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reviewed Quake [PC Game]. August 02, 2013
Overview      Quake is a 1996 FPS from iD software, legendary developers of Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. It was one of the first PC titles to offer a fully 3D world instead of the 2.5D …
reviewed From Dusk Till Dawn [PC Game]. July 23, 2013
A hardboiled criminal monotously intones "Very interesting…that thing" upon being told that a critical group of engineers is trapped by vampires in the ship's upper deck. "Very interesting…that thing" …
posted a Quick Tip about Crysis [PC Game]. March 22, 2013
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Cover Art
This is one of the best FPS titles to come out in the last ten years or so.       While the storyline for Crysis wasn't exactly a work of art, what made this game such a masterpiece …
posted a Quick Tip about System Shock 2 [PC Game]. February 21, 2013
Beware the Machine Mother.      Released in 1998, the influence of this FPS/RPG is still being felt today, especially in the Dead Space and BioShock games (the BioShock series being …
reviewed Tomb Raider. November 27, 2012
Tomb Raider
Overview      In this groundbreaking 1996 title you play as adventurer Lara Croft who is on the hunt for an ancient artifact called the Scion, which requires her to travel across …
posted a Quick Tip about Half-Life 2 [PC Game]. October 01, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Cover Art
One of the most remarkable FPS games ever made. HL2, like all the other Half-Life games, has a very unique and immersive visual narrative coupled with well-made puzzles and strong combat. If you love …
reviewed Sonic CD [PC Game]. July 15, 2011
One wonders just how fresh Sonic CD might have been had it been the first game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The problem with Sonic CD isn't that it doesn't withstand a gorging by the Time Monster; …
reviewed Privateer (PC). July 07, 2011
In the 90's, the Wing Commander games were taking the PC world by storm and in 93, the series spun off into this game that gives you the ability to play a Han Solo type in search of money and work.   …
posted a Quick Tip about Privateer (PC). July 07, 2011
Take your spaceship and accept jobs delivering cargo, bounty hunting jobs, patrols and more to make money and solve a mystery along the way. AWESOME, classic Wing Commander goodness.
reviewed Campfire Legends: The Hookman. April 23, 2011
Campfire Legends: The Hookman
Gorgeous artwork, riveting sound, shimmering ghosts, sudden in –the- face encounters -and if you’re like me you’re gonna hold your breath and practically jump out of your skin as this …
reviewed Rise of the Robots [PC Game]. April 20, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Rise of the Robots [PC Game]
You know, it should be pretty easy to make a bad game. Just mess something up, and bam, you have a bad game. Really easy. In fact, I believe the average game quality out there tends more toward the lower …
reviewed Galapagos: Mendel's Escape [PC Game]. March 18, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Some games are obscure enough that only niche players will know them. But some other games are so obscure, only those who happened upon them by chance could possibly have anything to say about them. I …
reviewed Forbidden Forest [PC Game]. March 13, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Forbidden Forest [PC Game]
I want to talk about something special today. Its name should be familiar to old-timers: Forbidden Forest. The C64 title was ground-breaking for its time, often regarded as one of the first horror games. …
reviewed Ever 17: Out of Infinity [PC Game]. March 01, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
When I made my bold claim about nothing challenging PDS as my number one, perhaps I should have been specific to CONSOLE titles, because this gem may be just as good. By far the deepest and most moving …
reviewed You Don't Know Jack Volume 4: The Rid.... February 28, 2011
The You Don't Know Jack series up at this games point had played it pretty straight with it's snarky sense of humor and clever way of putting questions together using topics like Oedipus and …
posted a Quick Tip about You Don't Know Jack Volume 4: The Rid.... February 27, 2011
Fourth entry of general knowledge questions in the smart ass pop culture and high culture trivia series. Adds plenty of new question types, brings back all the hosts and balances the gameplay to make …
posted a Quick Tip about Half-Life [PC Game]. February 25, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
The Steam version of Half-Life is so bugged, why do I even bother playing it? It's the second time I play through, and the second time I get a game-breaking glitch near the end. I should just take …
posted a Quick Tip about Morrowind GOTY [PC Game]. February 21, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
This quick tip can be translated as: Why "it's too late to start now" is a fallacy.      When I say "Elder Scrolls" the fanbase responds with a mixture of reactions …
reviewed Half-Life 2 [PC Game]. January 25, 2011
posted in GayGamer
Cover Art
I’ve been digesting this in my head before I wanted to delve into offering my thoughts: First, the same elements exist as they did in the first Half-Life, though the key difference being …
posted a Quick Tip about Privateer 2: The Darkening [PC Game]. October 01, 2010
Flawed and buggy gameplay is nearly overcome by the great cast of actors.
reviewed Privateer 2: The Darkening [PC Game]. October 01, 2010
The Wing Commander series is one of my favorite series of PC games that sadly went away in the late 90s and only fan projects and an XBox live game keep it really alive.  A spinoff game called Privateer …
reviewed Mystery P.I.: The Lottery Ticket [PC .... August 31, 2010
You are a world famous P.I. who has been hired by Grandma Rose to find the $488 million dollar lottery ticket she lost. You must search for hidden objects in various locations, find keys, and solve puzzles …
posted a Quick Tip about Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines .... June 29, 2010
1 Of the most amazing games I've ever played, awesome doesn't even begin to cover it. ^_^
posted a Quick Tip about Diablo II [PC Game]. May 22, 2010
I can't wait for the third one, I can't believe how many hours this simple hack and slash stole from me in high school
reviewed Wheelman. April 27, 2010
posted in Why2Play
 Wheelman is a very fast paced game which is some times way to fast paced and hard to control. I enjoy how the physics work but... only sometimes the problem with the physics is that they where trying …
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