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reviewed Catfish. September 25, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
That the authenticity of "Catfish" is in question is both the film's greatest strength and its biggest weakness. Directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost have repeatedly claimed that their …
reviewed Cell Phone Use In Public Restrooms. April 26, 2010
posted in That's Beat
Cell Phone Use In Public Restrooms
Every now and then, I come across one of those "unwritten rules" that apparently needs to be written down and broadcast on TV as Public Service Announcements because common sense/common courtesy …
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reviewed social media. August 30, 2012
     To cultivate additional you have to find out more as well as play with the item added, a of promoting is at it's steady growth program because it continues finding most current …
reviewed Pinterest. December 27, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
A friend of mine introduced me to this website/iApp by saying- it's really cool, it's a place where you can organize everything that you find on the web, like a cute pair of shoes or a great photo …
reviewed Cafe Libri. August 10, 2011
Cafe Libri
As reading is my number 1 passion it would make sense that a community with members that share similar interests would be my favorite one!  Adrianna has done a marvelous job keeping this community …
reviewed Catfish. March 11, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
*** out of ****     "Catfish" is the kind of movie that would have done even better if it hadn't been advertised so poorly. The trailers make the thing out to be some sort of thriller. …
reviewed Catfish. February 11, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
“The internet is always lying to you.”   - personal advice to me from Mike (Cruft), whom I initially met online in 2003.      When Catfish started stirring the …
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posted a Quick Tip about Yelp. August 05, 2013
posted in Awesomeness
This site doesn't cut it for me. Yeah, the list of restaurants and events is nice, but the reviews too often lack detail and are frequently too grounded in the "it's good because it's good" or "it sucks …
posted a Quick Tip about Cafe Libri. March 05, 2012
posted in WHAT CAN I SAY?
Cafe Libri
What can I say? The community is the largest community in this site that unites book lovers everywhere. Ran by lovely @Adrianna...'nuff said. Proud to be a moderator for this community....now if only …
posted a Quick Tip about Catfish. January 04, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
I hate to see people embarrassed even when they deserve it. When it was over I wound up disliking the deluded as much as the deluders.
posted a Quick Tip about Networking. October 03, 2011
While some professionals feel annoyed by the amount of emails and social networking places their are, networking has been the best way to promote your business.
posted a Quick Tip about Google+. July 14, 2011
I like that one can separate them into different circles but why is it that I feel I'd lose control of my photos on Picasa? Also, what sets it apart from Facebook? Still exploring...
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created a list. April 03, 2011
My top dozen fads of all time that sucked me in!! It took some openness sharing some of these...
Rubik's Cube Pac-Man MTV Music Videos Aerobie Black Light
created a list. May 10, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
It's hard to believe that 2010 is already almost halfway over. For some of us, it feels like only yesterday that the calendar flipped to the year 2000, …
Y2K Boy Bands MTV Baseball Dot-Com Bubble
created a list. March 09, 2010
posted in iApps
Facebook for iPhone Pandora (iPhone App) Reeder FlickIt CNN (iPhone App)
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posted "The sort of history that will not be taught in school" about A Shoeleather History of the Wobblies.   3 hours ago
The sort of history that will not be tau
In the early 20th century, the Industrial Workers of the World, or "Wobblies," attempted to organize a working-class movement that crossed r
updated and rated A Shoeleather History of the Wobblies a 4.0.   3 hours ago
posted "The French Sure Have A Way With Films About Sexual Awakening" about Young & Beautiful (2013).   12 hours ago
The French Sure Have A Way With Films Ab
I’ve written about my fascination with French films before.  It isn’t as if I believe they have any particular ‘hold’ on
updated and rated Young & Beautiful (2013) a 4.0.   12 hours ago
posted "Brilliant B-Movie Monster Mash-Up For Those Who Can Get Past The Obvious Blemishes" about Blood Glacier (2013).   12 hours ago
Brilliant B-Movie Monster Mash-Up For Th
Of all the various sub-genres within the pantheon of horror films, my personal favorite has been and will probably always be the classic monster movie
updated and rated Blood Glacier (2013) a 4.0.   12 hours ago
posted "A PROMISE Kept" about A Promise.   12 hours ago
Love is an emotion that defies all explanation or understanding.  While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, love remains something that can be
updated and rated A Promise a 4.0.   12 hours ago
posted "Lightweight, Comfortable, and Convenient For This Stretching Enthusiast" about Best Bikram Yoga Towel.   12 hours ago
Lightweight, Comfortable, and Convenient
Now, purists and/or web-based haters are gonna say I’m not the best person to provide a review of the Bikram Yoga Towel.  Why?  Well,
updated and rated Best Bikram Yoga Towel a 4.0.   12 hours ago
posted "From MainlyPiano.com" about Collage by Danny Wright.   Yesterday
From MainlyPiano.com
Collage: A Timeless Collection of Medleys   Danny Wright   2014 / WH Sounds Studio   Disc 1: 59 minutes  Disc 2: 54
updated and rated Collage by Danny Wright a 5.0.   Yesterday
updated the wiki for Spam.   Wednesday
updated the wiki for The Mountain Place of Knowledge.   Wednesday
posted "Incoming Storm" about Storm Front (Derrick Storm).   Wednesday
Incoming Storm
You better pay attention, because this might get confusing: You may or may not already know that the comic drama murder/mystery TV series Castle on AB
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