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posted a Quick Tip about Lunch.com. May 28, 2013
It's interesting how community managers disappeared entirely from the site as soon as they are not on payroll! Beats me who is actually running this site now or it's simply on auto-pilot these …
posted a Quick Tip about Lunch.com. November 10, 2012
posted in Awesomeness
Dear nonexistent people who who keep popping up at random: If you're only posting a phony profile of a person who doesn't actually exist, don't follow my work! You're a waste of space and having your …
reviewed Lunch.com. December 14, 2011
This is a review that I have been contemplating for quite some time now and one that I certainly take no great joy in writing.  But after spending more than three years contributing to …
reviewed Lunch.com. June 22, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
Okay, here's that odd circumstance where I am being offered something for nothing and whining about it.     As you can probably tell from my rating, I generally like Lunch.com. One …
posted a Quick Tip about Lunch.com. May 06, 2011
What can I say? One could get addicted! Great for exploration and engaging one's curiosity!
posted a Quick Tip about Lunch.com. September 25, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
So much variety, so much to talk about and hear about for a website. Awesome.
posted a Quick Tip about Lunch.com. October 02, 2009
Lunch.com's #TwitterList integration is great, same goes for Facebook Connect. Tweeting & Sharing are effortless! Kudos
posted a Quick Tip about Lunch.com. August 30, 2009
Lunch...great place to share and make new friends..I especially enjoy learning about all the new books out there..much more to discover!
posted a Quick Tip about Lunch.com. August 20, 2009
There's just so many fun and fascinating things to do while learning new things. A one-stop shop for everything I'd EVER come online to do!
reviewed Lunch.com. July 05, 2009
EDITOR'S NOTE: This was written for the bi-weekly newspaper the ARC Current.  As such it was limited in space, what could be said, and how it could be said.  Writing for a newspaper is very …
reviewed Lunch.com. July 04, 2009
   Well, I'm not going to lie to you. Other than logging out for 15 minute coffee breaks at work or signing off for the end of the day, lunch is what I look forward to. Considering …
reviewed Lunch.com. July 03, 2009
Well, they got me.  I can't remember exactly when I came to Lunch.com.  It was in late December, and when I first got here, I must admit, I was not nearly as impressed.  …
reviewed Lunch.com. May 22, 2009
I was invited and joined Lunch.com a few days ago.If you are into social networks this is a new twist to the original thing. But that is my first "but": I am on a few social networks and somehow never …
reviewed Lunch.com. April 23, 2009
posted in City Lifestyle
I blogged about Lunch.com on my personal blog (Sharrie.TV) 2 days ago.   Here it is:   As some of you might have know, I was into travelogues many years ago. Spent majority of my waking …
reviewed Lunch.com. April 15, 2009
UPDATE:  After using the site more, I have more to review!  :)    I'm a web developer by trade.  I program, design and create web sites on a daily basis.  8am to …
reviewed Lunch.com. March 27, 2009
I'll be honest- at first I didn't get it. I joined Lunch.com because a friend asked me to join and give feedback. I complained mostly. I didn't understand why I was here. "I already have myspace. I already …
reviewed Lunch.com. March 26, 2009
What's this—another social networking site??  Well, not exactly.  Unlike the other popular leading sites, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, Lunch.com  uses your personal likes and dislikes …
reviewed Lunch.com. March 20, 2009
Please consider that this is a fictionalized account of how Lunch.com came to be. Once upon a time, there was an empty space in the information super-highway… Two exciting creative women met in the world …
reviewed Lunch.com. March 19, 2009
Lunch.com is a fascinating and fun opportunity to socialize with folks you normally don't rub shoulders with because of issues like life, location and lack of opportunity.     Kind …
reviewed Lunch.com. March 19, 2009
When I was first approached about becoming a contributor to Lunch.com back in November of 2008  I took a bit of time to survey the site before agreeing to come on board.  As I recall, my biggest …
reviewed Weddingbee.com. February 15, 2009
Weddding Bee
I know this is the second wedding planning website I've reviewed even though I am nowhere close to getting married. (And this one written the day after Valentine's day!?!??!)  Anywho, I have …
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