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reviewed Star Wars: The Old Republic. June 02, 2009
Star Wars: The Old Republic
I'm a bit biased.... BECAUSE I'M ONE OF THE BIGGEST STAR WARS NERDS OUT THERE!!    With that said, I cannot wait until this game comes out.  Star Wars:  The Old Republic …
reviewed LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adve.... May 27, 2009
Lego Indiana Jones
Let me tell you: it's not easy to get my 8 year old son to stop asking me to let him play "M" rated games, but since I snapped up Lego Indiana Jones, there has been some very little need for me to so …
reviewed Clue. May 19, 2009
Clue is such a great board game.      How the game works:  You can have up to six players (Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White, Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, & …
reviewed FanFiction.net. May 19, 2009
Did you ever wonder what happened after your favorite TV show ended?  Or what about the couple that you always wanted to see get together but they never did?  The superheroes you thought should …
reviewed Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PS3). May 13, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
Star Wars
A long long time ago ... George Lucas created Lucas Arts, and from the moment of inception has produced some really lack-luster games. Of course, they have also produced some real gems - The Knights …
reviewed Final Fantasy XI [PC Game]. April 30, 2009
When I first played this game around the time it first came out in the US, I thought I finally found the MMO for me.  At first, its really easy to level on your own for about the first 10 levels, …
reviewed Starcraft 2 Beta. April 21, 2009
starcraft 2 logo
Blizzard always hands out a limited amount of beta keys for all their games and it's not gonna change for this one... hopefully.  I'll be checking their site periodically to make sure I don't miss …
reviewed Lottso! Deluxe. April 16, 2009
Lottso! Deluxe
Lottso deluxe is the deluxe version of the classic game Lottso. There are ten rounds and each player is given the same six randomly selected Lottso numbered balls...with a different set for each round. …
reviewed Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PS3). April 12, 2009
Star Wars
I have to tell the truth here and say I bought this game expecting it to be a complete disappointment. Placing the story somewhere between episodes 3 and 4 of the Star Wars saga, I just expected it to …
reviewed Chutes and Ladders. March 09, 2009
Chutes and Ladders
While I do think Chutes & Ladders is a fun game, I would like to add that it's a more difficult game for younger children to play. It says ages 3 and up, but because the only way you can find the …
reviewed Final Fantasy VI. March 07, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
gameplay img
The Final Fantasy series is one of the most popular franchises in all of gaming.  While Final Fantasy VII is often considered the best, the Final Fantasy that made it possible, and has long been …
reviewed Final Fantasy XII [PS2]. March 05, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
Box Art
The Final Fantasy series has, over the years, become paramount in the video game industry.  It is a series everyone knows and that almost everyone identifies with.  With Final Fantasy X, the …
reviewed Globetrotter XL. March 05, 2009
Globetrotter XL
Spelling bee geeks get all the media love nowadays, with ESPN highlights and retro-cool spelling bees for adults at bars, but there are still plenty of geography geeks among us (me included). We are a …
reviewed Cranium. March 03, 2009
  What makes this game fun and unique is the way that it mixes up the action and gets everyone involved to try something new.  It combines the best of other popular games and keeps the fun moving at a …
reviewed LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adve.... March 01, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
Lego Indiana Jones
Ah, the Lego video game series. Largely forgettable, marginal games until a little something called Lego Star Wars came along. Oh, what a fun thing that was! Colorful, entertaining, challenging and thoroughly …
reviewed Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. February 11, 2009
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection
One of the best features on Nintendo's Wii console is the ability to download and play classic games...this is a feature missed by the X-Box 360 and PS3, I know, both systems have this feature, but not …
reviewed Dog Mania. February 06, 2009
Dog Mania
Easily the most difficult puzzle I've ever had to put together, Dogmania took me several weeks of working for on average a couple hours a day, but I'm happy to say in the end I was able to finish it. …
reviewed Quiddler. January 24, 2009
Quiddler is a card game in which the deck is letters. Like Scrabble, letters have varying values. The game is played in multiple hands, with each hand including a few more cards. You get points not just …
reviewed Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe: Prima .... January 23, 2009
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe: Prima Official Game
I was hoping this book wasn't as bad as "everyone" said but, unfortunately... it was. It looks like all they did was take some screen shots, some coloful pictures, some moves and threw them in a book. …
reviewed Monopoly. January 19, 2009
I own and have spent hundreds of hours playing this classic board game. It is loads of fun and great to play with your friends or at family gatherings.
reviewed Final Fantasy X. December 13, 2008
posted in The Gaming Hub
Pros:    +Fantastic graphics and art design  +One of the most beautiful soundtracks   +Deep engrossing story  +Tons of mini-games and sidequests to undertake  + …
reviewed Mancala. December 12, 2008
I just discovered Mancala a little over a year ago and I was sad that I had not learned to play much sooner.    Mancala originated from Africa thousands of years ago and some historians …
reviewed New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS). November 29, 2008
New Super Mario Bros.
This is a great re-make of the original Super Mario Brothers. It is mostly the same as the original except it has improved graphics and some slight changes. I loved this game as a kid and my kids love …
reviewed LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adve.... November 26, 2008
Lego Indiana Jones
This game is a blast for kids and and adults too. As you play through the game you can unlock over 60 different characters to use which always make it interesting. You can even create your own person …
reviewed Final Fantasy X. October 05, 2008
posted in The Gaming Hub
Pros: A theme about religion and people who question it is involved     Cons: I can't believe a designer can create such weak characters     The Bottom Line: Nothing …
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