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posted a Quick Tip about Spiderman's Web Shooter. February 15, 2011
Spiderman's Web Shooter
Which Web shooter do you prefer - Organic or Mechanical? I like Sam Rami's take that a teen could not invent something that nobody at 3M could. Check this story out for more info:    http://popwatch.e …
posted a Quick Tip about Wolverine (Logan). January 10, 2011
I really loved Wolverine as a child. He was one of my favorite superheroes. However, in the last decade he has been plastered all over the place and, quite frankly, I'm a bit tired of him!
posted a Quick Tip about Spider-Man (Peter Parker). January 10, 2011
I believe that deep down inside, every kid wishes they were Spider-Man. He's the perfect hero that so many young boys (and girls) can identify with. He has bad luck with the ladies, has a terrible boss, …
posted a Quick Tip about Manny Delgado. December 29, 2010
posted in Modern Family Fans
Manny Delgado
Reminds me of Bobby from King of the Hill, except Manny is likable, and not totally awkward, and Columbian, and has talent....so he isn't much like Bobby at all short of being offbeat.
posted a Quick Tip about Bella Swan. December 17, 2010
Bella Swan
I think we instinctively dislike her cuz she's such a perfect Mary Sue.
posted a Quick Tip about Riley. December 15, 2010
This poor guy is almost as pitiful as Jacob when it comes to love. He's a big sucker for Victoria, and it might just cost him dearly.
posted a Quick Tip about Bella Swan. December 15, 2010
Bella Swan
She's selfish and unlikeable. I was just begging for Victoria to take her out!
posted a Quick Tip about Carlisle Cullen. December 15, 2010
Carlisle Cullen
In a world of bland vampires, poor Carlisle is the blandest.
posted a Quick Tip about Emmett Cullen. December 15, 2010
Emmett Cullen
The big lug of the Cullen clan, maybe they'll flesh out Emmett in the new movie.
posted a Quick Tip about Jasper Cullen. December 15, 2010
Jasper Cullen
I like Alice for her looks and attitude. I like Jasper for his background story. He seems to be the most "vampirish" vampire in the series.
posted a Quick Tip about Alice Cullen. December 15, 2010
Alice Cullen
What can I say, I'm Team Alice! From her pixie-like looks to her overall personality, Alice makes Twilight a lot easier for guys to watch.
posted a Quick Tip about Esmée Cullen. December 15, 2010
Esmée Cullen
So far she's pretty much been Garth to Carlisle's Wayne in Twilight.
posted a Quick Tip about Laurent. December 15, 2010
Kinda good, kinda bad, Laurent should have cut all ties with Victoria when he had the chance.
posted a Quick Tip about Charlie Swan. December 15, 2010
Charlie Swan
In my opinion, Charlie is more interesting than 95% of all the other characters from Twilight.
posted a Quick Tip about Jacob Black. December 15, 2010
Jacob Black
I sort of feel sorry for this kid. Bella strings him and Ed along like two puppies and then drops wolfie for the coldblood.
posted a Quick Tip about James. December 15, 2010
He's kind of like Toad in the first X-men movie. He doesn't do or say much, and then he's gone.
posted a Quick Tip about Victoria. December 15, 2010
I like Victoria. She's out for revenge and tricks others into doing her dirty work.
posted a Quick Tip about The Volturi. December 15, 2010
The Volturi
Dakota Fanning is the "enforcer" for the toughest, meanest vampire clan? These guys have to be the most uninteresting pack of vampires on the block.
posted a Quick Tip about Iron Man (Tony Stark). December 13, 2010
Iron Man (Tony Stark)
In my opinion, Marvel has always been just a little bit ahead of DC and other comic publishers when it comes to social issues and personal conflict.  Tony Stark is the perfect example of that, particularly …
posted a Quick Tip about Flying Monkeys. December 09, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
Flying Monkeys
I always wanted my own pet flying monkey. What can I say, they're just awesome!
posted a Quick Tip about Draco Malfoy. December 06, 2010
Draco Malfoy
Having read all of the books and also having seen his character develop on film, I'd have to say that Draco is one of the most interesting characters in the world of Harry Potter.
posted a Quick Tip about Hermione Granger. December 06, 2010
Hermione Granger
Smart, snarky, and loyal to the end, Hermione Granger is one of my favorite characters from both Harry Potter books and the films.
posted a Quick Tip about Khan Noonien Singh. November 08, 2010
Khan Noonien Singh
Khan is without question the best villain to ever appear in Star Trek. His obvious power in the episode "Space Seed" continued in "The Wrath of Khan." Great heroes need strong villains and Khan alone …
posted a Quick Tip about Leonard McCoy. October 11, 2010
Leonard McCoy
Karl Urban captured Bones perfectly! I had my doubts in the beginning, ut he did a great job.
posted a Quick Tip about Mickey Mouse. October 02, 2010
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse is such an awesome cartoon character, and many of the shorts he starred in are now classics.
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