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posted a Quick Tip about Richard Nixon. August 15, 2010
Richard Nixon
I like allot of what Nixon did, especially in the foriegn policy arena. A flawed human psychologically that gave his enemies the tools to politically kill him.
posted a Quick Tip about John F. Kennedy. August 15, 2010
John F. Kennedy
I never understood the mystique, heck only his death and martyrdom allowed his legislative agenda to go through congress. He really got us involved in Vietnam. If you want to know what kind of a sleazy …
posted a Quick Tip about George W. Bush. August 15, 2010
George W. Bush
I give him credit for dealing with Islamic Terrorism. His methods may not have been the best. Make no mistake the vast majority of the Islamic world is bent on destroying western civilization.
posted a Quick Tip about Barack Obama. August 15, 2010
Barack Obama
Just not ready to lead. That should not be a surprise he has no executive experience what so ever. He sold America a bill of goods and now many are waking up to reality.
posted a Quick Tip about Barack Obama. August 09, 2010
Barack Obama
I'm voting with the average here, though I'm still not even decided on Jackson yet. Man's got a hard job! Does this describe the community political leaning, then?
posted a Quick Tip about All the King's Men. July 06, 2010
I ususally don't read books like these but thought this was a very good book. Shows the behind the scenes of a politician.
posted a Quick Tip about All the King's Men. July 05, 2010
Well sdocumented tale of a southern political leader who wanted everything and would do everything, legal and not so legal, to get it. The story is made doubly interesting when you realize the author …
posted a Quick Tip about All the King's Men. June 30, 2010
posted a Quick Tip about Sarah Palin. June 26, 2010
posted in That's Beat
Sarah Palin Headshot
Way to go Sarah Palin. Keep up the good work. It is about time a woman that is not afriad to be womanly survive in the man's world of politics.
reviewed All the King's Men. June 22, 2010
Robert Penn Warren is an accomplished Southern novelist and poet. All the King's Men, probably Warren's best novel, has a compelling storyline, but drags in some chapters. Willie Stark, the main …
posted a Quick Tip about "Iron Lake" by Krueger. June 21, 2010
I think it would help the reader if they had a map of Minnesota and placed the town of Aurora on the map.
reviewed "Iron Lake" by Krueger. June 21, 2010
The story takes place in Aurora, Minnesota, during the winter. There are more people traveling by skis and snowmobiles than by cars.      Judge Robert Parrent is found dead, a possible …
reviewed Leadership. June 13, 2010
Stopping the world in its tracks: 1.3 million gallon a day!   The world is so into capitalism these days that even in the midst of a major catastrophe, all reporters could focus on is the loss …
posted a Quick Tip about Ronald Reagan. June 11, 2010
Ronald Reagan
Awesome book and history, Good read.
reviewed Rand Paul. May 24, 2010
Rand Paul
Over the weekend, I listened to the talking heads creating controversy around a statement made by Rand Paul regarding the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  When you are listening to an opposing party, you …
reviewed Barack Obama. May 12, 2010
posted in Politics Your Way
Barack Obama
During the Presidential election campaign of 2008 the mainstream media hailed Sen. Barack Obama as the man who could heal our nation's wounds and bring us all together.  He was a "uniter" …
posted a Quick Tip about George W. Bush. May 11, 2010
George W. Bush
Seems to me if George Bush disagreed strongly with what was going on in this country he would speak out. Makes me wonder.
posted a Quick Tip about George W. Bush. April 14, 2010
George W. Bush
Progressive Republican that allowed Denny Hastert to spend like a Democrat. Good guy, great Commander in Chief...poor fiscal conservative.
posted a Quick Tip about Sarah Palin. April 11, 2010
posted in That's Beat
Sarah Palin Headshot
Anyone naive enough to compare nuclear retaliation with a schoolyard fight should be kept as far away from politics as possible. So stupid!
reviewed Vladimir Putin. April 09, 2010
Vladimir Putin
Energy.  Plain and simple.  When Putin left the Russian Presidency to become Prime Minister, he moved much of the Presidential power to his new position.  Putin is a former KBG agent that …
posted a Quick Tip about Joseph Biden. March 23, 2010
His tasteless remarks today are indicative of the "classless" society we are rapidly becoming.
posted a Quick Tip about George W. Bush. February 05, 2010
George W. Bush
what a tosser.
reviewed Congressional Reform Act of 2010. January 28, 2010
Citizen Legislator
"Government is not reason;  it is not eloquence;  it is force!  It is a dangerous servant and a terrible master."  -- George Washington Please take a moment to read the proposed …
posted a Quick Tip about Martha Coakley. January 21, 2010
Martha Coakley
Worst & most awkward political campaign ever?
reviewed Scott Brown. January 14, 2010
Scott Brown
It’s not Kennedy’s seat, It's not the Democrats seat, It’s "The People’s Seat".   This brilliant response to moderator David Gergen's loaded question during …
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