Stylish Curves A Lunch Community <![CDATA[ New York & Company's 2010 Fall Line: Curvy Girl Approved!]]> Over the past few seasons NY&C has been stepping up their style game. They have strayed away from their normal business and weekend casual looks and traded it in for more high fashion, uptown meets downtown styles. For their Fall 2010 collection, I think they hit the right note.
Check out a few of the looks.

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<![CDATA[ Attention LOFTy Fashionistas, This Store Isn't Just for Mom]]> Ann Taylor LOFT.  As a college student I'm not sure if I would have walked through the giant glass doors of LOFT if they hadn't been hiring but when I did I was pleasantly surprised to discover that their entire design aesthetic had changed.  LOFT had become more trendy, sure, but not in a hipster sort of why in which you would regret any of your purchases next year when the new trends came along.  

The words that come to mind when I browse LOFT now are "classic" and "feminine".  This store has one of the most extensive petite selections of any non-department store I've ever seen and in conjunction, their shapes and fits are made for someone who is trying to enhance and flatter her natural figure.  The clothes are quality and the sales are astounding.  I've gone into LOFT and spent the same amount of money as I would at Forever 21 or H&M (2 other popular stores for college students my age) and come away with just as much stuff.  

This spring LOFT is showing some of the trends seen on September's New York Fashion Week Runway, like pastels, lingerie-inspired pieces, soft pants, chambray, and lucite jewelry. None of the pieces in the store now will be grossly off the mark next year because, thanks to Fashion Creative Director Alia Ahmed-Yahia (of Elle and Glamour fame), everything from the t-shirts to the anorak jackets have a timeless essence that assures that they can be re-imagined in the years to come.  I've posted some of my current favorites from the Spring collection.

LOFT is great for women like me, on the cusp of adulthood and the working world, because it offers clothes that are great for day to day wear but then can also transition and mesh well into an office-appropriate or even interview-appropriate wardrobe. I often mention LOFT in my posts on because there is a store located in my town and I feel that it is sadly overlooked. Ladies, I recommend signing up for their mailing list at for hints about upcoming sale and coupons and remember to live. love. LOFT. ]]> Fri, 19 Feb 2010 22:17:06 +0000