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reviewed Basil. March 03, 2009
posted in Gourmand
To put it simply, basil just rocks! It is by far my favorite seasoning herb and to tell you the truth, I would probably enjoy eating the leaves straight off the plant! I bought Greek basil last summer …
reviewed Organic Food. February 27, 2009
Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Would you knowingly feed your family a juicy serving of DDT or a crisp bite of a toxic pesticide? Didn't think so. But many of us unknowingly do this everyday when we serve our family their healthy servings …
reviewed Soy Latte. February 26, 2009
Soy Latte Picture
When it comes to espresso based hot beverages...I think that Soy Lattes are the best. I do not drink soy milk on its own and I do not have an anti-dairy bias so I consider myself to be an objective latte …
reviewed Osteria Mozza. February 20, 2009
Osteria Mozza
Amazing food, especially if you love assorted pork and cheese products. Service is somewhat terrible though. Definitely would go again.  
reviewed Heat: An Amateur's Adventures as Kitc.... February 19, 2009
Heat by Bill Buford
When a staff writer for The New Yorker decides to apprentice in the kitchen of Mario Batali, hilarity and humility are sure to ensue. ¬†Follow along as Bill Buford works his way up the line as a cook in …
reviewed The Tabasco Cookbook: 125 Years of Am.... February 18, 2009
posted in Chileheads
I'm not a huge fan of Tabasco sauce or any other hot sauce for that matter.  However I think my dislike for the product comes from the fact that I just don't know how to use it in different foods.  …
reviewed Presto 03430 Pizzazz Pizza Oven. February 17, 2009
Presto Pizza Oven
I've always been a fan of pizza, but cooking them in the oven is almost always a disaster - they never cook evenly. Either the top is golden and the bottom is burnt, or the whole thing is undercooked....and …
reviewed Yank Sing. February 13, 2009
Restaurant Interior
For those that have not been to a Dim Sum restaurant, it is a fun experience unlike traditional dining. Rather than taking your order off a menu, waiters wheel carts around the restaurant and stop by …
reviewed Latte Art. February 08, 2009
Latte Art
As a barista, I have found that there is nothing worse than paying $3.50 for a Latte or¬†Cappuccino, and getting bad foam. If you are paying this much for a drink, you should get what you want and you …
reviewed Ice Wine. January 30, 2009
Grapes frozen on the Vine
I really don't like the fermented taste of wine, but I keep trying different kinds anyway. Every once in a while, I come across one I enjoy.     And then there's ice wine. I not only …
reviewed Pistachio Pound Cake. January 03, 2009
Pistachio Pound Cake
Just about everyone I have made this for loves this! This festive looking cake is a great pick-up dessert that is just as appropriate at a cookout, a church supper or a holiday party. Give it a try and …
reviewed Philly Cheesesteak. December 31, 2008
Do you love foods that explode with meat, are loaded with cheese, and served piping hot? If you do, you're like me, and you'll love Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. I love them so much so, in fact, that …
reviewed Spicy Tuna Roll. December 31, 2008
Spicy Tuna Roll
I always order a spicy tuna roll whenever I go out for sushi. I love the stuff because its cheap, delicious, and because each restaurant seems to have a different recipe and spice intensity of its own!   & …
reviewed Vanilla Ice Cream. December 31, 2008
posted in Gourmand
Vanilla Ice-cream
I never understood why people described plain or boring people as "vanilla".  What's wrong with vanilla?  It's smells amazing, and it just so happens to be my favorite flavor of ice cream!  …
reviewed Osteria Mozza. December 29, 2008
Osteria Mozza
I'm a huge Mario Batali fan.  If you don't know who he is, he's one of the iron chefs on the Food Network show Iron Chef.  When I was dating my wife while she lived in New York, I would fly …
reviewed Corn on the Cob. December 29, 2008
I like eating corn on the cob but it can get messy at times. As a child, I loved eating it whenever I could, but then I got braces and things changed. For about 3 years, eating corn on the cob was quite …
reviewed Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich (PB&J). December 23, 2008
Let me tell you, I love the ol' PB&J sandwiches. Just the other day, I was with my boyfriend at his friend's house and we were all playing video games. A few hours later we were hungry and decided …
reviewed Sushi. December 23, 2008
Sushi is one of my favorite food types. I know a lot of people are hesitant to try it, or are entirely repulsed by the idea of eating raw fish. But there's some things to keep in mind when you eat sushi …
reviewed Carrot Juice. December 23, 2008
Carrot Juice
I have always loved carrot juice because it's quite thick, almost like milk, and naturally sweet. Plus, just look at its color! Who could resist that?    Last winter I came down with …
reviewed Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. December 22, 2008
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
There are so many ways to make a grilled cheese sandwich, and that's why I love it. Some people toast two slices of bread, pop in some cheese, and microwave for half a minute or so. Others will go so …
reviewed Ice Cream Sandwiches. December 22, 2008
Ice Cream Sandwiches
I love ice cream sandwiches, and yes, they are the one sandwich I'll eat without some sort of may-based sauce or dressing.     The first time my sister and I heard of ice cream sandwiches …
reviewed Spicy Vegetarian "Paella" Recipe. December 21, 2008
I made this recipe tonight, and I gotta say it took me back to my nights in Madrid last summer! It was hearty, spicy, and filling.     I must admit, however, that I decided to throw …
reviewed French Onion Soup. December 20, 2008
French Onion Soup
I love having French Onion Soup on a cold winter day. It's oven served piping hot, and must be allowed to cool a bit, otherwise you might burn your tongue just sipping it!    I like …
reviewed Clam Chowder. December 20, 2008
I am not a fan of soup as a meal. I don't find it filling enough and I'm more of a fan of things that need to be chewed because doing so tricks my mind into feeling full. Nevertheless, clam chowder is …
reviewed Brussels Sprouts. December 19, 2008
Brussel Sprouts
So first off: Yes, brussel sprouts look disgustingly testicular. They're unattractive, veiny, and I generally avoid them like the plague, having bad childhood memories of eating wet steamed ones b/c they …
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