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posted a Quick Tip about Universal Health Care. August 20, 2009
Health Care
well we have to try SOMETHING, right? not perfect, but it's a starting point. the $ will be spent on something, why not nation's wellness?
reviewed Mark Lloyd. August 15, 2009
Mark Lloyd
I have run out of fingers.  Lets see.....Mark Lloyd's recent appointment as "Chief Diversity Officer" at the FCC makes him something like the 33rd "Czar" in Barack Obama's …
reviewed Billy Graham and His Friends: A Hidde.... August 13, 2009
Billy Graham and His Friends: A Hidden Agenda?
Ms. Cathy Burns casts stones on a large number of people and organizations who have done a great deal of good in our world which certainly hungers for the kindness and generosity of others. I wonder what …
reviewed Universal Health Care. August 08, 2009
Health Care
Last night we had dinner with our daughter Elin and her partner Emmanuel: she's just back from teaching at a week-long shindig in Chicago for viola da gamba players.  One of the stories she told …
reviewed Sensible Immigration Reform. August 06, 2009
Sensible Immigration Reform
Let's get real!   There is no possibility of resolving the deep divisions in this  country until the matter of illegal immigration is settled once and for all.  And let …
reviewed fivethirtyeight.com. August 06, 2009
FiveThirtyEight map
Fivethirtyeight.com (named after the number of electors in the electoral college) uses statistical analysis to interpret polling results and provide an informed projection of likely political outcomes.  …
reviewed Howard Dean's Prescription for Real H.... August 01, 2009
 There are probably fewer issues more important than healthcare right now in the US. Regardless of whether you agree with the Obama plan, the current statistics paint an ugly picture:   …
reviewed Defend Your Health Care. July 31, 2009
Defend Your Health Care
SHE HAS ACTUALLY READ THE BILL!   Betsy McCaughey is a health care scholar, patient advocate and a former Lt. Governor of the State of New York.  As such, she is eminently qualified …
reviewed Gates-gate. July 31, 2009
Sgt. Crowley, President Obama, Professor Gates
Update on 09/15/09: Apparently, this case pretty faded into obscurity the day after Beer Summit, which was also the day after I posted this review, as it should.  Since my posting of this …
reviewed Health Care Reform. July 29, 2009
Health Care Reform
Lately, as the US House and Senante prepare to vote on a new health insurance package, I’ve been getting e-mail from friends in the States, either asking for ammunition to use against those who …
reviewed Argument for rationing health care by.... July 28, 2009
Peter Singer
Peter Singer, a professor of bioethics at Princeton University, makes the case for rationing health care, arguing that rationing is both the most ethical and the most pragmatic choice.  He claims …
reviewed Universal Health Care. July 17, 2009
Health Care
 I am a 65 yr old anesthesiologist/physician-a medical doctor on Medicare and this subject of health care is so complex. Do we have the finest medical care in the world? Not by outcome measurement. …
reviewed Universal Health Care. July 17, 2009
Health Care
With all due respect Sir,  I firmly believe that this time the American people should hold your feet to the fire.  During your campaign for President you made a number of promises to us.  …
reviewed All the King's Men (book). July 15, 2009
All the King's Men (book) A novel by Robert Penn W
The themes of “All the King’s Men” include the issues of idealism versus pragmatism, whether or not the ends can justify the means, and whether or not the truth really sets one free. …
reviewed Two-sided Politics. July 04, 2009
I rather like discussing politics.  Sometimes.  Online discussing politics is like tying a boulder to your ankles and throwing it into the ocean.  You're going to sink.  Every time.  …
reviewed Fourth of July. July 02, 2009
posted in Inspirations
Independence Day
Fourth of July! Picnics, barbecues, parades, family reunions. This year, probably a good dose of Tea Parties too. Two hundred and thirty three years since  the United States became independent, a …
reviewed The shooting of Neda in Iran. June 28, 2009
The shooting of Neda in Iran
     So I drive back and forth from MN to Chicago frequently, which takes about 6-8 hours depending on traffic. About an hour into WI, the radio turns into religious music and country (both …
reviewed Barack, Inc.: Winning Business Lesson.... June 18, 2009
Barack, Inc.: Winning Business Lessons of the
In "Barack, Inc.", Barry Libert and Rick Faulk focus on the strategies that worked so well during the presidential campaign, and that can be applied to the business world in general. Topics discussed …
reviewed An Open Letter To Our Leaders in Wash.... June 17, 2009
It is true.  Sometimes an average citizen can make a difference.  Janet is a grandmother who resides in California.  She is a patriotic American who is frightened by what she sees going …
reviewed Sean Hannity. June 15, 2009
Sean Hannity
I never quite understood the appeal.  Sean Hannity is the host of the second most listened to radio program in the nation.  And while I agree with with Sean on a good many of the issues …
reviewed Vampires in Pop Culture. June 05, 2009
Aaliyah & Stewart Townsend in Queen of the Damned
One of the most popular monsters ever to grace the silver screen perhaps is non other than the vampire. How the vampire has somehow managed to survive in the art world could very well be a great mystery …
Washington: The Making of the American Capital
As it turns out it was a far more complicated process than I ever imagined.  For the most part, folks in the Northeast wanted our nation's Capital to remain in New York City. Meanwhile, the people …
reviewed The Kennedy Legacy: Jack, Bobby, and .... May 26, 2009
Kennedy Legacy
While this book is titled "The Kennedy Legacy," the subtitle should really be something along the lines of "How Jack and Bobby's deaths help make Teddy a star." Not that I mind: I'm a fan of Ted Kennedy …
reviewed Frost/Nixon. May 19, 2009
posted in Movie Hype
As historical fiction, this film is wonderful. I'm a history buff and I love seeing these critical moments in history dramatized. However, audiences that normally would never watch a documentary about …
reviewed The Army of the Republic: A Novel. May 17, 2009
Book Cover
Stuart Archer Cohen's new novel is, to say the least, polarizing. His world view and philosophical outlook inform both the message and the tone of the book. So, needless to say, some readers are not going …
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