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reviewed Abraham Lincoln. April 02, 2013
posted in Politics Your Way
Abraham Lincoln
This essay will be a controversial look at our 16th, and supposedly best, President Abraham Lincoln, and a case for the legal right of states to leave the union. Though at face value this may seem offensive …
posted a Quick Tip about Condoleeza Rice. July 13, 2012
posted in Politics Your Way
Condoleeza Rice
I think Condoleeza Rice would be a brilliant choice to be Mitt Romney's running mate. This is is someone who is eminently qualified to be President should the need arise. There are very few more accomplished …
posted a Quick Tip about Barack Obama. January 13, 2012
posted in Inspirations
Barack Obama
I like that Obama is a charismatic guy with real credentials, a working brain, and a natural ability to lead. But he was a better candidate than a President. I like him better than the last guy and better …
posted a Quick Tip about Herman Cain. September 25, 2011
posted in Politics Your Way
Herman Cain
In what many would consider a shocking development Herman Cain won Saturday's Florida straw poll by a very wide margin garnering some 37% of the vote. So much for the charge that Republicans and conservatives …
reviewed Rudy Giuliani. September 02, 2011
posted in Politics Your Way
Rudy Giuliani
When the first bombing of the World Trade Center took place, many weaknesses in the disaster response process in New York City were revealed. While others learned from this, Giuliani did not. Despite …
posted a Quick Tip about Herman Cain. August 14, 2011
Herman Cain
Thus far I have been very impressed by this fellow. Mr. Cain boasts a wealth of business experience and seems to be quite comfortable in his own skin. He also appears to have an abundance of …
posted a Quick Tip about Arnold Schwarzenegger. July 07, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Arnold Schwarzenegger
This is an action star the way action stars were meant to be - brimming with movie star immunity! He turns awesome catch phrases, and you really do get the impression - even in his lightest roles - that …
posted a Quick Tip about Bill Clinton. May 28, 2011
Bill J. Clinton
Bill Clinton did nothing that any other man does but he got caught look at John Kennedy and Marolyn Monroe in those days the men were going wild and no one said a word because things like that were not …
posted a Quick Tip about Nelson Mandela. May 28, 2011
Nelson Mandela
Did you see the Movie about Nelson Mandela? Great Movie about how he turned a Country from the brink of civil unrest to togetherness with the game of soccer true story too! how cool is that ?
posted a Quick Tip about Moammar Gadhafi. March 27, 2011
posted in People Power
Moammar Gadhafi
Insane and certainly a failure when it comes to being a good leader. This guy turns on his own people! How he ended up a leader is beyond me!
posted a Quick Tip about Moammar Gadhafi. March 20, 2011
Moammar Gadhafi
A thug, a known terrorist and a man universally despised. When the Arab league votes to have western powers engage in military action against an Arab state, nothing more need be said about his stature …
posted a Quick Tip about Lincoln Chafee. March 04, 2011
Lincoln Chafee
This man has turned out to be an even bigger disaster that most of us expected him to be. No plans to tackle the economy. His top priorities thus far are legallizing gay marriage and pandering to illegal …
posted a Quick Tip about Moammar Gadhafi. March 01, 2011
Moammar Gadhafi
An international terrorist, if there ever was one. It's good that his time in the limelight appears to be waning. It's long overdue.
posted a Quick Tip about Scott Walker. February 19, 2011
Scott Walker
Like Chris Christie in New Jersey Governor Scott Walker is standing up for the average citizen in the battle to finally get his state's budget under control. Public employee unions had better wake …
posted a Quick Tip about Hosni Mubarak. February 12, 2011
posted in People Power
Hosni Mubarak
The guy is 80+ and still didn't know how to let go and enjoy life... what a pity!
reviewed Sarah Palin. February 09, 2011
posted in Politics Your Way
Sarah Palin Headshot
 As a longtime follower of politics, I am surprised by the power Sarah Palin has in the American political environment. She repeatedly demonstrates that she lacks the knowledge to run any major organization, …
reviewed Sarah Palin. January 19, 2011
posted in Big Government
Sarah Palin Headshot
I suppose the good news is that Palin is eminently forgettable. Folks will be quoting Ronald Reagan and William Buckley long after Palin is gone, but are very unlikely to find her much of an inspiration …
reviewed Sarah Palin. January 13, 2011
posted in Big Government
Sarah Palin Headshot
Calling Sarah Palin "divisive" seems like an abuse of the word, when you almost have to create a new word in the Urban Dictionary to describe her. Maybe to go "Palin" as a verb would …
posted a Quick Tip about John McCain. January 13, 2011
John McCain
The major reason I suspect the Republicans tried to throw the last election, "my friends".
posted a Quick Tip about Hillary Clinton. January 13, 2011
Hillary Clinton
Something a little slippery about Hillary - not sure what it is.
posted a Quick Tip about Joe Biden. January 13, 2011
Joe Biden
Kind of like the Prince Philip of American politics.
posted a Quick Tip about Gabrielle Giffords. January 13, 2011
Gabrielle Giffords
Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery - our prayers are with you and your family.
reviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger. January 13, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
Arnold Schwarzenegger
For any doubters of the active pulse of The American Dream, I give you Ahhhnold. Forget the wooden acting and quite frankly bizarre voice, and you've got someone who's so iconic that we'd …
posted a Quick Tip about Barack Obama. December 27, 2010
Barack Obama
The least qualified man in any room he walks into. Not a law professor, a part-time lecturer. Never ran anything, only worked as a community organizer. Not vetted, not eligible to be president regardless …
posted a Quick Tip about Barack Obama. December 18, 2010
Barack Obama
He hasn't managed to keep to any of his campaign promises, or even the promises he made when he took office.  He has managed to do a few things very badly (health care reform, arguing for increased …
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