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posted a Quick Tip about Lost. February 20, 2012
There will never be a show as good at this, but I can not still to this day get over the ending
reviewed Lost (season 6). December 21, 2010
Lost (season 6)
NOTE:  Before I begin, the only point of this review is to say I was underwhelmed by the ending.  There may be spoilers in my review.  If you're anything like me,  you might want …
reviewed Lost. December 20, 2010
There are blogs out there that are entirely devoted to the series of Lost. An examination of the characters, the mythology, how the entire world connects. I thought that by doing a post on the series …
posted a Quick Tip about Boone Carlyle. September 19, 2010
Boone Carlyle
RIP Boone, way too soon. I was sorry to see him go. An excellent part of the original cast.
posted a Quick Tip about Desmond David Hume. September 19, 2010
Desmond David Hume
Not sure why he was so scarce for much of season 5 and 6. He was instantly lovable, intriguing, charming, and so easy to empathize with. His love story with Penny was my favorite and rang the most true. …
posted a Quick Tip about Ben Linus. September 19, 2010
Ben Linus
The fact that he went from 3 episode arc to series regular so quickly says it all. The best love to hate, hate to love, villian/hero? character ever on tv. His scenes with John Locke are masterclasses …
posted a Quick Tip about James Sawyer Ford. September 19, 2010
James Sawyer Ford
In my and most others opinion, the MVP of this show who went from redneck stereotype hottie to one of the most soulful and compelling characters in the cast. Love.
posted a Quick Tip about Jack Shephard. September 19, 2010
Jack Shephard
Still haven't come up with a way to summarize my feeling for the show's hero. In the end, in his final scenes, he stole my heart and made me love him. I believed that this flawed man had learned to let …
posted a Quick Tip about Daniel Faraday. September 19, 2010
Daniel Faraday
Annoying at times? Yes. But he meshed well with the other characters and added much to the overall story. His acting style is quirky and not for everyone, but he is clearly talented and passionate about …
posted a Quick Tip about Claire Littleton. September 19, 2010
Claire Littleton
They should have done more with her and Season 6 Claire was just....WTF. A talented actress who seemed to lose the writers when Charlie left.
posted a Quick Tip about Charlie Pace. September 19, 2010
Charlie Pace
Charlie came to me to represent the heart of the show, along with his island BFF. His last scene "alive" still makes me cry every time.
posted a Quick Tip about Ana Lucia Cortez. September 19, 2010
Ana Lucia Cortez
Mixed feelings- she had the bad luck of appearing in a season that was sort of crappy and blah in general. Great acress
posted a Quick Tip about Alex Rousseau. September 19, 2010
Alex Rousseau
wish she had had more to do- an interesting character and a beautiful(natch) and talented actress
posted a Quick Tip about Lost - The Complete First Season. September 19, 2010
Lost Season One
Essential for any Lost fanatic or newbies looking to get hooked
posted a Quick Tip about Ethan Rom. September 19, 2010
Ethan Rom
The first might be the best as it is the best example of why Lost was so great-excellent, well written,character driven stories. And awesome mysteries. And the best episode ever, #4-"Walkabout"
posted a Quick Tip about Lost (season 6). September 19, 2010
Lost (season 6)
Though a bit of a let down ending, it was still up to the standards of quality and storytelling and awesomeness that was Lost
posted a Quick Tip about Lost. August 16, 2010
Very well done and I loved the episodes with the hidden meanings explained. Sorry to see it end.
posted a Quick Tip about Lost. August 09, 2010
Good until I realized they weren't going to tie up any loose ends, but just wave some smoke and mirrors instead. Not thought provoking, not interesting.
posted a Quick Tip about Lost. June 19, 2010
couldn't stop watching!
posted a Quick Tip about Lost. June 15, 2010
I really never followed the show, so I was a bit "lost" jumping in at the end of the series. It looked interesting and hope to catch re-runs
posted a Quick Tip about Lost. June 08, 2010
It was a long journey and sometimes frustrating to watch but is one of the best "Sci-Fi" television series ever created.
posted a Quick Tip about Lost. June 07, 2010
By far, the best show on televison. Additing, witty, and suspenseful!
posted a Quick Tip about Lost. June 02, 2010
Not sure about the finale, but I LOVE this show.
posted a Quick Tip about Daniel Faraday. June 01, 2010
Daniel Faraday
My favorite character! I wish he had had a bigger part.
posted a Quick Tip about Boone Carlyle. June 01, 2010
Boone Carlyle
He's much better as Damien in The Vampire Diaries.
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Lost (season 6)

Lost (season 6)

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Desmond David Hume

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