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reviewed New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS). January 17, 2012
New Super Mario Bros.
Hey, you know what we haven't seen in a very long time? That old, classic Super Mario Bros. 2D gameplay. Well, Nintendo has brought Mario back to his old-school roots, and it's as good as ever.     Ye …
reviewed YAHTZEE for Amazon Kindle. January 04, 2012
YAHTZEE for Amazon Kindle
Some of the games on Kindle that are usually played with another person just aren't the same playing it electronically.  Yatezee, however, is addicting and very fun on Kindle and a great pastime …
reviewed Batman: Arkham City. November 17, 2011
Batman: Arkham City
When the original Arkham Asylum came out in 2009 it more or less took the gaming world by storm. It did so for two reasons. The first was that before Arkham Asylum most of us couldn't remember the …
reviewed Super Mario 3D Land. November 17, 2011
Super Mario 3D Land
   Back in the days of the original Gameboy, the Super Mario Lands were hailed for being relatively different from the usual Mario experience. Sure you were still stomping and such, but you …
reviewed Batman: Arkham City. November 15, 2011
Batman: Arkham City
BATMAN ARKHAM CITY is the sequel to the video game BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM. In that game, Joker had masterminded a scheme that trapped Batman in Arkham while the inmates ran loose. It ended in a climatic …
reviewed Golden Axe. November 13, 2011
Golden Axe
Way back in the infancy of post-crash video gaming, the old warriors and wizards motif meant only a few things: A typical hack abd slash adventure game or an RPG. Then Golden Axe came along. I'm very …
reviewed Puzzlebook: 102 Puzzle Quizzes (color.... October 30, 2011
Puzzlebook: 102 Puzzle Quizzes (color and
(special thanks to the authors for providing me with a review copy!)    I found myself wondering, as I played my third book of puzzles by these authors, what it might be like at the …
reviewed Super Mario Advance [Game Boy Advance]. October 21, 2011
The legacy of Super Mario Bros. 2 is an odd one. On the one hand, it helped permanently define the Mario canon - the ability to pick up and throw enemies is in there in large part because of Super Mario …
reviewed Nanostray 2 [NintendoDS]. October 02, 2011
Prepare for old-school two-dimensional shooting game action! That is to say, prepare to die over and over again while hacking through levels with little to no progress over long periods of time!    Th …
posted a Quick Tip about Baseball. September 29, 2011
If you would have asked me when I was in high school if I liked baseball, I might have laughed at you. It wasn't until I attended my first Houston Astros game at the Astrodome during college that I got …
reviewed PS3 Racing Wheel Controller. September 22, 2011
PS3 Racing Wheel Controller
This is a steering wheel and pedals for a PS3. I tested it out with "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit".    This device does indeed work as advertised. You get a decently-sized wheel that …
posted a Quick Tip about Ni no Kuni: The Queen of White Sacred.... September 12, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Ni no Kuni: The Queen of White Sacred Ash
Not only do I really want to play this game I also want to play the DS version as well. I want that book.
reviewed Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worl.... August 10, 2011
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds: Special
For some people, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is perhaps the greatest arcade fighter ever made.  It had such a strong following that finding a used copy of the game would easily run you around seventy bucks.  …
reviewed Super Metroid. July 03, 2011
A trip down Super Nintendo Memory Lane isn't complete without remembering this gem.  Super Metroid was another one of those crowning jewels in the SNES library that will cement it as one of …
reviewed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. June 26, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
Now, I will start off by saying that I will not reveal any spoilers at all for the story as it is pretty good once it gets going and is quite compelling! But in review, the game follows the tale of a …
reviewed Muramasa: The Demon Blade. June 26, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Muramasa: The Demon Blade was the twinkle in the Wii's eyes during the time when the pupil was enlarged with darkness.      One reason being because the game was quite the eye …
reviewed Angry Birds. May 26, 2011
Angry Birds - Rovio Mobile
Hi...my name is Rich, and I'm a Birdaholic.      Angry Birds is the most frustrating, delightful, maddening and addictive casual game to come along since Tetris.      …
reviewed Never beat it. May 22, 2011
Never beat it
I found this offshoot of the Tokunari School of eighteenth century anime gaming both satisfying and curiously challenging. Not only does this futo-based game require concentration, imagination and determination …
reviewed L.A. Noire. May 19, 2011
L.A. Noire
   L.A. Noire is the latest game from Rockstar, best known for games such as Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption. It’s a game that’s both very similar to those and very, …
posted a Quick Tip about Touhou 13. April 17, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Touhou 13
Pro tip, it looks like ZUN released his TH13 demo on the web. The demos were normally released at conventions for a small price, but not this time. Pretty cool of him. Now to try it.    http://kourind …
posted a Quick Tip about Achievement Unlocked 2. April 15, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Achievement Unlocked 2
Oh my, oh my. There are many titles with videogames references out there, but not too many that actually reference videogame conventions. Like its tagline says, this is a meta-game about meta-gaming. …
posted a Quick Tip about Street Fighter Alpha Anthology [PS2]. April 13, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Awesome collection of some of the Street Fighter Alpha series games. I got mine pretty cheap and I dig it. The games in the collection are: Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Street Fighter …
reviewed LittleBigPlanet 2. March 20, 2011
LittleBigPlanet 2
I have been looking forward to the release of LittleBigPlanet 2 since it was first announced halfway through 2010.  The original LittleBigPlanet is one of my favorite PlayStation 3 games with its …
reviewed Deadly Premonition. March 19, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Deadly Premonition
The game starts out with its protagonist, FBI agent Francis York Morgan (just call him York, everyone calls him that) driving in the rain while having a cellphone conversation about the ethical and psychological …
reviewed Brutal Legend [PlayStation 3]. March 19, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Brutal Legend [PlayStation 3]
Here's something to disclaim. My first impressions of Double Fine's heavily-influenced homage to the heavy metal genre, Brutal Legend, were very high. The overall premise of the game's story, …
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