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reviewed Titanic -DVD. August 24, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Titanic -DVD
. . .and the best director James Cameron could do in their honor is to invent a sleazy love story (expressing late 20th century, NOT early 20th century values). The fictional plotline was utterly unnecessary, …
reviewed Sharpe's: Collection Set 1 (1995). August 23, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Sharpe's: Collection Set 1 (1995)
Four esisodes first shown in the US on Masterpiece Theater. A gritty tale of Sgt. Richard Sharpe and his rise from the ranks to the title of officer. It is a fine adaption and actually more watchable …
reviewed Head over Heels (2001). August 20, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Head over Heels (2001)
Here we have a classic example of the good-natured movie that fails the Gene Siskel test - it's less interesting than a documentary of the actors having lunch and discussing the script would be.It's Monica …
reviewed Anne of Green Gables (1986). August 14, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Anne of Green Gables (1986)
Anne of Green Gables tells a series of events in the life of Anne, an orphan that is sent away from her adoption family after being blamed for the death of an old coot. No matter what she tries to accomplish, …
reviewed Chicken Run (2000). August 09, 2001
Chicken Run (2000)
It is totally proper this this review should immediately follow my review of the Great Escape. I can't see one movie without thinking of the other. This is frankly one of the best children's features …
reviewed VeggieTales - Esther, The Girl Who Be.... August 09, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
VeggieTales - Esther, The Girl Who Became Queen
A great and comical adaption of the book of Esther. Esther risks herself for her people, risking THE ISLE OF EVERLASTING TICKELING! There are a ton of great gags which I won't spoil here. (The intro about …
reviewed Out to Sea (1997). August 01, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Out to Sea (1997)
. . .and a hideously weak plot.My wife and I are both fans of Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathau. Together, they have produced some hysterical films, most notably "Grumpy Old Men". This film, I'm sad to say, …
reviewed The Straight Story (2000). July 28, 2001
The Straight Story (2000)
A tough gig, you would have thought, watching a film about an old geezer who drives his lawnmower halfway across the USA to see his long lost brother. Especially if directed by David Lynch. But he pulls …
reviewed Space Cowboys (Ws Flp) (2000). July 26, 2001
Space Cowboys (Ws Flp) (2000)
. . .that any comparison would be worthless.The premise? Four old geezers (although 65-70 really isn't that old in the 21st century) who were eliminated from the space program waaay back when, are called …
reviewed Four for Texas (1963). July 26, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Four for Texas (1963)
Three stars, for Four for Texas. Bet your wondering, What the heck is this movie? Well its one of those films with big stars in an average film, with colorful characters. Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra …
reviewed Fuller Brush Man (1948). July 26, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Fuller Brush Man (1948)
Most remember Red Skelton for His weekly, self named, show that came on television so many moons ago. Unfortunaltely, many do not know that he also had a terrific film career that spun many hits and sequals. …
reviewed Devil's Disciple (1959). July 20, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Devil's Disciple (1959)
From the "poof" of the muskets to the attitudes of the common soldier this movies portrays, in my opinion well one little corner of the american revolution. Lancaster and Douglas as always make each other …
reviewed Snow White & Three Stooges. July 20, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Snow White & Three Stooges
This is a charming little film with a charming little plot and the stooges providing comic relief. They provide it well and show they can act a bit too. The other performances are not history making and …
reviewed Captain Horatio Hornblower (1951). July 15, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Captain Horatio Hornblower (1951)
This movie is definate proof that the author of any book should whenever possible write the screenplay for the movie. This adaption of the first three written books in the Hornblower series is a triumph …
reviewed Horatio Hornblower (1999). July 15, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Horatio Hornblower (1999)
The four chapters consisting of the first HORAIO HORNBLOWER series is an adpation of many short stories from the book Mr. Midshipman Hornblower. As such we have several plot lines in each movie and several …
reviewed George of the Jungle (1997). July 13, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
George of the Jungle (1997)
A movie. An epic! A phenomanom! ONE OF THE GREATEST EVENTS IN MOTION PICTURE HISTORY!!!!! Nah. Just a very funny movie, clean enough for kids. Smart enough for adults. Full of sight gags, Word gags, and …
reviewed Star Trek - Insurrection (1998). July 09, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Star Trek - Insurrection (1998)
. . .by this "Next Generation" picture.While I thorougly enjoyed many of the "Star Trek: Next Generation" television episodes, I have been disappointed by the "Next Generation" movies. "Generations" was …
reviewed Oscar (1991 movie). July 06, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Oscar (1991)
Lets see we have a funny plot. A top notch cast with old giants, (Kirk Douglas, Don Ameche) An "A" list star, (Stallone) an "A" list director, (John Landis) a fine supporting cast, (Chazz Palmintari, …
reviewed Three Little Pigskins (1934). July 06, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Three Little Pigskins (1934)
As far as the stooges go it is pretty standard fare. Film buffs will get a kick out of Lucy's appearence in this early short, but other that that none of the three are particularly memorable. If you read …
reviewed Trading Places (1983). July 05, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Trading Places (1983)
This movie is loaded with funny line after amusing sight gag coupled with a pretty good story. Eddie Murphy's humor is relatively clean and his character portrayal of Billy Valentine really utilizes his …
reviewed The Patriot (Special Edition) (2000). July 01, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
The Patriot (Special Edition) (2000)
The Patriot is the retelling of a story about a man named Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox. Mel Gibson plays Ben Martin, some one that is perfectly content with his life as it is and, will not fight in a …
reviewed Fury (1936) (1936). June 29, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Fury (1936) (1936)
Spencer Tracy is spectacular in his role as an innocent man out for revenge on the persumed burned to death by a lynch mob. A lot of good performances come to play in here from Walter Abel as the DA trying …
reviewed The Patriot (Special Edition) (2000). June 28, 2001
The Patriot (Special Edition) (2000)
This was a good movie. It had action, great scenes and all the horrors of war and rage and rash action (ie the first casuality in the "Gibson" family) and the result of not speaking out when you can.(as …
reviewed Revolution (1985). June 28, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Revolution (1985)
Well if you want a spectacle click on BEN HUR or the PATRIOT. If you want to see a gritty film about a gritty world then this movie is it. The first battle scene is a fine one and Donald Sutherland's …
reviewed Davy Crockett: King of Wild Frontier .... June 28, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Davy Crockett: King of Wild Frontier (1955)
This is a fun movie. If you want a clean movie that promotes all the clean values of the much maligned 50's then this movie does it. Lots of adventure and action and a few laughs for all ages, a timeless …
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