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reviewed George Carlin. November 25, 2009
George Carlin
   I remember during my middle school years having a friend play a cut from George Carlin's AM & FM where he does the news (long before SNL added it to their show).  I just burst out …
reviewed Malcolm McLaren. May 12, 2010
posted in Music Matters
Malcolm McLaren
The world lost a very unique individual on April 8, 2010.  Malcolm McLaren, the self promoting music manager/ performer/ designer lost his fight with cancer but has left a legacy in both fashion …
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reviewed Andy Griffith. July 04, 2012
Andy Griffith
He was an icon of American television. Andy Griffith passed away this week at the age of 86. Andy is best remembered for his role as Sherriff Andy Taylor in the "The Andy Griffith Show" which …
reviewed Andy Rooney. November 07, 2011
Andy Rooney
I will really miss Andy. He was my whole reason for watching 60 Minutes. No matter how boring some of the segments were and no matter how Mike and Morely tried to put people on the spot, at the end of …
reviewed Paul Simon. October 17, 2011
posted in Music Matters
Paul Simon
Singer/songwriter Paul Simon turned 70 this week.  For nearly three decades he was a major force in American popular music.  Success did not come easily to Paul Simon.  The truth is that …
reviewed Vincent Price. October 02, 2011
Price in 1959's The Bat
Shelby fooled us all. We thought we had Shelby Carpenter pegged and we were wrong. I met him in college years ago. He was one of the arty types, all cultured and as phony as a vampire's bite. Pretended …
reviewed Morning Glory (2010). August 14, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
   Imagine the old Mary Tyler Moore television show with a glossy remake and you've got an idea of what to expect from Morning Glory. Rachel McAdams plays Becky, and this girl has grit and …
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Quick Tips
posted a Quick Tip about Aaliyah. June 27, 2012
heyy liyah so much miss you everyday God wakes me up i get to see you Luv and Miss you #1 fan
posted a Quick Tip about Eminem. June 06, 2012
he is insane awesome my favourite song is when iam gone
posted a Quick Tip about Donna Summer. May 17, 2012
Donna Summer photo
An exceptionally talented vocalist who would have been a star in any era. Although she was dubbed the "Queen of Disco" Donna could sing all kinds of songs. So sorry to hear of her untimely death today …
posted a Quick Tip about Alfred Molina. May 06, 2012
Alfred Molina
Could be another one of those actors that even if the movie stinks, he's great regardless. I'd rate him higher if I've seen more movies that he was in.
posted a Quick Tip about Paul McCartney. May 01, 2012
Paul McCartney
If irony has it's way, he'll be the last Beatle standing.
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created a list. July 02, 2012
posted in Music Matters
People know them and love them. Okay, in these cases, "love" isn't quite a strong enough term. People revere them, deify them, recognize them as be-all-and-end-all …
Nirvana The Beatles Lynyrd Skynyrd AC/DC The Sex Pistols
created a list. June 12, 2012
If Everything is Terrible, then nothing is.
Kathie Lee Gifford Scarves Guns New Age Exercise
created a list. February 05, 2012
How many Super Bowls do you think were won on the strength of great quarterbacking? Well, there were a lot. But the thing with the Super Bowl is that …
Joe Namath Terry Bradshaw Jeff Hostetler Trent Dilfer Jim Plunkett
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posted "The Million Dollar Piano Is Worth Every Penny" about Elton John: The Million Dollar Piano.   1 hour ago
The Million Dollar Piano Is Worth Every
I once made the mistake of saying to a group of friends who consider themselves “music aficionados” that I didn’t think Sir Elton Jo
updated and rated Elton John: The Million Dollar Piano a 5.0.   1 hour ago
posted "Confluence of B-Movie Elements Makes TO HELL YOU RIDE Feel Like A B-Movie Comic Book" about To Hell You Ride.   3 hours ago
Confluence of B-Movie Elements Makes TO
I’ve always admired the work of actor Lance Henriksen.  He’s been in some great movies and television … and – as tends t
updated and rated To Hell You Ride a 4.0.   3 hours ago
review of Victus: The Fall of Barcelona, A Novel, "Engineers Make A Difference!" was complimented.   12 hours ago
updated Rough Country by John Sandford.   12 hours ago
updated Rough Country by John Sandford.   12 hours ago
posted "Engineers Make A Difference!" about Victus: The Fall of Barcelona, A Novel.   12 hours ago
Engineers Make A Difference!
Fascinating tale of Zuviria Marti, who because of a childhood prank, is sent off from Spain to France to be educated. He arrives at the estate of Vau
updated and rated the wiki Victus: The Fall of Barcelona, A Novel a 4.0.   12 hours ago
posted "Is That A Splash of Color on the Cover, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?" about Dream Thief: Escape (#2 of 4).   24 hours ago
Is That A Splash of Color on the Cover,
An awful lot of fiction has drawn from one’s search for revenge to fuel the narrative.  Heck, even Bruce Wayne himself capitalized psycholo
updated and rated Dream Thief: Escape (#2 of 4) a 4.0.   24 hours ago
review of Inspirato by Yanni, "From MainlyPiano.com" was complimented.   24 hours ago
posted "Supernatural Justice Delivered From the Barrel of a Gun" about Dream Thief: Escape (#1 of 4).   24 hours ago
Supernatural Justice Delivered From the
So long as there have been ghosts there have been questions of what purposes these spirits ultimately serve.  While a handful of theories exist,
updated and rated Dream Thief: Escape (#1 of 4) a 4.0.   24 hours ago
posted "Hardboiled Inspiration" about It's Best To Shoot In The Head.   24 hours ago
Hardboiled Inspiration
Hardboiled fiction is in my wheelhouse.  In fact, I’ve often said, “The harder the prose, the better.”  I prefer my heroes
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