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reviewed IRON MAN: Rise of Technovore (2013 An.... April 17, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
IRON MAN: Rise of Technovore (2013 Anime film)
Marvel Anime: Iron Man was based on Marvel Comics Characters and definitely took more inspiration from the highly popular live-action movies starring Robert Downey Jr. The series wasn’t terrific, …
reviewed The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. April 14, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Every bone in my body is telling me “Jonathan, this is a romance, it’s a time traveling romance filled with plot holes, love triangles, and more teenee gooy romance then you can handle.” …
reviewed Gunslinger Girl (Season 1). April 01, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Gunslinger Girl (Season 1)
(Quotes are paraphrasing, not exact wording).    Welcome to the Social Welfare Agency, a top secret part of the Italian government which, despite its name, has absolutely nothing to do …
reviewed Tales From Earthsea. March 31, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Tales From Earthsea
What a disjointed mess of a film this is. Studio Ghibli has made a handful of sub par films in the past, nothing bad just a few films that don't quite live up to their incredibly high standards. For a …
reviewed Anime. March 14, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Anime is a genre that gets a lot of flak from mainstream audiences, most of who've have either never seen an anime all the way through or have been exposed to only a certain kind, namely the more children …
reviewed Last Exile. March 04, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Last Exile
Last Exile is one of those shows with an amazing premise, some strong characters, good action, and an interesting lore and world for a story to take place in. Anime is a genra for strong imaginations, …
reviewed Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. February 25, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
The Street Fighter video game franchise may be one of the most successful video game franchises in history. It had spawned numerous video game sequels, countless remixes, an anime series, an American …
posted a Quick Tip about Street Fighter Alpha. February 19, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Street Fighter Alpha
Wanted to see something that I did not need to think about so I streamed this (legally online) to re-watch. (I don't think I ever finsihed it the first time)      I have to say …
reviewed Children Who Chase Lost Voices (Anime.... February 18, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Children Who Chase Lost Voices (Anime Film)
Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli are household names when it comes to Japanese anime and animated films in general. They have always managed to capture the essence of Japanese folklore-ish tales around …
reviewed Origin: Spirits of the Past. February 10, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Origin: Spirits of the Past
People who have been exposed to a good number of anime series or films would know to give the Japanese credit where credit is due. You would have to admit that the large number of Japanese anime have …
reviewed Blade of the Phantom Master (anime film). February 05, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Blade of the Phantom Master S.A.V.E.
Manga/Manhwa-to-anime film is almost a done deal when it comes to Japanese and Korean comic book series. Such as the case once again with “Blade of the Phantom Master” (Shin Angyo Onshi translated …
reviewed Serial Experiments Lain. January 12, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Serial Experiments Lain
First of all, I'd like to say how glad I am that Funimation reissued this anime in a DVD/blu-ray combo pack last November. No longer is a gem like this in “out-of-print obscurity.”    …
posted a Quick Tip about Mardock Scramble: Second Combustion. January 09, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Mardock Scramble: Second Combustion
After the killer first chapter "Mardock Scramble: First Compression", the second chapter of this anime trilogy slows down a little to develop this dystopian world. Still good, but different …
reviewed Mardock Scramble: Second Combustion. January 08, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Mardock Scramble: Second Combustion
Based on a series of novels written by Tow Ukubata which was later adapted into a manga series, “Mardock Scramble: Second Combustion” is the second part of an intended OVA trilogy directed …
reviewed Blade The Anime Series- The Complete .... December 13, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Marvel Anime: Blade- Season One
Marvel comics and Japanese anime have been two of my favorite entertainment mediums. So It was a good bet that I would be checking out any production that would combine the two. I enjoyed the anime series …
posted a Quick Tip about Dominion Tank Police. December 12, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Dominion Tank Police
I'm sure your parents have told you a few times in your life "Don't judge a book by its cover."  That statement is perfectly applicable for this animated hunk of shit, since I …
reviewed Hellsing Ultimate Vol. 5-8 Collection. December 02, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Hellsing Ultimate Vol. 5-8 Collection
True, when I reviewed the first 4 volumes of “Hellsing Ultimate” (click on link to see review) last week, I really wasn’t sure where and how it was going. There was a lot of foreshadowing …
reviewed Hellsing Ultimate: Vol. 1-4 Collection. November 26, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Hellsing Ultimate: Vol. 1-4 Collection
The manga by Kouta Hirano in the late 1990’s was so well-received that of course as with any other manga series that achieves success, it has been adapted into an anime series even when the manga …
posted a Quick Tip about Dance in the Vampire Bund. October 28, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Dance in the Vampire Bund
Plot Summary: Mina TepeĊŸ, the Princess of the ancient covenant and ruler of all vampires, wants her race to stop hiding from the humans. Using her vast wealth, she has paid off Japan's entire …
reviewed Steel Angel Kurumi. October 25, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Steel Angel Kurumi
  I remember a friend of mine back in the fall of 2004 lent me his boxed set of Steel Angel Kurumi, promising that I'd love it for all the nudity and fanservice in it (I had some misplaced priorities …
posted a Quick Tip about Twilight of the Cockroaches. October 24, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Twilight of the Cockroaches
I haven't seen this anime since August of 2002, though I remember not being impressed with it.      Twilight of the Cockroaches is one of those anime titles from the late 80's …
reviewed High School of the Dead. October 15, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
High School of the Dead
 I've heard a lot of things about High School of the Dead, but mostly how it's a combination of zombie horror and anime fan service. I was convinced by a few respectable anime fans that this …
reviewed Women in Anime. October 15, 2012
Women in Anime
As I was reading my newest volume of Card Captor Sakura manga, I wondered about how women are portrayed in anime. Now, let me say first that I am by no means a feminist or anything, but this was an idea …
reviewed Resident Evil: Damnation. September 27, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Resident Evil: Damnation
The Resident Evil video game franchise has somehow grown into something that can be called under ‘iconic status’ since the first game debuted in 1996. Capcom introduced and defined the survival-horror …
reviewed Angel Beats!. September 05, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Angel Beats!
It sucks being dead. It sucks even more to be trapped in a surreal afterlife where you’re caught between the living and the dead—and where a mysterious, violent Angel is trying to pull you …
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