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posted a Quick Tip about Nitrate + Kinogeists 2. Teil - Art of.... 六月 29, 2011
Nitrate + Kinogeists 2. Teil - Art of Silent Cinema
   An absolutely beautiful catalog displaying the March 2011 exhibition of vintage silent film posters and modern art inspired by silent cinema. Among the diverse contemporary artists to contribute …
posted a Quick Tip about The Union of Hope and Sadness: The Ar.... 六月 24, 2011
The Union of Hope and Sadness: The Art of Gail Potocki
The Union of Hope and Sadness written by Thomas Negovan is a beautifully haunting exploration of the artwork of modern symbolist painter Gail Potocki. The book features a great collection of her art spanning …
posted a Quick Tip about Dustcovers: The Collected Sandman Covers. 六月 16, 2011
Dustcovers: The Collected Sandmand Covers
Dave Mckean created some great artwork for these covers. The uniqueness of these covers comes from the original idea (at the time, as editor Karen Berger comments) of not featuring Sandman at every cover; …
posted a Quick Tip about Dustcovers: The Collected Sandman Covers. 六月 15, 2011
Dustcovers: The Collected Sandmand Covers
Dustcovers is an extraordinary (albeit incomplete) collection of Dave McKean's covers for Neil Gaiman's Sandman adult comic book series.      The works presented in this collection …
reviewed Pietà. 四月 13, 2011
I saw this statue years ago when it toured the United States. Then last year I got to see it in Rome within St Peter's Basilica amongst the other great sculptures and was even more in awe of the artist's …
reviewed Victoria Design Studio. 三月 25, 2011
posted in Eco-Babyz
Victoria Design Studio
I think investing in feeding your family good quality, healthy food without chemicals is the most important step in green living. But if you can afford other things like healthier bedding, by all means …
reviewed Painting Elephants. 三月 25, 2011
Painting elephants
I have long read online that there are a group of elephants somewhere in the world who are so clever that they know how to paint. Being somewhat of a realist, I was extremely skeptical about elephants …
posted a Quick Tip about Adam and Eve. 三月 15, 2011
Adam and Eve
   I've only very recently become aware of Gail Potocki's artwork mainly through her new works for the Nitrate + Kinogeists exhibition inspired by silent films. Her works are so full …
posted a Quick Tip about Book of Dreams. 三月 15, 2011
Book of Dreams
Without a doubt, this is my favorite work of art by Dave McKean and probably the quintessential painted comic book cover. Featured originally on The Sandman: Book of Dreams short story collection in 1996 …
posted a Quick Tip about The Golden Thumb. 二月 03, 2011
The Golden Thumb
This thing is awesome. Is there a best draft category?
posted a Quick Tip about Madonna. 十一月 15, 2010
Of all of Munch's paintings, this one is easily the most sensual and though the colors aren't as bright as in some of his other paintings, the work is as vibrant as ever!
posted a Quick Tip about The Sick Child (lithograph). 十一月 15, 2010
The Sick Child (lithograph)
One of Munch's most haunting images. Munch created two works with this same title, one of which was a painting, though I prefer this version. There's a melancholy delicacy to this lithograph that is unmatched. …
posted a Quick Tip about Where is Pease-Blossom?. 十一月 03, 2010
Another splendid work from Rackham's illustrated edition of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. I wouldn't mind a framed reproduction of this on my wall.
posted a Quick Tip about Titania lying asleep.. 十一月 03, 2010
Titania lying asleep.
A gorgeous illustration of the Queen of the Faeries, Titania. Despite this particular piece being based on Shakespeare, I'm reminded of Sleeping Beauty as well.
posted a Quick Tip about It seemed as if a sudden swarm of win.... 十一月 03, 2010
It seemed as if a sudden swarm of winged creatures brushed past her.
One of my favorite Rackham images, this illustration depicts the unfortunate Pandora of Greek mythology as she opens the fabled box and lets loose all the world's evils upon humanity.
posted a Quick Tip about Thor. 十一月 03, 2010
Again, Rackham creates an indelible image based on Wagner's Ring Cycle. Thor, also called Donner, is presented here in all of his glory; his cape bellowing in the wind, his hammer held high, a look of …
posted a Quick Tip about Freya. 十一月 03, 2010
An essential work by Rackham, the illustrations for Wagner's epic Ring Cycle are stunning and this is easily my favorite piece from that series.
posted a Quick Tip about The Dream. 十一月 02, 2010
The Dream
Wow, I don't know what else I can say. Wow. This is just bizarre... and eerie... and haunting... and wow!
posted a Quick Tip about The Plague. 十月 09, 2010
The Plague
This is a truly superb example of Gothic Symbolist artwork. One of Böcklin's most iconic and grim paintings.
posted a Quick Tip about The Visage of War. 十月 09, 2010
The Visage of War
Dali creates a haunting and visually striking image in protest of the horrors of war.
posted a Quick Tip about The Smiling Spider. 十月 09, 2010
The Smiling Spider
What wonderfully eerie and sinister image. I do find it intriguing that Redon's spiders have ten legs...
posted a Quick Tip about Bat-woman. 十月 08, 2010
An absolutely awesome image that just screams "Goth".
posted a Quick Tip about Conan the Adventurer. 九月 24, 2010
Conan the Adventurer
The quintessential image of Robert E. Howard's pulp adventure hero Conan! Frazetta's work here is just exquisite. This is, undoubtedly, my favorite painting of his as well as one of my favorite works …
posted a Quick Tip about The Lady of Shalott (J.W. Waterhouse .... 八月 24, 2010
The Lady of Shalott
Agatha Christie took Tennyson's words from the Lady of Shalott "the mirror crack'd from side to side" as the title of one of her novels. When she faced reality and looked out the window instead of at …
posted a Quick Tip about Lady Lilith. 七月 29, 2010
Lady Lilith
Rossetti's depiction of Lilith is classic and gorgeous in its own right, but unlike Collier's imagining, this Lilith seems less empowered and more vain. Still, it's a stunning painting.
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