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posted a Quick Tip about Writer's block. April 20, 2012
posted in WHAT CAN I SAY?
Writer's block
.....................(still thinking of something to write)...............................................(still thinking)...............................(darn, shouldn't be this hard)................................. …
posted a Quick Tip about Writer's block. April 17, 2012
Writer's block
Writers Block............................ummm yeah...................So Writers block, annoying eh? On a serious note Writers Block seriously is annoying, you there trying to write something and your …
posted a Quick Tip about Writer's block. April 17, 2012
Writer's block
Writer's block....I've got it.....been too long......need to write something.....but what?
reviewed Bullying. January 05, 2012
posted in Inspirations
Note: I first wrote this on the heels of Jamey Rodemeyer's suicide in September.    Here's the big problem with bullying: Most of the folks upstairs are eager to keep pretending it's …
reviewed Writer's block. June 26, 2011
posted in Inspirations
Writer's block
When a memory invokes one to act, when a piece of music rekindles the love in your heart, when out of somewhere the inspiration comes, it is the formula for something uniquely special. That something …
posted a Quick Tip about Life. May 21, 2011
Live & let live, that's been one of my mottos for a long time. Never live to regret and do what one wants to do when one wants to do it! I still abide by this rule although at times …
posted a Quick Tip about Alchemy. May 18, 2011
Often misconceived of as some fanatical "false science", alchemy has a long complex history and the alchemical pursuit has resulted in much of our modern sciences including aspects of metallurgy, …
reviewed Conviction. April 28, 2011
posted in Inspirations
Conviction is an inherent belief in which a person is certain about the occurrence of an event or the fact that something will be true. It can be misguided or misplaced. Nonetheless, it is also a confidence …
reviewed Confidence. April 27, 2011
Confidence can be tricky... one can lose it when one has it at its peak. We often view the state of being confident as a treasure. Kids are drilled and educated so that they may be confident of themselves …
reviewed Stress. April 17, 2011
There are things I believe strongly and things I am certain of. I believe everything works towards good and the glory of God and I believe everything has a reason. There is not one person smart enough …
reviewed The Red Book. April 06, 2011
Liber Novis (New Book) (The Red Book) C.G. Jung, introduced by Sonu Shamdasani       Take a walk inside the inquiring mind of Carl Jung. For me the same INTJ Myers-Briggs type …
reviewed Self-Love. March 23, 2011
Love ourselves and love others....
Today, I learned a new word and it is “GENSHAI”. This word is Indian and it means that you should never treat another person in a manner that would make them feel small- and that includes …
reviewed Self-control. February 27, 2011
"I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is the victory over self". ---Aristotle (384--322 B.C.)      …
reviewed Chinese (race). January 21, 2011
posted in Go China
Chinese (race)
I’m NOT a typical Chinese. I’ve had American friends who claimed that I’m more American than Americans. So, having said that, I think I’m still in a good position to write about …
reviewed Voyage from Yesteryear. January 05, 2011
Voyage from Yesteryear
   This is a first contact story between humans and well, humans.      All really good science fiction stories create some kind of out of this world conditions which create …
reviewed TEDxHouston - Brené Brown. December 09, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
TEDxHouston - Brené Brown
I loved this video so much, I had to take notes. I so believe in the concepts espoused in this video. My notes are a little jumbled, but here goes :       Shame is the #1 …
reviewed Relationship. December 07, 2010
posted in Inspirations
  Relationships, we all have them. Parent-child, siblings, friends, acquaintances, man-woman, husband-wife, neighbors & even strangers. Not forgetting employer-employee & nowadays, online …
reviewed Color (or colors). November 18, 2010
posted in City Lifestyle
Color (or colors)
Ever wonder what makes you red with anger, green with envy and feeling blue for the day?   The Color Purple is a movie. It is also my favorite color :-)   Yet, colors seem to dominate …
reviewed In Treatment. November 08, 2010
In Treatment
In Treatment Season 2 is a wonderful continuation of a series that completely grips me. As soon as I watched the first episode, I was compelled to watch the entire season to the end. Although comprised …
posted a Quick Tip about Bullying. October 11, 2010
Bullying is a huge problem in most schools. Adults tend to dismiss it, saying all kids get teased, but bullying goes way beyond teasing, and when it's chronic, it's lethal.
reviewed Musical Chairs. October 07, 2010
Musical Chairs
Jen Knox has exposed herself in this powerful memoir. This is a book that every young woman who thinks she can just take over her life and run with it should read. It is a tribute to the author's great …
reviewed Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talk.... October 05, 2010
Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High
Pros: Great concepts for communicating with people, very easy to understand.      Cons: Can be a bit boring to read at times.      The Bottom Line: While the content …
reviewed Honesty. October 05, 2010
“Honesty is the best policy. If I lose mine honor, I lose myself.” – William Shakespeare Who doesn’t understand the most basic virtue of honesty?  It has been taught to …
reviewed Musical Chairs. September 20, 2010
Musical Chairs
Musical Chairs is the gritty memoir of a smart young woman, Jen Knox, who fell into the life of a stripper. This is not polished writing, but it is what it tells—stripped down to the bone and honest. …
reviewed Rachel in the World: A Memoir. September 06, 2010
Rachel in the World: A Memoir
Pros: Rachel's goal is ultimately accomplished...     Cons: But not without heartache on the part of mother, daughter, and readers.     The Bottom Line: You want …
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