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reviewed Brown Rice Recipe. November 19, 2009
Brown Rice Recipe
 Finally, PERFECT BROWN RICE At Home!      Most of us that have tried to make a nice fluffy and moist brown rice at home have crashed and burned. It's dry or the texture is bleckh, …
reviewed allrecipes.com. July 13, 2011
posted in Gourmand
Carrie Bradshaw once referred to her oven as a place to store shoes. Though, I'm not half the shoe fan that Bradshaw is, before I lived with my husband, I wasn't really interested in cooking. …
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reviewed Stir, Laugh, Repeat. December 01, 2011
Stir, Laugh, Repeat
Stir Laugh and Repeat by author Martha Cheves   Reviewed by Fran Lewis      Move over Paula Dean, Emeril, and Rachel Ray: Make way for the new Queen of Southern hospitality …
reviewed The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feel.... November 04, 2011
The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great,
  Alicia Silverstone's Vegan/kindness tome went with us on a recent road trip. The passengers in the car passed it around and read up on some of what Alicia had to say. She gives great information …
reviewed The Bluapple. September 30, 2011
The Bluapple
   How many of you have gone to the fridge to make dinner or prepare a healthy snack only to find that your Produce has gone bad?  This happens to us Frequently! I don't know if it's …
reviewed Ball's Cajun Seasoning. September 12, 2011
posted in Gourmand
Ball's Cajun Seasoning
Many people outside of Louisiana have probably heard of products from companies like Zatarain's and Tony Chachere's, but I don't know how many people are familiar with Ball's Cajun Seasoning.  …
reviewed The Magic Bullet Food Processor. August 21, 2011
Magic Bullet
I can think of 100 ways why you should not purchase this new blender called the “Magic Bullet”, but only one reason that you should purchase it, and that is luxury. This blender will make …
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Quick Tips
posted a Quick Tip about Lobo Tom Yum Paste. May 28, 2012
posted in The Rice Table
Lobo Tom Yum Paste
Easy to prepare and cook. Not bad but not comparable to those in the restaurants. I've tried some great Tom Yum Kung in Hong Kong and Bangkok. Still, it's VFM!
posted a Quick Tip about 5-quart Artisan Series KitchenAid mixer. December 26, 2011
5-quart Artisan Series KitchenAid mixer
I just got the 4.5 White Artisan Mixer for a combo Christmas/Wedding present and I am so flipping excited to try this baby out- I can't WAIT! It comes with a whisk mixer, bread dough hook, and flat beater …
posted a Quick Tip about Alton Brown. October 02, 2011
While I don't consider myself a culinary genius by any means, Alton Brown has really gotten me to think about food and the science behind cooking it. His show, Good Eats, is easily one of the best food …
posted a Quick Tip about Lemon. July 18, 2011
posted in Green Living
Full of useful antioxidants, and that is the saving grace of the lemon. Otherwise, these suckers are VERY sour, and you'll definitely be getting those sour lips if you eat one on its own. Sugar can be …
posted a Quick Tip about Garlic. June 13, 2011
posted in Green Living
Health benefits, and one of the more underrated flavors. Everyone knocks it, but just the right amount can go well in certain sauces or with certain spices.
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created a list. December 27, 2011
posted in Do It Yourself!
The 2011 list helped me so much, in that I actually achieved a little more than half the things on it (that's a first), I figured I'd make a 2012 …
Travel Wasting Time Happiness Exercise Listen
created a list. December 04, 2011
posted in Gourmand
All this time, I thought that I didn't like these foods, but it turns out... They were just misunderstood.  Now with an open mind, an adventurous palette, …
Persimmon Figs Durian Carrots Sweet Potato
created a list. October 21, 2011
posted in Do It Yourself!
As I get ready to host a combination Birthday/Halloween party, I find myself getting a little obsessive and really excited. I love throwing parties and …
Evite Pumpkin Halloween Costumes Halloween Hits Vinyl Wall Decor and More
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posted "Stupid Is As Stupid Does" about Propaganda (2012).   5 hours ago
Stupid Is As Stupid Does
Freedom is great, isn’t it?  In America, you’re basically free to do what you want (so they say), say what you want (so they say), be
updated and rated Propaganda (2012) a 3.0.   5 hours ago
posted "A Compelling Portrait Of What Conan Comics Were Like In the 1980's" about The Chronicles of Conan Volume 27: Sands Upon the Earth.   12 hours ago
A Compelling Portrait Of What Conan Comi
If you’re anything like me and you grew up reading comic books through the 70’s and 80’s, then you might feel as I do: while graphic
updated and rated The Chronicles of Conan Volume 27: Sands Upon the Earth a 4.0.   12 hours ago
updated and rated Half In Love With Artful Death: A Dan Rhodes Mystery a 5.0.   12 hours ago
posted "Dan Rhodes is back in "Half Love In With Artful Death" by Bill Crider" about Half In Love With Artful Death: A Dan Rhodes Mystery.   12 hours ago
Dan Rhodes is back in Dan Rhodes is back in "Half Love In With
Burt Collins is just one of those difficult folks that Sheriff Dan Rhodes has to deal with on a daily basis. Burt Collins has a very narrow view of t
added Half In Love With Artful Death: A Dan Rhodes Mystery.   12 hours ago
posted "Review: "The Untreed Detectives" edited by J. Alan Hartman" about The Untreed Detectives.   24 hours ago
Review: Review: "The Untreed Detectives" edited
After a short introduction to the book by, publisher J. Alan Hartman, it is on to the twelve short stories. Some are written by names you may recogni
updated and rated The Untreed Detectives a 3.0.   24 hours ago
updated The Shamus Sampler II.   24 hours ago
posted "Excellent sequel to the first "The Shamus Sampler II"" about The Shamus Sampler II.   24 hours ago
Excellent sequel to the first Excellent sequel to the first "The Shamu
Editor Jochem Vandersteen crafted a very good read with The Shamus Sampler and does it again with The Shamus Sampler II. The 13 stories in the book a
added and rated The Shamus Sampler II a 5.0.   24 hours ago
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