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posted a Quick Tip about The Girl Who Played with Fire (2010 m.... June 06, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
The Girl Who Played With Fire (2010 movie)
FIrst sequel to The Girl WIth The Dragon Tattoo has Mikael investigating human traffiking and sex slavery while trying to help Lisbeth clear her name for the murder of individuals involved in his investigation. …
reviewed Rudo Y Cursi (2009). June 23, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
Rudo Y Cursi (2009)
Two moronic, banana-slinging half-siblings (Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna) ascend from peasantry to football stardom by way of their formidable talent, though their auxiliary pursuits lead them …
reviewed Kitchen Stories. May 13, 2012
Kitchen Stories
Kitchen Stories, a Norwegion/Swedish co-production, starts out as a dry, deadpan comedy of differences and ends as a dry, deadpan comedy of friendships.      Sweden's Home Research …
reviewed Battle Royale. March 30, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Battle Royale: Director's Cut (Collector's
   So much has been written about the film.  So much has been said.  So much has been debated, discussed, dissected, and so much has been praised or insulted or misunderstood.  …
posted a Quick Tip about Black Water. March 18, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
Black Water
Admittedly, "Black Water" carries the same staple that has driven crocodile horror movies in recent years. A group of people stranded in an area stalked by a crocodile. Director does do something …
reviewed Vasermil. February 08, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
   (special thanks to Film Movement for providing me with a screener!) Israel is, this movie reminds us, something of a melting pot. We have three young male characters we follow through this …
reviewed Man on the Train (L'Homme du Train) (.... November 29, 2011
Man on the Train (L'Homme du Train) (2003)
On a cold weekday a single passenger gets off the train at a French village. The hotels are closed for the season, but he meets an elderly retired school teacher who offers him shelter. The first man …
reviewed Mongolian Ping Pong. September 30, 2011
Mongolian Ping Pong
Mongolian Ping Pong (Lu Cao Di) is a sweet-natured movie with almost no narrative strength or rhythm. One critic said that it was such slow going that it might have little appeal to Western audiences. …
reviewed Element of Crime. July 13, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Element of Crime
**** out of ****     "The Element of Crime" is a modern film-noir so fascinating, that the mere experience of watching it almost cannot be described. You cannot truly absorb all of …
reviewed The Lives of Others. July 01, 2011
The Lives of Others
"Did you know that there are just five types of artists? Your guy, Dreyman, is a Type 4, a 'hysterical anthropocentrist.' Can't bear being alone, always talking, needing friends. That …
reviewed The Lives of Others. June 30, 2011
The Lives of Others
Donnersmarck's first feature is a film that should have been made years before: a critical, dramatic depiction of East German governmental repression from a personal perspective. The exhaustive research …
posted a Quick Tip about Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. June 27, 2011
posted in ASIANatomy
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002)
I had no idea what to expect (other than vengeance) from Sympathy for Mr. Vengeace, the first film of Park Chan-wook's Vengeance Trilogy. I've liked Park's dark take on the thematic material …
posted a Quick Tip about Vitus. June 27, 2011
Watched this movie on Netflix DVD rental. Interesting and strange story of an exceptional (and exceptionally cheeky) child who is smarter than everyone around him. Sort of like Shine but with a clever …
reviewed The Girl Who Played with Fire (2010 m.... June 20, 2011
The Girl Who Played With Fire (2010 movie)
I recommend this second film in the Stieg Larsson trilogy, and the other two as well. Of course the book is far better than the film. This is almost always true because the book has more details, greater …
reviewed The Triplets of Belleville. May 28, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
The Triplets of Belleville
***1/2 out of ****     Good animated films are crafted skillfully. Great ones are made lovingly. Bad ones- and there aren't really many- are made by the imbeciles of the world who …
reviewed The Orphanage. May 17, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
The Orphanage
**** out of ****     We ask a lot out of the horror genre and the filmmakers involved, and often get nothing in return. Remakes are not what we want, and neither are meaningless exercises …
reviewed Le Petit Lieutenant (2005). May 06, 2011
Le Petit Lieutenant (2005)
"There was the liver, the lungs, the heart, all set out on the table like a butcher's display box," says new police lieutenant Antoine Derouere (Jalil Lespert). "This'll sound stupid …
reviewed The Orphanage. April 21, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
The Orphanage
The old stone mansion that once was an orphanage sits isolated within its ill-kempt gardens and grounds. The abandoned lighthouse on the cliff not far away no longer shines a beacon. The cave below and …
reviewed The Wind That Shakes the Barley. April 18, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
The Wind That Shakes the Barley
Ireland in the early Twenties exploded into armed rebellion against the British. In The Wind That Shakes the Barley, two brothers at first made opposite decisions. A group of Black and Tan British soldiers …
reviewed Army of Shadows - Criterion Collectio.... April 15, 2011
Army of Shadows - Criterion Collection (1969)
"...but I'm going to die and I'm not afraid. It's impossible not to be afraid of dying. But I'm too stubborn, too much of an animal to believe it. If I don't believe it to the …
reviewed Slumdog Millionaire. April 14, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Slumdog Millionaire Movie poster
There is an underlying sweetness to Slumdog Millionaire which is belied by its overt brutality. This movie is a nasty, gritty and very realistic depiction of the slums, but in the end it proves to be …
reviewed With a Friend Like Harry.... March 29, 2011
With a Friend Like Harry...
With a Friend Like Harry starts with a car ride. Michel (Laurent Lucas) and his wife and three young daughters are driving from Paris to a rundown country cottage they bought and hope to fix up over time. …
reviewed Kontroll. February 22, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
*** out of ****     So I guess the deal with directors such as Nimrod Antal is that they have one good film and then they just go on and succumb to Hollywood's clich├ęd madness. I always …
posted a Quick Tip about The Girl Who Played with Fire (2010 m.... February 09, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
The Girl Who Played With Fire (2010 movie)
I seem to be in the minority when I say that I preferred this to the first film. I have a number of reasons, but mainly while "The Girl Who Played with Fire" isn't as dark or as suspenseful as "The Girl …
reviewed [REC]. January 28, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Poster for the film.
***1/2 out of ****     Damn, do those Spaniards know good horror! My first Spanish horror flick was "The Orphanage", which I loved, and my latest descent into the horrific side of …
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