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reviewed Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Toler.... April 15, 2006
Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach
Lynne Truss is marvelous. Not only has she compiled a wonderfully easy-to-digest guide to proper punctuation, she also liberates punctuation from the starched collar crowd and provides an entertaining …
reviewed Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explo.... February 27, 2006
One of the advantages of being a hausfrau and mom is that I am in an excellent position to spot pabulum. It is thus, from this elevated position, that I am able to say that `Freakonomics' is such a product …
reviewed Genome: The Autobiography of a Specie.... February 22, 2006
Genome: The Autobiography of a Species In 23
In this book Matt Ridley breaks the human genome down into 23 chapters, one for each chromosome in the human body. In each chapter, he discusses the chromosome and the genes thereon, finding something …
reviewed Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explo.... February 18, 2006
First of all- as many have already mentioned- do not pay $25 for this book. It can be read very quickly at the local Library. I believe that many people would enjoy "Freakonomics" and should read it... …
reviewed 1776. January 20, 2006
David McCullough is a masterful storyteller and really brings history to life. This work follows the first year of The Revolutionary War, paying particular attention to Washington's movements and his …
reviewed The Five Love Languages: How to Expre.... January 12, 2006
5 languages
How many times have you heard a wife exclaim, "I cook and clean for that man, and he never appreciates all that I do for him. I'm so unhappy" or the husband grouse, "Hey, I bought her those diamond earrings. …
reviewed Nicholas and Alexandra. January 04, 2006
Nicholas and Alexandra
Like a number of other reviewers, this is one that I set down and read about every three or four years. It is that delightful! I normally like my history a little more "hard core" but this work is an …
reviewed 1776. January 02, 2006
1776 is not the story of a year--not even a year of the American Revolution--but is rather a military history of the Continental Army from late 1775 until early 1777 with an emphasis on the development …
reviewed Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explo.... January 02, 2006
I received this book as a Christmas gift. Glad I didn't have to pay for it. While it was slightly entertaining, some of the authors connections didn't seem to make sense. I did get the feeling that the …
reviewed A Million Little Pieces. December 28, 2005
A Million Little Pieces
I recommend this book to anyone. I am definitely glad that I read it. However, before reading it I suggest you step out of the mindset that it is fiction or non-fiction. I really don't care and I am not …
reviewed Marley & Me: Life And Love With The W.... December 25, 2005
Marley & Me: A Memoir
Marley and Me is an excellent memoir about a family's love for their beloved labrador retriever named Marley. Most of this book is set in South Florida where Grogan was employed as a newspaper columnist. …
reviewed Marley & Me: Life And Love With The W.... December 15, 2005
Marley & Me: A Memoir
Like other reviewers, I couldn't resist the cover photo of Marley. What a precious "mug" on a precious "mutt" ... and I mean that in the most loving way.    This book had me laughing …
reviewed Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explo.... October 31, 2005
There's been a run of pop-science books lately which attempt to explain the mysteries of life in easy-to-understand terms. Nearly all that I've seen are ignorance talking to ignorance. "Freakonomics" …
reviewed 1776. October 13, 2005
Being a big David McCullough fan, it did not take much prodding for me to purchase this book. I was not sorry I did, from the first page to the last. I am a very strong believer that everyone should learn …
reviewed A Million Little Pieces. October 12, 2005
A Million Little Pieces
I read this book because Oprah recommended it and she usually has Sixth Sense when it comes to good books!     I wish I had ordered Martha Stewart's new book instead.    Although …
reviewed My Friend Leonard. October 11, 2005
My Friend Leonard
My Friend Leonard is a memoir covering the events of about 5 years in the life of James Frey. It is a follow up to the best seller A Million Little Pieces. Leonard is a mentor and a father figure to James …
reviewed Blink: The Power of Thinking Without .... October 09, 2005
I finally got around to reading a book that's been talked about a lot in blogging circles... Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell. I found it fascinating, and it certainly …
Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human
Overall, this is a brilliant piece of work that provides a convincing explanation of an important, if not sole, factor in explaining certain aspects of the modern geopolitical situation. He discusses …
reviewed A Million Little Pieces. September 28, 2005
A Million Little Pieces
A Million Little Pieces is a gripping account of the 6 weeks James Frey spent in a treatment center in Minnesota for his addiction to alcohol and other drugs. The abuse of drugs can really ruin the body. …
reviewed Well Blow Me Down: A Guys Guide to Ta.... September 22, 2005
Well Blow Me Down: A Guys Guide to Talking Like a
Baur and Summers had no great motive for inventing a holiday, as they explain succinctly in Chapter Two: "Talking like a pirate is fun. It's really that simple." And to help readers engage in as much …
reviewed Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explo.... August 10, 2005
Hmmm. A very *interesting* (in the sense of the Middle Eastern curse) kettle of fish.    I'm not sure what co-author Dubner's role is here - either to act as an alter ego for Levitt, …
reviewed 1776. June 29, 2005
Those schoolroom portraits of George Washington standing on the prow of a boat crossing the Delaware, or a trio of gritty Revolutionary soldiers marching with Old Glory, are so ingrained in the American …
reviewed 1776. June 24, 2005
David McCullough is a fine historian as his many books demonstrate. In "1776" McCullough paints a compelling, moving portrait of George Washington and the few other leaders who had the courage to face …
reviewed 1776. June 09, 2005
I have read, and thoroughly enjoyed, all of Mr. McCullough's previos books, and this latest one is no exception. He takes just one year of the American Revolution, and examines it in detail. It was a …
reviewed 1776. June 01, 2005
Pulitzer prize-winning historian David McCullough, who focused on one man (John Adams) in his last work, now focuses on one year in "1776." In "John Adams," he revealed not only the external situations, …
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