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reviewed Chunks of Energy. November 04, 2009
posted in Eco-Babyz
Chunks of Energy
So I am in the market for healthier snacks and sweets. Lets face it, I just can't eliminate them entirely from my diet. With a baby in the house I live off of snacks. I like to buy organic whenever possible. …
reviewed Oreo Cakesters. April 27, 2010
posted in Love Bites
Oreo Cakesters
   I’ve recently discovered “OREO Cakesters” when a co-worker brought some to work. Now we all know that the Oreo Cookies have that taste that has become a classic to American …
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reviewed Buffalo Wings. July 01, 2013
posted in Gourmand
Buffalo wings
Buffalo wings may be one of the most famous and beloved bar foods in the United States, but when one goes in and orders up a plate of these simple little delicacies, are they really getting buffalo wings? …
reviewed Koi Kei Bakery (钜记手信). July 08, 2011
posted in Go Macau
Koi Kei Bakery (钜记手信)
Well, after my few day trips to Macau this year, I'm afflicted to roasted pork from Macau, to my horror! I'm really not a pork person! This is contrary to the taste buds of many Chinese, I must …
reviewed Lay's Classic Potato Chips. May 11, 2011
Lay's Potato Chips, Classic, 11.5 oz
Whenever we want to watch a movie at home, we are always looking for a snack to have during the show. Lays makes this classic chip with just the right amount of seasoning and this is one  of my favorite …
Whenever we go to the show or watch a movie at home, we are always looking for a snack to have during the show. These bigger bags are also excellent for camping and fishing trips or even long road trips …
Kraft Planters Trail Mix Nuts Chocolate 6oz Bags Pack of 12
Whenever we go to the show or watch a movie at home, we are always looking for a snack to have during the show. Planters makes these nice 6 ounce bags of trail mix, with peanuts, chocolate, candy pieces, …
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posted a Quick Tip about Buffalo Wings. January 24, 2013
posted in WHAT CAN I SAY?
Buffalo wings
One of my absolute favorite "dipping" foods.  I don't know what it is, but the combination of crispy chicken wings, hot sauce, and ranch dressing (others prefer blue cheese, but …
posted a Quick Tip about Twinkies. January 12, 2012
posted in Gourmand
No more Twinkies?!? What's this world coming to? Apparently, the company isn't making enough profit to keep making the spongey goodness. One wonders what's going to happen to the Deep Fried …
posted a Quick Tip about Barbecued Pork. September 21, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
Barbecued Pork
this is a snack? Sweet Moses...I guess I am weird since I like having this for lunch and with rice LOL! It remembles the taste of TOCINO (honeyed Pinoy pork) so it gets a good rating for me....
posted a Quick Tip about S'mores. September 11, 2011
posted in Gourmand
As much as I like to camp out and have fun in the woods, I just never really caught what was the deal with s'mores.
posted a Quick Tip about Raisins. July 28, 2011
posted in Green Living
One of the more useful fruits, raisins are nice and sweet little things on their own, but they go well with a lot of other things. They represent the ants in ants on a log, and can be put into cookies, …
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created a list. October 24, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
AKA -- how to not end up on the neighborhood kids' sh*t list.      If you want to earn brownie points, hand out the typical fun-sized …
Brownies Apples Raisins Pumpkin Seeds Necco
created a list. October 01, 2011
When people are and about and have a hankering for a snack there is a pretty fair chance that they will stop at the next convenience store they come upon. …
Doritos Drake's Ring Dings Nestle King-sized Drumstick Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Sandwiches
created a list. November 21, 2010
Christmas or Jól as they are called in Iceland (related to the word Yule) is a joyful time in Iceland and traditionally a time of great feasting for the …
The Annotated Christmas Carol: A Christmas Carol in Prose (The Annotated Books) A Christmas Carol: Unabridged - Anton Lesser. The Dicken's Christmas by Simon Callow Chuck Jones' A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1971)
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updated The Voyager by Jenny Lewis.   3 hours ago
posted "Why read what matters?" about The Edge of the precipice: Why read literature in the digital age.   5 hours ago
Why read what matters?
This slim fast-reading collection of essays tackles the title question from many perspectives along two main tangents.      The
posted "I love the voice of Jenny Lewis." about The Voyager by Jenny Lewis.   12 hours ago
I love the voice of Jenny Lewis.
I love this new album from Jenny Lewis.  “Head Underwater” reminds me never to give up in life because there is always something to
added and rated The Voyager by Jenny Lewis a 5.0.   12 hours ago
updated Shadow on the Sun.   Monday
posted "This one is really worth reading" about Shadow on the Sun.   Monday
This one is really worth reading
This present-day techno-thriller is about the intersection of government, big business and a possible nuclear apocalypse.      A w
added and rated Shadow on the Sun a 4.0.   Monday
updated and rated Temple of the Soul by Mark Davidson a 5.0.   Monday
posted "From MainlyPiano.com" about Temple of the Soul by Mark Davidson.   Monday
From MainlyPiano.com
Temple of the Soul: Rhapsodies and Meditations for Solo Piano   Roger Davidson   2014 / Soundbrush Records   1 hour 18 m
added Temple of the Soul by Mark Davidson.   Monday
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posted "Did Chaykin Brings Us A 'Shadow" Who Has Lost His Way in the World?" about The Shadow: Midnight In Moscow (Issue #1 of 6).   Monday
Did Chaykin Brings Us A 'Shadow" Who Has
As I’ve mentioned before, I consider myself to have grown up on The Shadow.  Naturally, there were other influences – thanks to the c
updated and rated The Shadow: Midnight In Moscow (Issue #1 of 6) a 5.0.   Monday
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