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reviewed Visual Linear Algebra. April 20, 2010
Visual Linear Algebra
This is the book I will use as a text if and when I teach linear algebra again. While it is a bit weak in the area of formal proofs, that deficiency is more than made up for by the strengths in demonstrating …
reviewed Modern Algebra: An Introduction. April 16, 2010
Modern Algebra: An Introduction
With the exception of material such as encoding that requires a computer for the most complex problems; the area called modern algebra has not changed in decades. In fact, this is an area where the inclusion …
reviewed The Mathematics Companion: Mathematic.... March 16, 2010
The Mathematics Companion: Mathematical Methods
The prime audience for this book is working professionals whose education required at least the first two years of the math major. To be more specific, I mean people that had to take at least a two-semester …
reviewed Algebra II. February 21, 2010
Algebra II
If you were once able to master the principles of algebra II and need a quick refresher, then this book may satisfy your needs. However, if you have never mastered them and need to learn them, then you …
reviewed How to Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests.... February 20, 2010
How to Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests: A
This book is basically a review of all the mathematics the typical child learns from kindergarten through eighth grade. Each chapter begins with a list of the terms used in the chapter and this is followed …
reviewed Capsule Calculus. February 17, 2010
Capsule Calculus
"Encapsulated and compressed" is a better phrase to use in describing this 176-page book. It opens with the definition of a function and immediately proceeds to differentiation. The movement is so fast …
reviewed Geometry Demystified. February 15, 2010
Geometry Demystified
The talented and extremely dedicated person can use almost any reference for successful self-study; the differences between references are in the degree of difficulty. This book is touted as "A Self-teaching …
reviewed Calculus. February 06, 2010
Unless you are preparing to take a calculus exam consisting of a series of basic differentiation and integration problems, then I really don't see any use for this book. The reviews of what differentiation …
reviewed Cliffs Quick Review Algebra 1. February 04, 2010
Cliffsquickreview Algebra 1
While this book will be of little value if you need to learn or significantly re-learn basic algebra, it is an excellent resource if you simply need a refresher to prepare for a competency or placement …
reviewed When Less is More: Visualizing Basic .... January 12, 2010
When Less is More: Visualizing Basic Inequalities
The vast majority of problems that math students solve are based on equalities, a situation that is somewhat artificial when related to the real world. Many engineering problems are based on an inequality, …
reviewed A Guide to Advanced Real Analysis. January 01, 2010
A Guide to Advanced Real Analysis
For reasons I cannot really explain, when I was reading this book the metaphor of an altered "Whack-A-Mole" game came to mind. The scenario is that it has been decided that a sequence of mathematical …
reviewed The Art of Mathematics: Coffee Time i.... December 25, 2009
The Art of Mathematics: Coffee Time in Memphis
The 157 problems in this book are certainly challenging and it is clear to see how they can be characterized as problems one mathematician would pose to another over coffee. Nontrivial with unusual points …
reviewed Professor Stewart's Cabinet of Mathem.... December 17, 2009
Professor Stewart's Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities
   Professor Stewart seemed to have the devil's own time finding a balance that would appeal to fans of popular mathematics. Much of his "Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities" is positively …
reviewed USA And International Mathematical Ol.... December 16, 2009
USA And International Mathematical Olympiads 2005:
Although the Mathematical Olympiads are for high school students, the problems that appear on the exams are unusual and challenging enough to provide mathematical exercise for college students and professional …
reviewed The Book of Numbers: The Secret of Nu.... December 12, 2009
The Book of Numbers: The Secret of Numbers and How
Whatever their personal focus is in mathematics, all mathematicians have a reverent love for numbers. Many other people also possess a fascination with numbers; this manifests itself in the large number …
reviewed A Guide to Real Variables. December 06, 2009
A Guide to Real Variables
This book is a review/overview of first-year college calculus and given the bloated nature of the modern calculus textbook, the slim 128 pages of this book demonstrate how condensed the subject matter …
reviewed A Guide to Topology. December 04, 2009
A Guide to Topology
A study of topology is an integral part of the education of most graduate students and knowledge of topology is an essential skill for theoretical physics and the essential topology of a network is discussed …
reviewed The Unimaginable Mathematics of Borge.... December 02, 2009
The Unimaginable Mathematics of Borges' Library of
If you read this book without doing a little bit of familiarizing yourself with the short story, "The Library of Babel" by Jorge Luis Borges, you will be starting the process from a weak position. The …
reviewed Symmetry, Shape and Space. November 28, 2009
Symmetry, Shape and Space
This is a book that should be kept on the reference shelf and regularly consulted by all teachers of K-12 mathematics. It contains a series of exercises illustrating concepts in geometry that explain …
reviewed The Moore Method: A Pathway to Learne.... November 25, 2009
The Moore Method: A Pathway to Learner-Centered
The phrase "Moore Method" refers to the teaching tactics employed by the late R. L. Moore, where the students were given a set of basic axioms and definitions as a beginning and then were required to …
reviewed The Life of Numbers. November 24, 2009
The Life of Numbers
The title was properly selected, for the writers describe the development and evolution of the use of numbers as if they are an entity that began as an infant, had a lengthy childhood and now a permanent …
reviewed The Nature of Mathematics. November 14, 2009
The Nature of Mathematics
The history of mathematics consists of a sequence of discoveries, some of which enhance what has come before, others that clarify and still others completely revolutionize how mathematics is practiced. …
reviewed Journal of Recreational Mathematics. February 01, 2009
Journal of Recreational Mathematics - Index for Volume 2
As co-editor of Journal of Recreational Mathematics, what I present here is the contents of the issues with no commentary. Forgive the five star ranking.    Contents of "Journal of …
reviewed Concrete Abstract Algebra: From Numbe.... March 20, 2007
Concrete Abstract Algebra: From Numbers to Gröbner
The subject matter of a first course in abstract algebra is almost universally the same to all people. It begins with some fundamental background in number theory, relations, functions and a survey of …
reviewed Social Choice and the Mathematics of .... March 19, 2007
Social Choice and the Mathematics of Manipulation
Most Americans were shocked in 2000 to learn that voting is an inexact science. This is something that mathematicians have known since Kenneth Arrow published his impossibility theorem in 1950. That theorem …
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