morrie's uncle died, he had not come to terms w/ the fact that his uncle may die and just assumed he still had "time to live." …
reviewed Education in America. December 18, 2008
I really feel like there's so much going on revolving around education right now - both good and bad. It's really sad when I see on the news that teachers don't have enough money for PAPER, and have to …
reviewed Lush. December 15, 2008
inside the store
I stumbled across this stuff randomly because the store kind of looked like an old garage sale of random pieces of leftover soaps.    I bought the avocado face mask and the jelly root …
reviewed Walmart. December 15, 2008
Maybe that's an exaggeration..but Wal-mart stresses me out... and I won't even start to discuss how they treat employees.    OK, walking into this place is like walking into a WAREHOUSE....even …
reviewed Bill Clinton. December 15, 2008
Bill J. Clinton
There is a lot I could say about Clinton and how much I love him... but the main reason is because he's different.  A lot of the US Presidents have made it because they were born into a rich family …
reviewed Wendy's. December 15, 2008
Is it wrong that I don't think I've ever ordered anything NOT from the $1 menu?! Honestly, when you can have chicken nuggets, fries dipped in a frosty (so good), and a baked potato for about $4... why …
reviewed Mountbatten Internship Programme. December 15, 2008
Are you graduating from college? Have no idea what you want to do with your life? Want to work abroad but can't teach English? Want to get paid? Want to travel? Want to get work experience so your parents …
reviewed BBC.co.uk. December 13, 2008
It's real easy to find news on the internet - go to any search engine, or even add news.google.com to your igoogle homepage and you'll get instant updates on what's going on worldwide. But I love BBC. …
reviewed Anthony Bourdain. December 13, 2008
anthony bourdain
... have you ever made out with a girl with fetal breath?....  WHO SAYS THAT?!?!?!  oh, just Anthony Bourdain.. no big deal.    He travels, he writes, he experiences, …
reviewed Ice Cream Sandwiches. December 13, 2008
Ice Cream Sandwiches
I don't know what the hell it is about ice cream sandwiches specifically that are so addicting.  Maybe the implication of "sandwich" makes me feel like I'm eating something much more healthy than …
reviewed BJ's. December 13, 2008
My friends and I use to always frequent this place for birthday dinners when I was in college. It's the PERFECT place. Why?    Large TV screens to stay up to date with sporting games.. which …
reviewed Picasa. December 13, 2008
I've been looking for a place to load photos where 1) it was FREE 2) it wouldn't shrink the picture to some ridiculous size and 3) others could download the picture at the original size.    My …
reviewed Mortgage Crisis of 2008. December 13, 2008
Speaking from the point of a view of a 20 something gal who just graduated from college and has yet work at a full time job in California yet....this mortgage crisis is only one of about 5 things in the …
reviewed Scrapbooking. December 12, 2008
I absolutely love scrapbooking... I have a whole plastic storage bin (with the pull out drawers) FILLED with random scraps of paper, scissors.. glue sticks... what not!    I think …
reviewed Bath & Body Works. December 11, 2008
You know how you walk into some perfume shops or lotion stores or even department stores and you almost faint because there's just too much strong smell all over the place? I think this is worse especially …
reviewed IKEA. December 11, 2008
The Store
I love IKEA. There's a wide range of products and quality.. so you can purchase a $100 bedframe... or go for the better quality $400 one.    There are both plusses and minuses to the …
reviewed H&M. December 10, 2008
I'm a huge fan of H&M... it gives you great ideas for trendy clothing at great prices! I always see stuff in magazines that I think are super cute but then end up also being super expensive. H&M …
reviewed The Oprah Winfrey Show. December 10, 2008
I know I love a lot of bad reality TV (The Hills..... haha), but Oprah is truly one of my all time favorite shows.. and people.  She covers such a BROAD range of topics and she really cares.  …
reviewed Entourage. December 10, 2008
I'm a huge fan of this show, it really is like the Sex and the City for guys. Instead of four girlfriends in NYC, it's four guy friends in LA. The story line is great, Adrian is HOT, and the two things …
reviewed Target. December 10, 2008
When I use to come home from college to my parents house in the Bay Area... me and my best friend would think of things to do ... and going to Target was ALWAYS something we had to cross off the list... …
reviewed Dasani. December 10, 2008
it's a Coca Cola product!! Dasani has to be one of the most refreshing waters out there. Ok honestly.. who reviews bottled water?!?!     So just a little story for you about Dasani …
reviewed Canon SD1000. December 10, 2008
The Canon SD1000
I've gone through a Panasonic and a Sony in college (I'm not very good with electronics... wait till I review computers... I've gone through 4 in the last 5 1/2 years) before purchasing my Canon SD1000.. …
reviewed Bare Escentuals. December 10, 2008
Bare Escentuals Boutique
So I remember one time in college my friend and I got sucked into doing one of those makeovers at the Mac counter... so they told us they would do our makeup and we had to buy $50 worth of stuff. So we …
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