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reviewed The Exorcist. August 27, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
The Exorcist
Since I was a kid, I have heard people all over say time and time again that THE EXORCIST is "one of the scariest movies of all time." Well, I've never been a huge fan of horror, but in order to improve …
reviewed Fear. August 25, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Pros: Momma said there'd be days like this     Cons: violence, drugs, sex     The Bottom Line: Not the best but not the worst        …
reviewed The Exorcist. August 11, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
The Exorcist
In terms of a MOVIE this is clearly one of the best ever made. Only the Godfather I & II compares to it, in terms of performances, (not a single bad one) Special effects and plot it is incredible. This …
reviewed Twilight People. August 01, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Twilight People
Pros: The Bat Man     Cons: sigh     The Bottom Line: I hope you are learning to trust my recommendations by now        See, once …
reviewed Angel of the Night. July 25, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Angel of the Night
Pros: A great bat     Cons: the movie baby, the movie     The Bottom Line: No angel in this night        Angel of the Night is an …
reviewed Brain That Wouldn't Die. July 19, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Brain That Wouldn't Die
Pros: I'm patiently waiting     Cons: well     The Bottom Line: Recommended for die hard B-Movie fans only        ItÂ’s getting worse …
reviewed Planet of the Vampires. July 15, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Planet of the Vampires
Pros: nothing, nada, zip     Cons: grrrrrrrrr     The Bottom Line: Just not worth a tinkers damn     This is just one of many issues with this …
reviewed Horrors of Spider Island. July 10, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Horrors of Spider Island
Pros: I got to see a spider puppet. Yes a spider puppet     Cons: Oh Please!     The Bottom Line: Repeat after me: Just say no     …
reviewed Devil's Backbone. July 03, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
The Devil's Backbone
THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE is a visually elegant, beautifully photographed, seamlessly written and directed tale of ghosts. As the film's narrator explains, ghosts are bad deeds that never go away, are like …
reviewed Zeder. June 27, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Pros: there are just too few "Z" movies     Cons: don't you think 15 words seem so small?     The Bottom Line: I am just through with this movie     …
reviewed Carrie. June 14, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Poster for the movie
CARRIE, Brian DePalma's masterpiece of horror, gets its well-deserved treatment in this new Special Edition DVD containing several featurettes as well as trailers and text screens.Young Carrie White (Sissy …
reviewed Jeepers Creepers. June 10, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Jeepers Creepers
Pros: he was a decent enough looking monster     Cons: probably a lot but who cares?     The Bottom Line: Why not? What else are you gonna do on a Saturday night?    …
reviewed Boa. June 05, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Pros: The music, how sad is that?     Cons: Due to space limitations, I remain speechless     The Bottom Line: Slither on little friends     …
reviewed Vampire Obsession. May 27, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Vampire Obsession
Pros: I am speechless     Cons: I own this DVD     The Bottom Line: Should be rated PU instead of R        "You lock the door and …
reviewed Venomous. May 19, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Pros: Saw it in 1995 but it had another title, actors, story, you get the idea     Cons: Please!     The Bottom Line: I'll slap ya silly if you watch this movie …
reviewed House (1986). May 12, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
House (1986)
HOUSE is a horror movie in the same category as EVIL DEAD 2. It's a movie that has elements of horror, interlaced with dark comedy and even a little bit of action/adventure.The movie stars William Katt …
reviewed Cabin by the Lake. May 07, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Cabin by the Lake
Pros: that music, whoa!     Cons: acting, story, well face it - everything but the music     The Bottom Line: Swim in the other direction, you'll thank me for this. …
reviewed Arachnid. March 30, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Pros: I'm speechless     Cons: 95 minutes of Hell     The Bottom Line: Run, hide, avoid ..... you've been warned           …
reviewed The Shining (1980 movie). March 30, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
The Shining
When I think of a horror movie, I think of a film that is going to scare me in some way. There doesn't have to be any gore involved, no actual acts of violence need to be shown (the greatest horror directors …
reviewed Blade II. March 19, 2002
Poster for the film.
Pros: Good FX and action.     Cons: Not much story     The Bottom Line: Good action and FX all it really needed was a top notch story to send it to classic status.    …
reviewed Tarantula. March 15, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Pros: how to make a bad movie good     Cons: please don't force me to comment     The Bottom Line: Good look at old 'monster' movies        …
reviewed Hannibal (2001 movie). March 15, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Hannibal (Two-Disc Special Edition) (2001)
Sometimes art gives us a villian that is more memorable and interesting than the hero. Witness for example the villians of STAR WARS: Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Darth Maul; or the man-eating shark in …
reviewed Halloween (1978 movie). March 04, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
The best scary movies are the ones that remember this rule: the less you have to show, the better because the human mind can imagine things far worse than anything on the screen. John Carpenter used to …
reviewed Queen of the Damned (2002). February 20, 2002
Queen of the Damned (Widescreen Edition) (2002)
Pros: Nothing.     Cons: Lousy story, pacing, acting.     The Bottom Line: A rotten film that should never have been released.     Plot Details: …
reviewed Vampire Journals. February 19, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Vampire Journals
Pros: It is a vampire movie = sex     Cons: It is supposed to be a vampire movie = lousy vampires     The Bottom Line: Poof ....... not worth the time     …
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