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reviewed The State of Our Health As a Country. January 24, 2010
You Are HOW You Eat
 So now I am encouraged to write a couple of more oblique reviews :|  This subject coalesced from going back and forth between Santa Cruz CA, and England.       When I'm …
reviewed Gaiam. January 12, 2010
When you are starting a yoga practice, many things seem complicated and foreign. Everyone around you seems to know what there are doing, while the teacher is speaking to you in another language and bending …
reviewed Kid Basix. January 09, 2010
posted in Eco-Babyz
Kid Basix
Do you want to know what happened to our first sippy cup from the baby registry? I was smart enough to leave it closed with water inside on many occasions. So mold started growing in the spout and I could …
reviewed Sym.Blue.Ology Cobalt Blue Glass Wate.... January 06, 2010
sym.blue.ology drinking bottles
First we learned that disposable plastic drinking bottles have helped create the biggest 'landfill' on Earth (in the Pacific Ocean), and then we learned what it takes (the hidden cost of making them); …
reviewed Earth's Best Baby wipes. December 31, 2009
Earth's Best baby wipes
I am one who judges a book by it cover, and when the cover has "Earth" or "Green" it will always snag a low rating, due to the fact that Green 99.9% of the time means it doesn't work.  …
reviewed Sierra Pacific Industries. December 26, 2009
Sierra Pacific Industries
Take a look at the Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) website. Looks honorable, right? Reminiscent of a leader in sustainability? Well, looks can be deceiving and you shouldn't take anyone at their word. …
posted a Quick Tip about Sierra Pacific Industries. December 24, 2009
Sierra Pacific Industries
Stop the greenwash please! There is nothing sustainable about clear cutting California forests.
reviewed Organic, Shaken and Stirred: Hip High.... December 22, 2009
Organic, Shaken and Stirred: Hip Highballs, Modern
Okay... I confess that I never really thought about the possibility of liquors and mixers being organic, but it does make sense given how many parts of our food chain have been reengineered and rendered. …
reviewed Organic, Shaken and Stirred: Hip High.... December 21, 2009
Organic, Shaken and Stirred: Hip Highballs, Modern
Personally I consider books on cocktails and spirits as interesting and important as cookbooks themselves. I'm usually a beer and wine person and like an occasional kamikaze or vanilla cranberry but this …
reviewed Organic, Shaken and Stirred: Hip High.... December 17, 2009
Organic, Shaken and Stirred: Hip Highballs, Modern
This is a book you'll use for a planned cocktail party rather than an impromptu cocktail as most cocktails have ingredients that are usually not on hand. Saffron, blue agave nectar, pomegranate juice …
reviewed Organic, Shaken and Stirred: Hip High.... December 16, 2009
Organic, Shaken and Stirred: Hip Highballs, Modern
I have a number of books on mixing drinks and really do not need another one. But this one caught my eye. When you see the pictures inside you will understand, they are fantastic. It really makes every …
reviewed JASON Vitamin E Oil. December 14, 2009
Jason Vitamin E Oil
Something tells me I am not the only female on a lifelong hunt for the perfect moisturizer. I probably went through at least ten different brands before I started paying attention to ingredients and trying …
reviewed Germ Guardian UV-C Room Air Sanitizer. December 10, 2009
posted in Eco-Babyz
Germ Guardian UV-C Room Air Sanitizer
Just in time for flu season! No, I don't have germaphobia, you would know that if you came to my house. It isn't exactly sparkling clean. I was looking for a way to clean the air though now that winter …
reviewed Brilliant Earth Fair Trade Jewelry. December 08, 2009
Brilliant Earth Fair Trade Jewelry
 20 years married and never wore a wedding ring! And it wasn't for any ethical reason either. Just never wore rings and thought we never would.      But then, we happened upon Brilliant …
reviewed Habitat for Humanity ReStore. December 07, 2009
Habitat ReStores
I accidentally ran into this store while driving around an area in Los Angeles, and that was an awesome find.      We have all heard of Habitat for Humanity, but I'm not sure if too …
reviewed Organic, Shaken and Stirred: Hip High.... December 03, 2009
Organic, Shaken and Stirred: Hip Highballs, Modern
I will start off saying that this book is presented very well and many of the full-page color photographs look so good that it will make your mouth water. There are a handful of interesting recipes. The …
reviewed Echoes in the Attic. December 03, 2009
Echoes in the Attic
 Echoes in the Attic is showing the fashion industry that sustainability is more than just living green – it’s absolutely chic! It transforms discarded textiles and leftover materials …
reviewed Original Rubber Duck. November 27, 2009
posted in Eco-Babyz
Original Rubber Duck
My darling 10 month old loves playing with rubber duckies during bath time. My only concern was that the duckies she was playing with were not real rubber duckies, they were plastic. Though they might …
reviewed Ecostore USA. November 20, 2009
posted in Eco-Babyz
Ecostore USA
In case you haven't heard, household cleaning products are among the top contributors to indoor air pollution. Yes, the air inside your home is on average 50 times more polluted than the air outside (even …
reviewed Organic, Shaken and Stirred: Hip High.... November 19, 2009
Organic, Shaken and Stirred: Hip Highballs, Modern
Don't let the title of this book scare you away! The Organic, Shaken and Stirred Cocktail Book has tons of unique recipes along with gorgeous full color pictures. Most of the ingredients are simple to …
reviewed FlipSwap. November 19, 2009
Motivation...   Get your Motivation here...   Moti...moti...mo-ti-va-tion      What will motivate you?  Stay tuned and I'll introduce you to the four R's of …
reviewed Feeding Baby Green: The Earth Friendl.... November 17, 2009
Feeding Baby Green: The Earth Friendly Program for
Being currently preggers myself, I'm all about getting educated for growing a healthy baby both inside the womb and once he enters the world.    Of all the things I enjoy about this …
reviewed Food, Inc.. November 15, 2009
Food, Inc.
 In the past six months I have drastically changed my diet from processed, fatty, sugary foods to one that includes lots of raw vegetables, no wheat, no sugar, and very little processed foods. To …
reviewed Vinegar & Soap Cleaner. November 13, 2009
Vinegar & Soap Cleaner
Going to see your publisher can be most rewarding, sometimes in unexpected ways.       Wednesday I dropped by the Véhicule Press offices with the proceeds from the books sold …
posted a Quick Tip about Vita Coco Natural Coconut Water. November 11, 2009
Vita Coco Natural Coconut Water
Sometimes it can taste better then the real thing!
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