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posted a Quick Tip about Charles Barkley. May 06, 2013
Charles Barkley
We can forget that he played basketball really well. What I love is that he's been able to make a living purely by being a character. Even if his basketball talent wasn't Hall of Fame worthy, he's still …
reviewed Washington Wizards. October 17, 2012
Washington Wizards
All baseball fans who know the history of the sport are familiar with the old expression about the Washington Senators that summed up their on-field prowess: Washington - first in war, first in peace, …
reviewed Milwaukee Bucks. October 16, 2012
Milwaukee Bucks
Poor Milwaukee. They always seem to be near the top of all those lists of tortured sports cities. It's tough to blame the pundits and prognosticators for being so tough on the place, too. The basketball …
reviewed Phoenix Suns. October 13, 2012
Phoenix Suns
I've written tons about the NBA being an unfair league to certain teams. Lord knows I'm not blaming the league system here. In a lot of cases, it merely stems from monumentally bad luck. The league was …
reviewed Denver Nuggets. October 10, 2012
Denver Nuggets
Lark? What's a Lark? Oh, apparently it's the state bird of Colorado. It really amazes me, some of the names people can come up with for sports teams. As far as geographic or territorial significance goes …
reviewed San Antonio Spurs. October 07, 2012
San Antonio Spurs
The poor folks in San Antonio are currently undergoing a low self-esteem issue. Here is that storied Texas city, home of the Alamo and a highly rated riverwalk with a well-known and acclaimed hispanic …
reviewed Atlanta Hawks. October 06, 2012
Atlanta Hawks
I've written quite a bit in this project so far about the humble beginnings of the NBA, when even the highest level of professional basketball was a hard blue collar sport, catering to the ruffian dayworkers …
posted a Quick Tip about News Item: NBA to crack down on flopping. October 03, 2012
posted in Clipper Nation
News Item: NBA to crack down on flopping
Today, the National Basketball Association announced disciplinary procedures to ameliorate excessive "flopping" during the upcoming season.    http://mikeylito.com/eyeview/2012/10/03/nba-cracks-down-o …
reviewed Detroit Pistons. September 29, 2012
Detroit Pistons
The original NBL has a giant smorgasbord of failed small-town teams and big city squads which just didn't catch on. It's no wonder so few of them still exist in the league today. Teams failed constantly …
reviewed Utah Jazz. September 27, 2012
Utah Jazz
The Utah Jazz. Tell me now, is this a name that makes ANY sense?! Yeah, these guys are right up there with the Los Angeles Lakers in terms of names that are kept for some poor reason after a move that …
reviewed Dallas Mavericks. September 27, 2012
Dallas Mavericks
We all know the classic Texas upbringing: A rigorous regimen of football, football, and more football. And there's some justification to that: The state has a handful of some of the greatest college football …
reviewed Houston Rockets. September 26, 2012
Houston Rockets
The Houston Rockets matter. People might not realize it because Houston isn't one of the traditional glamor markets, but they've mattered quite a bit. For one of the earlier expansion teams, they've had …
reviewed Portland Trail Blazers. September 22, 2012
Portland Trail Blazers
Whodda thunk it? Once you get north of California, the basketball-crazed west coast has but one team representing it. That, of course, wasn't always the case. The pacific northwest once had three teams …
reviewed Sacramento Kings. September 20, 2012
Sacramento Kings
Who are the Sacramento Kings? They're a forgotten relic of both the NBL and the rich history of professional basketball in upstate New York, that's what they are. In the entirety of their existence, they've …
reviewed Golden State Warriors. September 14, 2012
Golden State Warriors
The Golden State Warriors are nothing if not an example of just how unfair fandom in the NBA can really be for some people. By all accounts, this is a team the deserves to be ranked among the greatest, …
reviewed Cleveland Cavaliers. September 11, 2012
I continue to be dumbfounded over the fact that the majority somehow believes Cleveland to be the most tortured sports city on the planet. How do you figure? The old Browns (http://www.lunch.com/reviews/d/UserReview-Cl.. …
reviewed Minnesota Timberwolves. September 03, 2012
Minnesota Timberwolves
The history of the Minnesota Timberwolves can be divvied up into three very distinct eras: Before Kevin Garnett, Kevin Garnett, and after Kevin Garnett. In layman's terms, these eras can also be called …
reviewed Los Angeles Lakers. August 28, 2012
Los Angeles Lakers
Among the major professional sports leagues (plus the NHL) in the United States, the NBA stands out in one very minor way. In the others, there's one team which is peerless in the fact that it's running …
reviewed Orlando Magic. August 26, 2012
Orlando Magic
Founded in 1989, the Orlando Magic look like they should have a history dating back to at least the 70's. They've never won a title, at least not yet. But here's a quick list of great NBA players: Shaquille …
reviewed New Orleans Hornets. August 21, 2012
New Orleans Hornets
With a team like this, I'm tempted to scream about how the New Orleans Hornets are a bastardization of one of the NBA's all-time great teams. New Orleans, after all, did have a team of its own way back …
reviewed Indiana Pacers. August 18, 2012
Indiana Pacers
Does it seem right that, when the NBA was still on less-than-solid ground and creating new teams left and right, it missed out on putting a team in Indianapolis? Indiana is famously a big basketball hotbed. …
reviewed Los Angeles Clippers. August 18, 2012
Los Angeles Clippers
Put two teams who play in the same sport and league in this country, and you'll inevitably see a case of Mets Syndrome. One of those teams will be obviously better than the other, and the media and populace …
reviewed Philadelphia 76ers. August 17, 2012
Philadelphia 76ers
All the flash and big personality flying around in today's National Basketball Association kind of robs us of the realization of it, but basketball is more of a true ruffian game than any other sport …
reviewed Charlotte Bobcats. July 23, 2012
Charlotte Bobcats
Oh, the stigma of being the NBA's latest team. Bad record after bad record, the fight for fans in a market which already surrendered its first team to New Orleans, the growing pains of ownership and management. …
reviewed Memphis Grizzlies. July 17, 2012
Memphis Grizzlies
I've long been a firm believer in the idea that a professional sports team should have a name that has some relevance to its geographical region or metropolitan culture. Therefore, in NBA terms, I'm one …
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